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Brief description of the breed

German Shepherd Dogs – these are amazingly devoted to their owner, intelligent and noble dogs. Appearing at the end of the 19th century in Germany, German Shepherd Dogs were mainly acquired as assistants in driving and grazing livestock. But their innate qualities – balance, obedience, quick reaction in unusual situations made the German Shepherd dogs excellent service dogs, guides for blind and visually impaired people. Often, dogs of this breed are acquired for the protection of the territory and as a four-legged friend of the whole family. And in most cases they cope with the tasks perfectly.

Breed advantages

Breed minuses


The appearance of dogs of this breed is perfectly familiar to every inhabitant of our country, since these animals appear more often than others in television films and TV shows. The Germans have a proportional build, their structure is strong, muscular. The head of the sheep-dogs has an elongated wedge-shaped shape, the neck is massive, muscular, the lower back is lowered to the rump, the limbs are long, parallel to each other. German shepherds are characterized by more than the average size of the triangular ears, almond-shaped honey-brown eyes, nose and lips have dark (black) pigmentation.

German shepherds can be like long haired (elongated coarse wool in the areas of the ears, tail) and smooth coat. The current opinion that long-haired shepherd dogs are mestizos (born from the crossing of a German shepherd dog and a different breed) is not true, since long-haired babies are often born from smooth-haired parents. However, in 2010, the long-haired shepherd dogs were recognized as a separate breed, although the habits and basic traits of the character that in dogs with shorter, that with longer hair are absolutely identical.

Growth Male German Shepherd Dogs reach 60-65 cm, female dogs – 55-60 cm. Dogs weight varies from 35 to 45 kg in males and from 20 to 30 kg in females. Color dogs of this breed are quite diverse – monochromatic black, black with markings of a light (brown, yellow, yellow) hue, chereprachny. Lifespan German Shepherd Dogs are 10-15 years old, in rare cases dogs can cross the 15-year mark.

German Shepherd Photos:

History of origin

The most significant person who gave nearly 40 years of his life for the benefit of the appearance and prosperity of the breed is considered to be a retired German cavalry captain named Max Emil Frederick von Stephanitz. The military career was chosen by von Stefanitz at the behest of his mother, while he himself dreamed of farming. More than once the young captain watched large sheep herds and shepherd dogs that were both inferior in size and in number to their hoofed animals. But the dogs coped with the herds entrusted to them brilliantly – without too much fuss, quickly, not allowing the sheep to disperse around. At that time (approximately 1880-1890

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Von Stephanitz, who left military service, began to closely breed a new breed, having founded the famous German Shepherd Society in the 1890s. By crossing the best individuals, the founder of the breed improved the process, noting the slightest nuances that influenced the quality of the offspring. In 1899, von Stephanitz acquired a shepherd dog at the exhibition, a dog, to whom he was named Horand von Grafrat. This dog was the first to be introduced into the stud book of the Society, becoming the “father” of the German shepherds. In this animal all the qualities that von Stephanitz liked so much and were so necessary for herding business united. Horand subsequently interbred with females that suited him in type and temperament, while Stephanitz identified defects in puppies and observed the characteristics of the young. Dogs of the Society constantly participated in exhibitions, where the best representatives of the breed became the winners. The number of participants in the Company has grown over time, and the interest in German shepherds has grown. Gradually, these dogs gained popularity in the ranks of the police, helping to track down criminals. Over time, they began to enter the military service, making a huge contribution during the First World War – they were engaged in the search for wounded soldiers, helped in patrols, guard.

The founder of the breed personally dealt with the problems of breeding work and the preservation of the service qualities of German shepherds, when dishonest businessmen tried to cross dogs without the knowledge necessary for this. The result of uncontrolled work became puppies with an unstable psyche, deviations in physical development. Von Stephanitz did his best to breed the breed according to the rules. For example, to improve the qualities and uniformity of the type of dogs, it was decided to cross closely related individuals. The breed became really popular in the 1920s, and the decline fell on the Second World War period, when the society of Germany and the whole world was far from the problems of breeding and improving all dog breeds. In 1937, actually removed by the Nazis from the cause of his life, von Stephanitz died. And only in peacetime, after the cessation of hostilities, the followers of his business revived and kept the breed bit by bit, thanks to which the German Shepherd Dogs are by right the most popular in all countries.

German Shepherd Character

Maintenance and care

Such dogs require an active lifestyle, so the owner should perform daily walks with the German (preferably 2-3 times a day for at least 1 hour), outdoor games are mandatory. It is great if the owner of the dog will have the possibility of attacks on nature (into the forest, park, grove and

They can be kept both in the apartment and in street enclosures, provided that the owner takes care of the presence of a warmed booth and the absence of drafts. Sheepdogs are rather thick and long, which, especially during shedding, may contribute to the appearance of hairballs on the floor, furniture. Regular combing (at least 3-4 times a week), to which the dog should be taught from an early age, will help to avoid such a problem. By the way, the Germans are very fond of the procedure of combing, so for them it will be a combination of business with pleasure. Bathing dogs should not be held more than 2-3 times a year, especially in cases where the animal is not kept in the apartment. The dog’s claws should be trimmed 1-2 times a month, such a procedure can be carried out by the owner on his own or be entrusted to the groomer, who, along with the haircut of the claws, will take care of the comprehensive care of the animal. The owner should pay attention to the health of the eyes, the ears of the German, to monitor the gait, temperature, general condition and mood of the pet. And on occasion, be sure to contact the vet, not trying to self-medicate.

As food for dogs of the German Shepherd breed, dry food (preferably super premium or holistic) is suitable. If the owner wishes to think over the menu for the four-legged friend, it is worth remembering that the diet of the dog must contain natural lean meat (more than 30%), offal, cottage cheese, dairy products, cereals (oatmeal, rice), raw and boiled vegetables. From sharp tubular bones, potatoes, food, flavored with spices, should be discarded.

Training and education

Health and Disease

Dogs purchased from good breeders rarely have poor health. Sometimes German shepherds suffer from hip dysplasia, but this problem may haunt not only large dogs, but also small dogs. In Germans, dysplasia in rare cases can take on severe forms. Timely examination by a doctor, X-rays and proper treatment in the early stages of the disease will allow the dog to live life to the fullest without limping and crouching on its paws.

Some German Shepherds have an irrepressible appetite, which is not surprising for their love of physical exertion. The owner should not feed the dog, since shepherd dogs are prone to rapid weight gain and obesity, which leads to many problems. Germans sometimes suffer from diseases caused by inflammation of the ears, so the owner should closely monitor the dog when it shakes its head or tilts it unnaturally to the side if uncharacteristic discharges from the ears appear. But in most cases, shepherd dogs are healthy creatures that tolerate temperature fluctuations perfectly, they are physically developed and active. Timely visit to the vet, vaccination, prevention of parasites allow the owner to have a healthy dog.

Some interesting facts

  • German Shepherd Dogs are among the ten most popular dog breeds in the world.
  • They proved their responsibility and reliability during the period when they took part in world wars as postal and guard dogs.

The training system Schutzhund was developed in 1900 for the training of German shepherd dogs.

Max von Stephanitz is known as the father of the breed.

German Shepherds are considered the first guide dogs.

German Shepherd dogs have a sharp mind. They can not be brought to a state of aggressiveness and nervousness!

They do not like a monotonous lifestyle, so the animal does not belong to the category of couch potatoes. This is a very active dog that will suit the same active owner.

They adore children. These four-legged ones are a great choice for families with children. An important point for such families is the early socialization of the animal.

Many people mistakenly believe that the German shepherd can have only black and fawn color. In fact, it is not. Dogs of this breed can be completely black, or have a combined color of white and sand or white and black. Unscrupulous dog breeders often try to sell dogs with such color at a higher price, citing the rarity of their colors.

Not a single breed of dog won such an honor that so many films and TV shows would be made of it. Interesting, sometimes touching films that have been familiar to any Russian for many years – “K-9: Canine Work”, “Commissioner Rex”, “Faithful Ruslan” and many others. No doubt we can say that in some scenes the actors were far from being a smart and soul-seeking German shepherd.

  • In 2003, the Monument of Devotion, which represents a German Shepherd Dog looking into the distance, was erected in Tolyatti. This is not a collective image at all, a story piercing to the depths of the soul, which served as the reason for the installation of the monument, actually happened. The dog, whose name no one knew (the people called him Constantine, because the meaning of this name is “true”), survived the accident in 1995. His master died, and the dog daily came to the place of the tragedy and waited for him for 7 years. 7 years. Many kind-hearted people tried to shelter the dog, but he never got along anywhere, struggled to return to the place of the death of his friend. In 2002, the dog died, and people, stunned by the example of loyalty to friendship, were dumped with money in order to perpetuate memory, because not everyone is capable of such loyalty.
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