Panthenol with sunburn

Sunburn is one of the most common skin lesions associated with exposure to high temperatures. Immediately, we note that sunburns do not have extreme degrees, such as 3 or 4, when the skin, tissues and bones are deeply affected, but this does not mean that the damage caused by prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays is not dangerous.

First of all, it concerns sunburn, which affects large areas of the skin.

You can immediately determine that a burn of a small amount of cover can lead to the fact that the patient feels discomfort, redness, general weakness, and sometimes edema appear on the skin. In some cases, the patient may experience nausea, which comes to vomiting, high body temperature rises.

Separately, we note that it is necessary to refrain from further sunburn in the sun, if there is a sunburn, otherwise it will be possible to experience very serious painful sensations, and the rehabilitation of the skin will last much longer.

If a sunburn leads to a sufficiently strong pain, you can take a few aspirin tablets, a pain reliever will help reduce not only pain, but also itching.

The normal reaction of the skin to sunburn is inflammation, which is always accompanied by a local rise in temperature and a sensation of heat. In this case, the cold can help. The patient should take a cold shower, or attach ice cubes to the damaged areas of the body.

Panthenol as the best remedy

In the treatment of sunburn can be used different tools, it may be an ointment or aerosol, gel, cream. One of the best remedies is Panthenol for burns, which is a precursor of pantothenic acid and shows exactly the same biological effect.

Pantothenic acid and its derivatives were water-soluble vitamins that participated in all metabolic processes occurring inside the cells. It is the effect of this acid that promotes accelerated regeneration and the formation of damaged skin and mucous membranes.

When used externally, Panthenol is rapidly absorbed on the skin layer, which accelerates the scarring of skin lesions. This ointment is derived from the body naturally, with urine and feces. In addition, it is important to note that the drug Panthenol does not have a carcinogenic and mutagenic effect and is not toxic. We can say that this is practically the best remedy for sunburn.

Panthenol use

Apart from the fact that Panthenol ointment can be used to heal the skin after sunburn, it is also used to speed up the regeneration when:

  • abrasions
  • thermal burns
  • aseptic postoperative wounds,
  • bullous and vesicular dermatitis,
  • skin grafts.

Panthenol ointment should be applied with a thin layer to the sunburned area of ​​the skin slightly rubbing, so as not to cause pain to the patient. A remedy is applied two to four times a day, if necessary, it can be applied more often, if there is an infected area of ​​skin along with a skin sunburn, it must first be treated with an antiseptic. If a sunburn in a child, then Panthenol ointment is applied after each change of linen or bath.

Side effects and contraindications

Panthenol has virtually no side effects, the only thing that can bother the patient when using the ointment is an allergic skin reaction that can manifest to certain components of the drug.

In this case, it will be necessary to stop using the ointment until the skin becomes normal.

If the reaction of the skin on the use of Panthenol is quite acute, you will have to look for another remedy for sunburn. On the other hand, he answers the question of how to smear a burn at home.

Interestingly, the use of panthenol is not prohibited during pregnancy and breastfeeding; the ointment does not have any adverse effects on the course of pregnancy, the development of the fetus or the development of a newborn child.

Drug interaction

The use of panthenol with other drugs is not recommended without consulting a doctor. The fact is that when using Panthenol, acetylcholine synthesis is activated, and this in turn leads to a decrease in the action of non-depolarizing muscle relaxants and an increase in the action of depolarizing muscle relaxants.

It is very important that the panthenol ointment does not cause any toxic side effects, and this also applies to an overdose of the drug, which can occur not only when applied to the skin, but also when taken in pill form.

Additional Information

The drug is recommended to be stored at a temperature not higher than 25 degrees Celsius, it is not necessary to leave Panthenol ointment under direct sunlight and bring to heating above 50 degrees.

Panthenol with sunburn

As for permission to use Panthenol, it can be easily applied to both elderly patients and children under medical supervision. It is recommended to apply the ointment on moist wounds that may form after sunburn. so, whatever remedies for sunburn are offered, there will be our preparation.

It is important to note that the use of Panthenol with sunburn does not inhibit the nervous and autonomic systems, and does not affect the ability to drive a vehicle.

Panthenol with sunburn

In any case, before you start using the ointment, you still need to consult with your doctor and eliminate the allergic reaction. Even with a simple sunburn, it is not recommended to self-medicate.

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