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A reception by a gynecologist at a clinic in the very center of Moscow, including weekends (near the Kutuzovskaya metro station, see the address and schedule of work below) is a complete set of medical services for women’s health and beauty. A modern medical women’s center and its specialists are also ready to offer their help every day, on Saturday and Sunday. A timely visit to the gynecologist’s doctor with simultaneous ultrasound and analyzes will allow for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment, since gynecology is a priority for us in our work.

It is no secret that finding and getting an appointment with a good gynecologist in Moscow, a competent and competent doctor in various matters, is not always easy. If you need to know where the gynecologist takes, reviews of employees spread by many clinics. You watch the Internet, find a large number of service offers and choose where to go to the reception. It is important not to make a mistake with the choice – women’s health depends on the qualification of a specialist, his experience and understanding of the essence of the problem.

A gynecologist must not only be a professional in his specialty, but also be able to communicate with his patient. The girl comes to a consultation with a doctor with the most intimate problems and is afraid to encounter tactlessness or rudeness on the part of a specialist. Such an attitude can push the patient away; she will not decide on a return visit any time soon.

Turning to the paid reception of a gynecologist in our clinic near the metro station Kutuzovskaya, you will make the right choice. Our doctors for over 15 years give advice and help their patients in solving their problems! Confidential, anonymous, seven days a week.

Each person has the same illness in its own way, based on the state of the body, psyche, and the health of other organs and systems. Therefore, for each individual patient a good female doctor carries out a personal approach.

Our gynecologists are:

  • Consultation on any thematic issues
  • All profile specialists,
  • Urgent admission gynecologist without recording,
  • High professionalism,
  • Doctors of the highest and 1 categories

    The clinic daily receive highly qualified specialists: gynecologist, mammologist, gynecologist-endocrinologist, dermatologist, endocrinologist, pediatric gynecologist, ultrasound specialist, who always come to your aid. Having the opportunity to immediately consult with the necessary doctor, to diagnose, to receive treatment, you save yourself from unnecessary trouble and save time. Prices for services are available to patients with different incomes. We have special offers for students, groups and pensioners.

    The harmonious combination of the qualifications of our doctors and the most up-to-date diagnostics allow our specialists to solve women’s problems well, quickly and with maximum effect!

    Reception of the gynecologist in the clinic

    At the first meeting, a good gynecologist will examine, take tests, examine the condition of the cervix, and at the same time make an ultrasound of the female organs. Every modern girl needs not only a beautician, but also a personal female doctor who will always give useful advice.

    Pain clinic next to me

    Reception of the gynecologist begins with the fact that the doctor will carefully listen to the patient’s complaints, the history of the disease, clarify the accompanying complaints. Further, during a gynecological examination on the chair, the state of the female external and internal genital organs is visually and palpably determined. If necessary, colposcopy of the cervix is ​​done, taking analysis of the secretions and smear for oncocytological screening. For the convenience of our patients, the reception of a gynecologist, ultrasound, and testing take place within the same room, including anonymously!

    When should I go to see a gynecologist?

    Disturbed by discomfort, discomfort, discharge, lost the menstrual cycle? It is the gynecologist who can determine the cause and prescribe treatment. An emergency reception for emergency problems our doctors carry out out of turn.

    If such problems with women’s health arise at a very young age, and this is not uncommon, a pediatric, adolescent doctor will help here.

    Questions of planning, preparation and management of pregnancy are also within the competence of the obstetrician-gynecologist. If circumstances develop in such a way that the onset of conception is currently undesirable, the doctor will find a solution to the problem with the least risk for you, select the appropriate method of contraception.

    Gynecologists will anonymously screen for STIs and, if necessary, prescribe effective treatment for the identified sexually transmitted infection. It is no secret that the lack of confidence in the confidentiality of contacting antenatal clinics forces many women to postpone visiting a specialist and thereby losing valuable time. An anonymous reception by a gynecologist in Moscow is a way out of a difficult situation for everyone, regardless of age (we have children and adolescent gynecologists), availability of registration in the capital and financial condition. Our services may be available for most patients!

    Are you going to start sex life? Pass a gynecological examination to diagnose the state of the genital organs and, first of all, find out the structure of the virgin membrane – the nature of the defloration process depends on it. You should also discuss the best methods of protection and protection against infections – the doctor will advise on all issues of interest.

    An emergency situation has arisen and emergency doctor consultation is necessary? At the moment, you are in the center of Moscow or are driving a car and want to find out where there is a gynecology next to me? We are located on the central highway of the capital, near the metro stations and the Kutuzovskaya International Medical Center (see the address where the gynecologist’s reception is held on Saturday and Sunday, as well as the location map on Google Map).

    Pain clinic next to me

    In our clinic, you can find your gynecologist, who will know all your nuances, will help in solving and preventing female diseases. You can be absolutely sure that our doctor will show complete understanding and attention to any of your situations.

    Reception hours of the gynecologist: weekend (saturday and sunday) 10-18, Monday – Friday 10-21.

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