Pain in the right side of the abdomen

To determine a painful place is already the first clue on the mysterious way to diagnose a disease. It is logical to assume that the organ in the epicenter of the center of pain will suffer, although this is not always the case. Let’s talk about the features of abdominal pain in women, in order to treat it correctly if necessary.

What causes abdominal pain?

Before we talk about diseases that can cause a characteristic pain, let’s focus on the anatomical structure of the abdominal cavity. Consider the location of organs in the respective zones.

As we see, several systems can be involved in pathology – urinary, sexual, intestinal, vascular and osteomuscular. In women, the cause of abdominal pain is more often caused by gynecological problems.

Causes of pain in the right side of the lower abdomen in women

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  1. Appendicitis;
  2. Intestinal dysfunction;
  3. Adhesions;
  4. Right renal colic;
  5. Adnexitis (inflammation of the appendage on the right);
  6. Cyst of the right ovary;
  7. Right tubal pregnancy (ectopic);
  8. Arthritis of the right hip joint.

Appendicitis – The most common cause of pain in the right side of the lower abdomen in women. It usually grows gradually, dull in character, but constant. Possible single vomiting, nausea. Then the pain increases, the temperature rises, vomiting opens. Ends with signs of acute abdomen.

An important diagnostic criterion is leukocytosis and tension of the abdominal muscles. A similar picture has a disease in which the intestine forms an additional bulge in the form of a pocket (diverticulosis).

Intestinal obstruction. Symptomatology is characterized by rapid development. The pains are very strong, because part of the intestine stretches, irritating a large group of nerve receptors. Mechanical blockage, for example, with a foreign body or fecal causes arrest of peristalsis.

The pain of this nature gives in the right groin area, combined with vomiting. With emergency care, you can not hesitate!

Intestinal dysfunction. This pain is associated with eating, accompanied by bloating, rumbling and other intestinal problems. Relief comes after the elimination of gas or defecation, no night pain.

Spikes. It is the result of an operation or an inflammatory process. They are not characterized by persistent pain of a pulling nature. Strengthened during intercourse and movements. Dense adhesions may be the cause of intestinal obstruction.

Renal colic. Right-sided colic occurs when a stone is blocked by the lower part of the right ureter. With its movement, the pain is paroxysmal. Obturation will give a sharp pain that will not pass even when taking strong analgesics.

Pain with ectopic pregnancy. This pathology should be kept in mind in all women of reproductive age. The condition is dangerous to rupture of the walls of the fallopian tubes and vessels, on which a fertilized egg has attached. More common right-sided ectopic pregnancy.

Right adnexitis – This is an inflammation of the tubes and ovaries (uterine appendages). In addition to pain, there will be fever, malaise, urination becomes painful. Discomfort is aggravated by sexual intercourse and exercise. Adnexitis is common in young women, sometimes combined with an ovarian cyst.

When large cysts often breaks and the picture resembles appendicitis. The pain is dull, is permanent. Accompanied by purulent secretions.

Right inguinal lymphadenitis – this aching pain is easy to recognize, as the painful enlarged lymph node is palpated.

Right hip arthrosis – coxarthrosis. This pathology is found in older people. It is combined with limping and joint stiffness. When moving the pain increases.

  • If the right side of the lower abdomen hurts in a woman and gives to the back – you should think about the combined pathology of the hip joint and the lumbar spine. The starting factor for persistent pain in the joint and lower back may be an inflamed ovary.
  • Acute nature of pain are – bleeding, perforation in case of intestinal obstruction, ectopic pregnancy, renal colic and rupture of an ovarian cyst.
  • Stitching pain is characteristic of intestinal inflammation (diverticulosis, ileitis).

Causes of pain in the left side of the abdomen in women

hurts the left side of the abdomen bottom photo

  1. Intestinal dysfunction;
  2. Adhesive disease;
  3. Colitis, proctosigmoiditis;
  4. Left-side renal colic;
  5. Left-side ectopic pregnancy;
  6. Acute and chronic left adnexitis;
  7. Arthritis of the left hip joint.

Intestinal dysfunction or spastic contraction of the intestine. It manifests itself as chronic aching pains in the left side of the abdomen, flatulence, constipation or diarrhea.

Often there is such a pathology in which the sigmoid colon is stretched (dolichosigma). Usually hurts the left side of the abdomen in women lifting weights. With significant sizes, the gut may form an additional loop. Hard work, active sports intensify discomfort. And when it is twisted, there is acute pain associated with intestinal obstruction.

Colitis. If on the right a weak spot is the appendix, then on the left is the rectum and sigmoid colon. Diseases such as proctitis and sigmoiditis are present. Inflammatory processes in them cause pain of a spilled nature, accompanied by constipation and exacerbation of hemorrhoids.

On palpation of the abdomen, the zone of pain is localized in the lower left corner. This zone is particularly affected during pregnancy – there is compression, venous congestion is formed and the pain becomes permanent.

Left-sided renal colic. Pain with renal colic usually begins in the side, as the stone moves, it descends into the groin area. By the nature of paroxysmal, relief comes from taking antispasmodics and a warm bath.

Accompanied by frequent and painful urination. The situation will clarify the urine test, which will be fresh red blood cells.

Left adnexitis. This disease is accompanied by aching pain on the left. They increase during menstruation and sex. Prolonged inflammation forms cysts that can break and twist, then the aching pain becomes acute.

Pain in the right side of the abdomen

Ectopic pregnancy – Should be excluded from all women of reproductive age. A pregnancy test may help, it will tell you the cause of the pain. Alarms are bloody discharge with a positive test – they indicate ectopic pregnancy. Although the test does not always reflect the true picture.

  • Acute pain on the left may occur from ovarian rupture, renal colic, intestinal obstruction.
  • The dull ache of a whining character is the result of inflammation of the genitals and intestines.

Diseases causing lower abdominal pain

  • Endometriosis.
  • Pathology of the intestine (proctitis, jejunitis), obstruction of the jejunum.
  • Thrombosis of the mesenteric vessels.
  • Pathology of the uterus (fibroma, tumors, endometritis).
  • Bilateral adnexitis.
  • Cystitis.
  • Pathology of the sacral spine.

Physiological abdominal pains on the sides of women occur during regular periods and during pregnancy. This is a normal phenomenon and do not worry. Vegetative symptoms are still characteristic of dysmenorrhea – dizziness, fainting, sweating, mood swings.

Endometriosis. Formed the growth of endometrial cells in other organs. It can be painless. But more often in women there is pain in the lower abdomen on the sides. It increases after stool and intercourse. The intensity of pain ranges from minor to acute. Women point to a feeling of pressure in the rectal area, which gives to the lower back.

Also typical of increased pain during menstruation. The disease is accompanied by prolonged periods. Unreasonable bleeding is a sign of disease progression.

Endometritis. Endometritis is also characterized by bilateral inguinal pain. They are a constant pulling character. Concomitant symptoms – fever, vaginal discharge.

Bilateral adnexitis. When the hips in the lower abdomen in women hurt, this is a sure sign of inflammation of both uterine appendages.

Bowel disease. The main cause of pain below the navel is bowel spasms, inflammatory processes. If this pain flows along with constipation, bloating and other problems of digestion, the pathology of the intestine should be sought.

Cystitis. For acute cystitis is characterized by acute pain over the bosom, which increases with urination. Disturb false urges. It is also necessary to pay attention to the color and transparency of urine – with cystitis, it becomes cloudy with a greenish tint due to leukocytes.

Thromboembolism of the mesenteric vessels – gives a sudden attack of pain around the navel. Less often has a persistent character without clear localization. This pathology should always be considered in the elderly. If pain is combined with intoxication, tachycardia, vomiting, hospitalization is urgently required.

Pain during pregnancy

Their cause may be: increased uterine tone, the threat of placental abruption and miscarriage.

If hurts below right

  • Risk of miscarriage. The pain is aching, constant. It is joined by vaginal discharge, often bloody.
  • Placental abruption. This is indicated by severe sharp pain below the navel, which is complicated by uterine bleeding.
  • Appendicitis. Pregnancy provokes this disease. Do not forget about it.

Lower abdominal pain to the left

Intestinal dysfunction. The enlarged uterus squeezes the intestines. On the other hand, sex hormones inhibit its functional activity. All this leads to stagnation of fecal masses and partial obstruction of the intestine. The woman is concerned about persistent constipation and pain in the groin area on the left.

In conclusion, we remind you that any pain is a signal. The body asks for help. Do not wait and wait for everything to pass. Examination of the doctor is necessary, he will identify the problem and provide the necessary assistance.

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