Normal rectal temperature

A pregnancy test sometimes fails, menstrual periods can also appear at an early stage, but the rectal temperature will accurately indicate whether conception has taken place. First, she will determine whether a woman has become pregnant or not, and, second, she will reveal complications in the early stages. The article will try to find out what the rectal temperature should be during pregnancy.

During the menstrual cycle, hormone levels change. Accordingly, the basal temperature – the temperature of the internal organs, which is measured in the vagina – also changes. It is believed that genuine indicators can be obtained if the temperature measured in the rectum. It’s about rectal temperature.

Measurements, as a rule, give the following schedule:

  • temperature slightly less than 37 degrees in the period: the first day of menstruation – the beginning of ovulation;
  • the temperature rises by half a degree and more (up to 37.3) during ovulation and the second half of the cycle;
  • before the start of the new cycle, the temperature drops to 36.9.

Normal rectal temperature

In early pregnancy, rectal temperature remains elevated throughout the second half of the cycle (37.1–37.3). It is these data that say that conception has happened. Progesterone began to form intensively in the woman’s body. It is he who keeps the temperature.

What else is the rectal temperature during pregnancy? In some cases, it can reach 38 degrees. Above, as a rule, the temperature does not happen. But still it is necessary to pass an examination: after all, if it is elevated, then this may indicate inflammatory processes.

Low rectal temperature during pregnancy (up to 37 degrees) is a more disturbing sign for a woman and a fetus. This may indicate a threatened miscarriage or fetal death, so you must hurry to the doctor. Gynecologists insist on the removal of indicators of rectal temperature for women who have already had an unintentional abortion.

This is the easiest way to determine pregnancy. But in order to obtain accurate data on the temperature of internal organs, you must follow some rules, which will be discussed below.

How to measure rectal temperature?

It should be borne in mind that elevated temperature may hold due to other factors – not only because of conception. Typically, this is:

  • a disease that causes fever;
  • any physical action before measuring the temperature, even getting out of bed;
  • sleep duration less than six hours;
  • a break between measuring temperature and having sex for less than 12 hours;
  • eating before the procedure;
  • taking certain medications.

Normal rectal temperature

So, we proceed to the process of measuring rectal temperature during pregnancy in the early stages. It is necessary to perform the procedure in the morning, as soon as you wake up. You should never get out of bed before measuring, shake off the thermometer, it is not recommended to even talk – remember that even minor movements affect the accuracy of the result. Therefore, in the evening you need to prepare a thermometer, children’s cream, a clock and, for convenience, put them near the bed. In the morning, grease the thermometer tip with cream and insert it 2-3 cm into the anus. The procedure itself lasts 7 minutes. Then we look at the result. We hope he pleased you!

Remember that normal rectal temperature during pregnancy does not guarantee successful childbirth, but will help prevent miscarriage at an early stage.

Thus, we figured out how to determine pregnancy by rectal temperature. This method, of course, is old and creates some inconveniences for women, but it is time-tested. Therefore, if the doctor has prescribed such a procedure for you, be sure to follow his instructions.

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