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Pascal silk heart

Impressions of the books

Gray top About Eskov: Testimony of Citizen Clea In this entire book I would recommend reading only the second part of the Gospel of Afranius. If you have not studied the Bible, especially the New Testament, then the first part will be of no interest to you. I finished the Bible school at one time (90% of the material was exactly according to the New Testament), so I was able to evaluate the explanations and evidence presented by the author, and this is the PMSM fruit of reasoning, and possibly discussions of more than one year). But most are just not interested.

Pascal silk heart

But the second part of the book will certainly be of interest to the majority. Here this part takes place as the chapter The manuscript found in … For this is excellent. Recommend. The rest is not interesting.

According to the book The testimony of citizen Clea. The author has put a lot of effort to understand the murder of Christopher Marlowe (eng. Christopher Marlowe). Poet, playwright, predecessor of Shakespeare. Who from public read that Marlo? I had a collection of his plays and poems of the 60th year, bought for 40 kopecks in a discounted store in the early 70s. Did not read, just looked. Who is he interested in? Hundredths of a percent. Who are interested in the intrigues of the Elizabethan (UK) court of the XVI century? If there are judges of this, then read. Personally, I do not understand why the author has put so much effort into studying a question that is of no interest to anyone. What happened in England 500 years ago is not interesting to me personally, but I looked through the book. Did not like. All persons involved have long died. Some kind of literary paleontology. )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Deja vu PMSM unreadable. The thing has long been outdated and uninteresting. She was interesting under the Strugatsky. Alas.

ausgabez about Regev: Impossible and coincidence. On the revolutionary situation in philosophy Co-Sident philosophy is presented as a way of transforming the resolution of this conflict. Or, as the author writes, speculative intervention, which asserts the reality and substantiveness of coincidence, serves as a condition for the holding forces — together — divided on both sides of the Immanent Impossible front line to unite and turn their weapons against their overwhelming Immanent Impossible.

By annotation it is perfectly clear what kind of cockroaches sleep in the author’s head.

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