Ointment for bruises

Unfortunately, almost everyone faced the problem of bruises and minor injuries. The symptomatology of injuries is characterized by edema, hematomas, spasms of different severity. Bruising ointments are prescribed as a primary or secondary treatment and have a huge selection of medications.

What means to use at a bruise

Anesthetic ointment for bruises relieves spasms, stops the causes of inflammation and relieves the patient from swelling. Preparations are divided into groups according to the acting means and the purposes with which they are used:

  • NSAIDs. Relieve inflammation and eliminate pain. The active ingredient is usually Ibuprofen, Ketorolac or Ketoprofen.
  • Medication with absorbable effect. Designed to eliminate swelling and get rid of seals and hematomas. Often used in the treatment of the child. Active ingredients include Selikon and Badyagu.
  • Warming cream. They contain extracts from pepper, medicinal plant oils, bee venom or vipers, ethereal and camphor liquids. Apply the ointment for knee injuries in patients of any age category.
  • Preparations with a combined composition and exposure. Contain at the same time several active substances. Usually active ingredients are nonsteroidal agents with anti-inflammatory effect, absorbable elements, dexpanthenol, essential oils, local irritants. Doctors and their patients appreciate the combined ointment for its effectiveness in the treatment of injuries of different types.
  • Homeopathic medicine. Differ in uneasy structure and intricate preparation by specific techniques. The effect of drugs in this category does not appear soon, since there are few active elements in the product. However, homeopathic medicines are able to accumulate and are used for adjuvant therapy of injuries of varying degrees. Apply the ointment for bruises on the legs and other parts of the body at any age.

Medicines against injuries are characterized by the variability of the forms of release – you can buy ointment, gel and cream. For the correct selection of funds it is better not to hesitate to contact the doctor.

Action ointment

Ointment from bruises and bruises in medical practice is used quite often, as it has many useful properties. The effect of the drug depends on the group to which it belongs:

Ointment for bruises

  • Ointments that restore normal blood circulation affect the injury area annoyingly and warm the tissue structures. There is an improvement in the exchange of useful components, and regeneration in the damaged area proceeds faster.
  • Non-steroid creams with anti-inflammatory action are needed to relieve swelling, eliminate redness of the skin and spasms in injured bone, cartilage and soft structures.
  • The best ointment for bruises with acute spasms is one that has anesthetic and cooling effect. Such medicines are designed to quickly relieve pain and eliminate discomfort.
  • Decongestants eliminate swelling in the area of ​​injury;
  • For dilution of accumulated blood secretions and getting rid of bruises with hematomas use cream-anticoagulant.
  • To avoid damage to the blood channels and to restore those that were injured during the trauma, ointments with vessels strengthening substances are used.
  • Some creams are designed to relax muscles in order to avoid spasms due to overstressing during an impact and to prevent acute pain.

Thus, every sign arising from injury, really eliminate with the help of appropriate ointment. Due to the variability of creams for each type of injury, referring to the individual indicators of the body can be selected drug with the most effective effects. Convenience also lies in the different capacities of the packages sold and the different pricing policies of manufacturing companies – there is both a cheap ointment for bruises and a relatively expensive one.

Ointments from bruises with badagi, comfrey

Creams and gels for bruises with medicinal substances of natural origin have the following effects:

  • Relieve inflammation;
  • Have an absorbing effect;
  • Eliminate swelling.

Ointment for bruises

Comfrey root has long been used in recipes for folk therapy. It is designed to eliminate many pathologies, for example, injuries of bones and joints. Perhaps because the second name of the plant – zhivokost.

Ointments with comfrey in the composition relieve pain with bruises, accelerate the regeneration of damaged structures. Also, the tool is characterized by the absence of contraindications and negative effects after application. Ointment Comfrey is used at bedtime. The medicine is applied to the skin over the damaged area. Then the area needs to be wrapped with a cloth. Gel Comfrey is applied three times or four times a day by rubbing into the skin.

Badyaga is a natural element with excellent absorbing effects. Component refers to sponges living in freshwaters and consisting of silica and spongite. The ointment for bruises on the basis of badyagi has an irritating effect due to silicon needles, subsequently resuming blood circulation, diluting stagnant discharges, exerting a bactericidal effect. The tool is used for the treatment of pathologies of the back and joints, bruises and acne. Before using the ointment Badyagu it is important to check for the presence of an allergy to the active substance, after applying the cream on the elbow bend.

Hematomas, bruises based on heparin and troxerutin

A bruise and bruise ointment based on the use of heparin (Heparin Cream) also contains benzyl nicotinate and benzocaine. It is considered a means of external use with the greatest effect among analogous products. The active components of the drug in combination have an antithrombotic effect, contribute to proper blood circulation, stop pain.

The cream is applied for injuries of the joints, soft tissues, subcutaneous hematomas, hemorrhoids, mastitis, skin ulcers. Prohibited treatment means for open injuries, necrosis, thrombosis in the veins, intolerance to the components.

Parallel use with NSAIDs, tetracyclines and antihistamines is not allowed. Possible negative effects include redness and burning of the skin, allergies.

The drug is applied twice a day. Apply the cream on the skin with a thick layer. The duration of therapy is from 3 days to a week.

Troxevasin is one of the most popular troxerutin-based products. It strengthens the capillaries, stops the inflammatory process and eliminates swelling. The drug is prescribed for stretching, bruises, dislocations and varicose dermatitis.

Contraindications include troxerutin intolerance. Anesthetic ointment for bruises can cause allergies in the form of a skin rash.

Troxevasin is used twice a day. The drug is applied to the skin and then rubbed with light massaging movements. Not used for the treatment of open wounds.

There are also drugs that include one of the components or both substances and dexpanthenol, allantoin, dimethyl sulfoxide.

The first element is able to turn into panthenolic acid, a form of vitamin B, and improve the natural regeneration of damaged skin. Allantoin eliminates signs of inflammation and normalizes physical metabolism. Dimethyl sulfoxide suppresses pain due to blunting of impulses and prevents puffiness due to the blocking of hydroxyl-type radicals.

Popular combination products:

  • Troxevasin Neo – except for heparin and troxerutin, dexpanthenol is a part;
  • Dolobene – includes heparin and dexpanthenol, and also contains dimethyl sulfoxide.
  • Hepatrombin – uses the effectiveness of heparin, allantoin, dexpanthenol.

Bruise ointment with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Non-steroid ointment for injuries of the knee and other areas is an excellent remedy for inflammation and pain, but it has a large number of possible negative effects and contraindications. The duration of the course of therapy should not be more than 7 days.

What ointment helps from bruises? Patients and doctors most often call Diclofenac, Ibuprofen, Ketoprofen.

Creams are prescribed for pathologies of the musculoskeletal system, during rehabilitation after operations and bruises. Means has a quick analgesic effect.

It is forbidden to use drugs for patients up to about 7-12 years old, with asthma, renal failure, during gestation of the fetus and breastfeeding, with abdominal hemorrhages, problems with the heart and liver, skin rash.

Side effects include burning and redness of the skin, nausea, problems with the work of the digestive tract and the urogenital system, migraine.

From bruises and strains – warming action

Ointment for injuries of the legs and other parts of the body, designed to heat up, has the following properties:

  • Eliminates pain;
  • It has a distracting effect;
  • Improves blood circulation.

There are a huge number of such drugs with different active ingredients, for example:

  • Finalgon. Contains nonivamil and nikoboksil.
  • Apizartron. Includes methyl salicylate and allyl isothiocyanate, bee venom.
  • Efkamon. Consists of clove, mustard, eucalyptus oils, pepper tincture, camphor, cinnamon alcohol, methyl salicylate, chloral hydrate.
  • Espol Includes pepper extract in pods.

Effective bruises for children

Ointment for bruises for children depends on the age of the child. So, a baby up to one year old is allowed to use Troxevasin. Although the instruction prescribes a minimum age of treatment of 15 years, with the permission of the doctor in the correct dosage, ointment is used for the treatment of infants.

Children from 1 year old are allowed to treat with Heparin ointment, Traumel C and Lioton. The second drug includes sodium heparin and has the following effects:

  • Absorbable property;
  • Anti-swelling effect;
  • Acceleration of regeneration of the affected structures.

Traumel C in the form of a cream is permissible for the treatment of children older than 2 years. The components are natural and have a vegetable base. The drug is prescribed for bruises, injuries of the joints and soft tissues.

Dolobene and Diklak will suit the child from 5. The first perfectly relieves spasms, but can provoke negative manifestations. Gel Diklak refers to the NSAIDs urgent action. He is able to eliminate pain immediately after application. However, like all nonsteroids, the drug has a large number of negative effects and requires inclusion in therapy solely on doctor’s prescription.

Combined injury therapy

The complexity of the injury and the severity of pain affect the selection of therapy. So, with minor cramps, it is enough to apply an ointment for bruises. Serious injuries and acute pain require complex treatment with the use of external and internal means (shots, tablets) of application.

Multi-drug therapy speeds up the healing process. However, it is not worth picking up the drugs yourself. Prescribing medications, even if it is an ointment or gel, should be handled by a doctor.


Injuries and bruises are common. However, in the absence of therapy, the seemingly insignificant damage can turn into a serious problem. It is better to seek help from a doctor – he will help decide which ointment helps with bruises, and speed up the recovery process.

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