Peel the liver

The activity of the liver, its health is reflected in the stability of the body and psyche to stress, appearance, skin attractiveness, sleep and vivacity. The liver – is a kind of filter of the body, is involved with the kidneys in the process of purification, removing the processed substances from the body. Liver biosynthesis transforms a series of toxins into harmless organic compounds.

Problems in the liver: from headache to insomnia

Sooner or later, almost every person in the work of the liver fails.

The following symptoms may indicate problems with this organ:

  • noticeable behavioral changes (irritability, insomnia or poor sleep, nightmares, apathy, fatigue that does not go away even after a long rest, and

What causes failures?

Can lead to violations of the functioning of this body:

  • binge eating;
  • used in large quantities fried, pickled and smoked dishes;
  • any fatty foods;
  • alcohol and nicotine;
  • sedentary, inactive sedentary lifestyle.

Opinion nutritionists. The phrase cleansing the liver is wrong. Rather, the approach is wrong. Cleaning the liver is better to replace with such a thing as cleaning bile stagnation. Therefore, it is important to use products that have a choleretic effect, as well as on the use of mineral water.

Preventing liver problems

1. Eat vegetables.

To clean the liver, the body uses its own bile, thereby cleansing the liver effectively. Greens, arugula, turnip, different types of cabbage, artichoke, pumpkin, zucchini and beets stimulate the secretion of bile and help the liver to remove.

Note. However, onions, garlic and radishes can cause a spasm in the liver and cause severe pain.

2. Use flaxseed and sesame oil.

Despite the popular belief that olive oil is very useful, it is fatty for the liver. Even the sunflower oil we are used to is more favorable to this body.

Use for cooking sunflower, flaxseed and sesame, and also eat more nuts (except peanuts) and pumpkin seeds – they contain substances that contribute to the restoration of the liver.

3. Drink mineral water.

Give preference to magnesia sulphate water, it is better to drink it before eating 200 grams.

4. Eliminate alcohol.

Many believe that beer is not really alcohol, you can drink it without harm to health. The point is not in the form of alcoholic beverages, but in their quantity. Dose – the main destroyer of the liver. If it is exceeded, the liver suffers. A safe dose is considered for men half a liter of beer, a glass of wine or 50 grams of vodka. For a woman, the dose should be halved.

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5. Breakfast porridge.

Any porridge is better than a tea sandwich. Buckwheat, porridge and pearl barley – the queen of porridges. Supplement this diet with fresh squeezed juice. And the liver will thank you.

6. Dinner after 18 hours.

The myth that it is impossible to eat after 6 pm has long been dispelled by nutritionists. Eat some, preferably dairy products or vegetables.

Coriander can be added to steamed vegetables or salads. This spice perfectly removes heavy metals.

Turmeric promotes cell regeneration and also helps to overcome stress. Ideal with chicken and rice.

Flax seeds – a teaspoon of ground seeds is carefully chewed and washed down with a glass of water at room temperature.

Opinion nutritionist. Do not hope for a magical and advertised tool in the form of a mixture of vegetable oil and lemon. This is a harmful cleaning method that can lead to pancreatitis and stomach cramps.

Cleaning methods

For a more thorough cleansing of the liver, you can resort to special diets. We have selected proven, effective recipes for you.

Method Erofeev: melon post

The course is two weeks. To clean the melons, choose oblong melons of dark green color. Diet excludes all foods except melons. Eat it every day in any quantities, preferably in five doses. Allowed to drink green tea, only cold. After two weeks, you need to enter the normal diet in stages, for three days.

1. The first day. The first morning meal is two white bread toasts and warm green tea. Lunch: boiled rice. Dinner is completely identical to breakfast. You can drink grape juice between meals.

2. Second day: the menu is the same, enter dinner with boiled vegetables

3. The third day: at lunch add boiled chicken.

The result: the appearance of lightness in the body, great mood and fullness of power

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Liver liver cleanse

Cooking infusion is better in the evening. At 3

In the morning, drink a glass of the resulting infusion, adding three large spoons of xylitol to it. After half an hour, finish the rest of the infusion, but without additives. After that, do not eat an hour, and then you can eat fresh fruits, vegetables, also suitable for such a breakfast and nuts.

Remember that after taking the infusion will often have to go to the toilet. The full course of such cleansing is six times every three days (for example, Monday, Thursday, Sunday, and so on).

Method of Gennady Petrovich Malakhov

This is a contentedly mild way, with virtually no contraindications — virtually everyone can use it.

The basis of the method: running, sauna, fasting and juice for 36 hours. Method rules:

Peel the liver

1. You need to run daily to ensure inertial efforts to promote the removal of stones from the gallbladder and ducts. Load: up to 60 minutes for 6 weeks.

2. Be sure to drink the juice from fresh beets and apples (mixed juices in a ratio of 1: 4), carrot juice is also excellent for this purpose. The healing mixture of carrot, beet and cucumber juices works well (the juices are mixed in a ratio of 10: 3: 3).

3. Sauna and bath perfectly affect the functioning of both the liver and the gall bladder, because the heat expands the ducts.

4. Fasting for 36 hours gives rest to the whole body. But remember that fasting longer than the specified period forces the body to switch to internal nutrition, and this is harmful.

Fundamental rules

The body needs preliminary preparation – only so cleaning will be useful and effective. Here are the basic rules:

  • completely abandon any alcohol, do not consume smoked foods and do not eat in fast food;
  • complete the course of drug treatment;
  • the ideal time for the procedure will be a period of a growing or full moon;
  • 15 days prior to the procedure, follow a diet: vegetables in any form, cereals, plenty of liquids, green tea with a slice of lemon;
  • before the procedure, be sure to clean the intestines from constipation;

In the process of cleansing, you should not be afraid if “incomprehensible” waste begins to be released – for example, green bilirubin flakes, softened stones or worm-like cholesterol plugs.

The main task of any method of cleansing the liver is to make the body work independently!

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