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Diseases often affect the ascending urinary tract. Unlike men, women are more likely to have chronic (i.e., recurrent) forms of bladder diseases, such as urethritis, cystitis, and pyelonephritis. Creeping bladder – this phrase will tell the doctor that you do not understand anything about the specifics of the organ. Hypothermia can be only one of the provoking factors for bladder disease in women. And the reasons should be sought much deeper.

Bladder chill: urethritis symptoms

Urethritis in women may appear after sexual intercourse with an infected partner, due to hypothermia, medical procedures, such as using a bladder catheter.

Urethritis, acquired through sexual intercourse, manifests itself brightly, and begins several days after intercourse. The remaining urethritis develop slowly, most of them pass unnoticed. The most common symptoms are:

• lower abdominal pain at the end of urination;

• at the end of urination itching appears.

Treatment of urethritis in women

For treatment, vaginal suppositories are usually prescribed, tampons soaked with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory substances. Baths and washing away contraindicated.

Bladder congestion: symptoms of cystitis

Cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder, a widespread disease. Symptoms of cystitis:

• frequent urination, with a small amount of urine, cutting pains in the lower abdomen;

• False urination to urinate.

• non-compliance with intimate hygiene;

Ok google cystitis treatment

• improper diet: eating large quantities of spicy and spicy foods, alcohol.

Cystitis is a disease characterized by inflammation of the bladder. This is a very common disease, every third woman has cystitis. The infection enters the bladder through the urethra. Typically, exacerbations of cystitis are associated with hypothermia, because it reduces the body’s resistance, as a result of which the infection multiplies and, penetrating into the bladder, causes inflammation.

Cystitis, as a rule, is accompanied by frequent urination, false urge to urinate and burning during urination, pain in the lower back. Another symptom of cystitis is frequent urination at night. Urine turbid, approximately 30% of people have blood in their urine. If you have a cold bladder, the symptoms of cystitis can disappear without treatment, so the disease can become chronic, so consultation with a urologist is a must.

Diagnosis of bladder cystitis in women

Diagnosing is usually not difficult – there are specific symptoms of the disease. But for the diagnosis of cystitis, it is also necessary to examine the condition of the female genital organs, for this it is necessary to pass tests:

• general urine analysis;

• urine analysis according to nechyporenko;

• Ultrasound of the genitourinary system;

Ok google cystitis treatment

• study of vaginal microflora for dysbiosis;

• must be tested for STIs.

Treatment of bladder cystitis in women

Proper treatment of cystitis begins with a visit to the doctor. Even a three-day postponement of the visit to the doctor can significantly complicate the treatment process. The doctor will prescribe physiotherapy and antibiotics. Try to rest more, stay warm, refrain from sexual intercourse for a while, exclude spicy, spicy and smoked dishes from the menu. Use more tea, you can use folk remedies and make decoctions of diuretic herbs. It is undesirable to use cold drinks.

Prevention of cystitis of the bladder in women

• compulsory urinary retention is not allowed;

• respect the hygiene of the genitals;

• do not postpone the treatment of diseases of the sexual sphere, even if there is no visible reason, regularly visit the gynecologist, do not forget about contraception.

Treatment of cystitis does not require hospitalization. Spend a few days at home, take a heavy drink, it is recommended to eat cereals, soups, milk. An attack of acute cystitis affects sharply and hurts, so keep anesthetic in your first-aid kit.

There are many antibiotics for the treatment of cystitis – Tsiprolet, Nolitsin, Abaktal, Monural. Observe the dosage, do not abuse drugs. The course of taking antibiotics for women is usually 3-5 days.

Bladder congestion: symptoms of pyelonephritis

Pyelonephritis is an inflammation of the kidneys due to infection in the urinary system, in most cases it is E. coli. Pyelonephritis in women is manifested by fever, painful and frequent urination, lower back pain. There may also be a fever, chills.

Pyelonephritis is usually treated with antibiotics. Duration of treatment is at least two weeks. Diseases of the bladder in women in no case can not be ignored, otherwise they will go into a recurrent form.

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