Palpitations in the ears

It is believed that the heartbeat in the ears is a special symptom of pathologies associated with the nervous system, blood circulation, problems with the nasopharynx or the ears themselves. Often the pulsating sign is accompanied by itching, sensation of heat. Folk omens claim that it is to condemn people, slander (gossip), or even damage. Psychological barriers should help (you need to present yourself in a glass ball that reflects all negative things, or carry a pocket mirror in your pocket, with a mirror-like surface out). But if a person understands: I hear the heartbeat in the ear is not the first time, it’s time to contact an otolaryngologist (ENT doctor), a neuropathologist or a therapist (let him write out a referral for tests, it will be clear from which doctor to make an appointment).

Knock in the ears

Provocative factors are often hidden in the abuse of tonic drinks (coffee, energy, strong tea), in smoking, stress, carrying a child. Passive lifestyle and taking certain medications, such as aspirin and other ototoxic drugs (paracetamol, diclofenac, erythromycin group) adversely affect the hearing organs.

Palpitations in the ears

The heartbeat in both ears has causes and physiological nature – with age, noise and pulsation become the norm. In one, too.

But sometimes knocking accompanies some diseases:

Palpitations in the ears

  1. Vascular atherosclerosis (cholesterol is deposited). Moreover, the ripple increases depending on the movements of the head up and down, people of pre-pension age and older are more susceptible to it. A distinctive feature is the mismatch of the pulse (can be measured on the wrist) and the ear pulsation.
  2. Problems with blood pressure. Both low and high, it causes a pressure disturbance in the vessels and capillaries. The ear is very sensitive to similar drops.
  3. Pathologies concerning the carotid artery, nervous system. Diseases of the brain, tumors, osteochondrosis. Pressure vessels due to degeneration of the joints and cartilage also sometimes leads to pulsation.

Treatment prescribes profiling doctor. It relies on the elimination of the causes of knocking in the ears. Symptoms can be neutralized by physiotherapy, antibiotics, drug changes, painkillers.

I hear a heartbeat in the ear: before the pulsation will help …

Preventive methods will also resolve the situation, not allowing it to develop pathology. Do not hesitate to insert earplugs or cover the ears with headphones (if there is a loud sound source near). Other tips would be helpful:

Palpitations in the ears

  • It is necessary to carefully treat a runny nose, monitor the hygiene of the mouth, nose and ears. Sulfur plugs are best removed in the doctor’s office.
  • Eat fewer trans fats (margarine, spread, pastry).
  • Heartbeat in the ears does not threaten people who adhere to moderate physical exertion.

And it certainly will not be superfluous to visit a doctor during the period of ear diseases and attention to your health. It often reports problems with different signals. You just need to listen.

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