Pharyngitis treatment reviews

How to recognize chronic pharyngitis? It seems to be a sore throat. But such a symptom simultaneously indicates several diseases. So how to figure it out? It is better to look at the problem as a whole, consider the accompanying symptoms. For example, chronic pharyngitis, in addition to the sore throat, is characterized by dry mouth, a sensation of mucus in the throat, and a long dry cough.

Pharyngitis treatment reviews

And chronic tonsillitis, on the contrary, has an unpleasant odor from the mouth, purulent inflammation and enlarged tonsils. And in order to know how to treat a sore throat, let us learn to recognize all the recognition symptoms of pharyngitis, and find out the reasons for its occurrence.

What is this disease?

Chronic pharyngitis – This is a long-term inflammatory process in the mucous membrane and lymphoid apparatus of the pharynx. Occurs as a result of the absence or inadequate treatment of its acute form.

There are several types:

  1. Catarrhal which is characterized by redness and slight swelling of the pharyngeal mucosa. Rarely on the surface of the posterior pharyngeal wall mucus forms.
  2. Hypertrophic (granular or lateral) – puffiness is well traced, indentations and growths resembling lacunae of the tonsils are formed.
  3. Atrophic – accompanied by a large thinning of the mucous membrane of the pharynx, it is covered with crusts or viscous purulent secretion. In appearance, the mucosa is a brilliant pale pink color (less often, yellowish). There is a constant dry mouth.

Chronic pharyngitis most often affects adults, and tonsillitis – children.

Symptoms of the disease

Most likely, you have chronic pharyngitis, if:

Pharyngitis treatment reviews

  • Sore throat and sore
  • Feels foreign body (com), especially when swallowing food
  • Dry and sometimes prolonged cough
  • Torments thirst
  • Dry mouth
  • Constantly want to swallow the mucus formed

The degree of the disease does not always correspond to the symptoms. For example, they may be virtually absent, but this does not mean that the disease is in its initial stage. Sometimes, curing chronic pharyngitis with severe symptoms is much easier than with mild manifestations.

Why can not cure your throat?

If the problem cannot be solved for a long period of time, then there are good reasons. The first, and most basic, the presence of bacteria in the oral cavity. And the second is a weak immune system.

However, one should not exclude other factors.

Infectious causes

Noncommunicable causes

5 atypical factors provoking chronic pharyngitis

  1. Constant irritation of the pharyngeal mucosa
  2. Frequent hypothermia
  3. Bad habits: smoking and alcohol
  4. Costs of the profession (when you have to talk a lot)
  5. And even regular inhalation of polluted air can be a likely cause

How to treat the disease?

We have learned to determine pharyngitis with you, and we also learned the source of the occurrence. This will allow us to proceed to the next important issue – treatment methods.

The first step is to eliminate the causes of the source of inflammation and remove possible irritants (smoking, polluted air, food, irritating mucous membrane of the pharynx, etc.). Try to talk less, let your throat rest more. Reduce your intake of coffee, fatty, spicy and coarse foods. Take long breaks while talking to people. Get enough rest at night and, if possible, allow yourself one day’s sleep per day.

The next stage of treatment will depend on the form of pharyngitis. We talked about them at the beginning of the article.

If you have catarrhal pharyngitis, it is necessary to clear the mucous membrane from the formed mucus and purulent inflammations. For this reason, the throat is good:

  • Rinse with antiseptics (Iodinol, Furacilin, Chlorhexidine, etc.)
  • Lubricate (with Lugol solution in glycerin)
  • Or irrigate (with Ingalipt, Tantum Verde, Cameton and others)

With hypertrophic pharyngitis The resulting lymphoid tissue is cauterized by electrocoagulation or cryotherapy.

If you have atrophic pharyngitis, The treatment should be aimed at increasing the secretion of mucus in order to remove the feeling of dry mouth. They also help inhalation of proteolytic enzymes, a solution of potassium or nicotinic acid.

Treatment of chronic pharyngitis should be comprehensive.

However, regardless of the form of the disease, antiviral medications are also prescribed to the patient:

  • Amizon
  • Ingavirin
  • Isoprinosine
  • Groprinosin and others

Pharyngitis treatment reviews

In addition to medical treatment, physiotherapy also has a good effect on the problem:

  • Electrophoresis
  • Induction
  • UV exposure
  • Magnetic therapy
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