Ointment from ulcers

1 Pharmaceutical preparations

Pull pus mass will help special drugs that are available in the form of ointments and gels. Ichthyol ointment is considered one of the most common options. It has a bactericidal effect, helps eliminate pain, swelling and itching, disinfects the wound surface and speeds up the regeneration process. The name of the drug is associated with its main active ingredient – ichthiol. This substance is mined during the processing and distillation of shale. It began to be used for the first time at the end of the 19th century. Until now, the ointment remains one of the most popular in the treatment of eczema, boils, burns, inflammations. Ichthyol ointment for removing pus should be applied in the form of applications. Vatu must be soaked in with a means, and then fixed on the affected area. Parchment is laid on top and fixed plaster. Applications need to be changed every 10 hours.

Another common drug is Vishnevsky ointment. The tool has antiseptic properties, but they are quite weak. Therefore, the ointment is not used to suppress inflammation, but rather to speed it up. The drug stimulates blood circulation in the place where it is applied. Due to this, the abscess will ripen faster and can be removed. If the wound has an open form, the tool will help not only to quickly pull the pus to the surface, but also accelerates the process of tissue regeneration. The ointment was developed in wartime. It is used for applications, compresses and lotions for the treatment of purulent wounds, cuts, burns, ulcers and boils. The real name of Vishnevsky ointment is balsamic liniment. The composition includes birch tar, xeroform and castor oil. Xeroform refers to antiseptics that help eliminate bacteria of the pyogenic type. In addition, it also dries the surface of the wound. Birch tar improves microcirculation in the inflammation, improves metabolism in tissues. Castor oil improves the absorption of medicinal components so that they better pass through the skin.

Syntomycin ointment is also used in such cases. It incorporates syntomycin – an effective antibiotic. It is known as chloramphenicol. Basically, this drug is used in cases where wounds do not heal. In addition, the tool will help cure ulcers, burns and boils. The ointment is very often applied to the skin after shaving to prevent the appearance of ulcers and inflammations. But often use the drug is prohibited,

Streptocidal ointment is also suitable to get rid of pus. The main active element is streptocid, which is also called sulfanilamide. It has antimicrobial properties. The ointment is used to treat small wounds, abrasions and other skin lesions. If the patient has renal failure, then it should be used very carefully and only after the permission of the doctor. The same applies to pregnancy and nephrosis – in such cases it is generally better to refuse this drug.

2 Treatment with levomekolem

The wound can be treated with levomecol. This ointment has a combined effect. Its composition is characterized by the presence of two active ingredients – chloramphenicol and methyluracil. The first of them belongs to the group of antibiotics, and the second is considered a tool that helps stimulate the immune system. This will help eliminate inflammation and speed up the regeneration process. The ointment is used for purulent and inflammatory processes on the skin – burns, ulcers, boils. All ointments are best applied after the affected area is treated with hydrogen peroxide.

An inexpensive drug is Levosin ointment. It is used only for pulling purulent masses. It can be used at home even without additional consultation with a doctor. The drug belongs to the combined group. It not only fights bacterial infections, but also reduces inflammation, has a necrolitic effect. The ointment should be applied to a clean cloth or bandage, and then applied to the affected area. Ligation with this tool should be done daily until the symptoms disappear and the wound heals completely.

In addition to these drugs, you can use gentamicin, tetracycline, methyluracil ointment, Levonorsin, Ilon, Solcoseryl, or Actovegin. Sulfuric ointment can be used to draw pus. It is often used against acne and acne. She even copes with skin problems in the mustache, beard and hair.

3 Means of traditional medicine

Many people are interested in how to remove pus from a wound with the help of traditional medicine. Be sure to first damage the skin to wash and remove dirt and blood. For this fit lotion and bath. Broths for them are prepared on the basis of various medicinal plants. For example, plantain, sweet clover, chamomile, sage, leaves of lilac and blueberry, alder, burdock are used. From vegetables use onions, beets, carrots, radishes. To prepare the broth, you will need a spoon of chopped raw materials. It is necessary to pour boiling water (no more than a liter), and then boil it on the steam bath. After 15 minutes, the tool will be ready. It needs to cool and strain. Take the bath and make lotions need at least twice a day. From vegetables and leaves of plants can squeeze the juice. It is necessary to grate and squeeze through cheesecloth.

Ointment from ulcers

After the wound is cleaned, it is necessary to carry out procedures that pull the purulent masses from the damaged areas.

In this case, the following folk remedies will help. For example, you can use a soapy compress with the addition of garlic. To prepare such a tool, you need to take a head of garlic and bake it in the oven. Then it should be finely chopped or grated. Then the laundry soap also needs to be rubbed. Both components are thoroughly mixed, and a cake is formed from them. It should be applied to the wound and secured with a bandage. Compress is applied for 4 hours. Even if you do not add garlic, and just get by with chopped baked onions, the effect will still be amazing.

Ointment from ulcers

Another effective remedy is aloe. Its leaves easily pull pus in a short period of time, even from a closed wound. But the plant must choose one that is no less than 2-3 years old. The sheet is washed and then carefully cut along. One of the halves of the inner part must be attached to the sore spot. Fasten the sheet should be a bandage or patch, so that it does not move. All this needs to be done before bedtime. In the morning the effect will be noticeable. After 2-3 days all the pus will be removed.

4 Compresses from the juice of potatoes

Compresses based on juice or pulp of potatoes are very useful. It is advisable to mix these ingredients with beets. Such a remedy will work much better. Gruel is applied to gauze, and then applied to the sore spot. The lotion should be changed every 2-3 hours.

To the abscess ripen faster, and it could be opened at home with improvised means, cabbage leaf is used. You need to rinse it and make cuts on one side or just wrinkle a sheet so that the juice starts to stand out. This side should be applied to the sore spot. For these purposes, and suitable cake based on flour from corn. You can speed up the process of ripening abscess with the help of horsetail based compresses. In addition, the abscess will begin to soften. To open an abscess, fit hibiscus and arnica.

Some essential oils are used for antibacterial treatment. They will help reduce inflammation, swelling and penetrate deep into the boil itself. Of the oils fit most lavender and chamomile. It takes only a few drops to lubricate the purulent zone. It is recommended to repeat the procedure several times a day. When the wounds have already been cleaned, an ointment based on calendula extract will be suitable for faster healing. When the abscess is already opened, it must be treated with antibacterial agents.

Many people are interested in how to remove pus from wounds, acne, boils, abrasions. Processing of putrefactive zones must be carried out. First, the wounds should be treated with antiseptics, and if the suppurations are still formed, then it is time to use special ointments that will help accelerate the maturation of the boil, and then draw out all the pus. You can purchase them at a pharmacy or prepare them yourself.

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