Normal basal temperature

Realizing that there is a new life in her, a woman seeks to learn as much as possible about her position. This is especially important for those who are worried for any reason. The basal temperature in the early stages of pregnancy will help monitor the process on a daily basis, identify dangerous signs so that the future mom can get help in time if necessary.

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Why measure BT

Basal temperature is another indicator of gynecological health. Due to the natural difference of its values ​​at each stage of the cycle, women are planning a pregnancy. Daily measurements and scheduling gives the opportunity to find out the day of ovulation. Before menstruation, the value of BT reaches 36.7-36.9 degrees. By the time of maturation of the egg, it increases to 37-37.1. If conception did not occur, after ovulation its values ​​decrease again. If ovulation was not at all, then the temperature will be approximately the same throughout the cycle.

Basal temperature 37 sign of pregnancy, which appears, perhaps, before others. Delay of menstruation, morning sickness and other symptoms will declare it later. In the meantime, keeping BT at this level for 2 weeks will let the woman know that she is now responsible for another life, and it’s time to start providing suitable conditions for her development. And although this is not an indisputable sign of pregnancy, it can be an occasion for a test, leaving harmful habits that prevent it, and establishing a normal regime.

The rate of basal temperature after conception

A fertilized egg requires special conditions for attachment to the wall of the uterus. The body creates them with the help of the hormone progesterone, which begins to be produced in an increased amount compared to the previous one. With its help, the uterus prepares to receive the fertilized egg, then to allow the membranes, the placenta to develop. For this reason, the basal temperature during pregnancy in the early stages, too, is increasing, but to certain limits.

Typically, its value varies in different women from 37 to 37.3 degrees. Preservation in this framework means that the process goes without unpleasant surprises, as it should. What is the basal temperature in early pregnancy may depend on the characteristics of a particular organism. It is normally capable of deviating from average values, reaching 38 degrees. But to be sure that this is not evidence of any danger, it is better at the reception of a specialist.

Daily fluctuations of BT

Measuring BT in early pregnancy should be carried out at the same time in the morning. Such indicators can be trusted, since the body is rested, and no external factors have yet been able to influence it. Physical activity inherent in wakefulness, eating, emotions, even wearing clothes inevitably change its values. Usually, the basal temperature in the early stages of pregnancy during the day rises above 37.3 degrees, but this does not hide any threat. At this time, its values ​​are able to change every hour under the influence of the factors already mentioned.

By the end of the day, the body “digests” everything accumulated during the day, but is already preparing for rest. However, measuring at this time of day is also meaningless. The rate will still be high, and it is impossible to understand whether this is caused by natural causes or health problems. The basal temperature in the early stages of pregnancy in the evening is usually about 1 degree higher than normal. An informative measurement at this time will be if the woman slept during the day for at least 5 hours. But it is unlikely that anyone will observe such a strange mode all 12 weeks of the initial stage.

When and how to measure BT

Bt during pregnancy in the early stages is measured in the morning before the rise, when the biological activity of the body is minimal. The thermometer is placed in the vagina or rectum for 2 cm and hold for 3-5 minutes. During this time, the device will feel and give the real values ​​of temperature.

Basal temperature is important in the early stages of pregnancy in accurate measurement. This is real if:

  • To do the procedure only in a horizontal position, without turning on its side, without rising. Sitting down in bed, the woman increases the rush of blood to the pelvis. The thermometer in this case will show high values ​​that do not correspond to reality;
  • To make a measurement after not less than 5 hours of sleep, only so the readings will be correct;
  • Do not have sex the entire period of control BT. Sexual activity stimulates its increase. Or at least make sure that the interval between the measurement and the act is not less than half a day;
  • Do not take medicine. Most of them will distort the picture, and the indicator may be significantly higher or lower than normal values. But the basal temperature is controlled in early pregnancy because of the likely threat to the state. In this case, there may be no danger, and the figure on the thermometer will show what it is;
  • Breakfast after measurement. Food also affects the value of the indicator;
  • Do not be sick. Even a minor runny nose can change the value of BT.

Why do you need a schedule

Schedule bt during pregnancy in the early stages is necessary if the woman seriously decided to track this figure. As the fetus develops in the mother’s body, various kinds of changes occur, mainly related to hormones. It is not surprising that the basal temperature in the early stages of pregnancy is not constant, the schedule will prove it. It usually looks like this:

  • On the day of the fertilization of the egg, the value balances between 36.4 and 36.7 degrees;
  • Following this 3-4 days, it rises by 0.1 degrees daily and reaches 37;
  • For another 2-3 days, the basal temperature value remains the same;
  • On the day of implantation of the ovum into the lining of the uterus, it decreases to 36.5-36.6 degrees;
  • The next 2-3 days, the indicator values ​​go up smoothly, reaching 36.8-37 degrees;
  • About 2 weeks the numbers on the thermometer can vary from 36.7 to 37.1. But the values ​​should not be lower than those observed on the day of ovulation.

The graph of basal temperature during pregnancy in the early stages should include not only the figures of the indicator and the days of the cycle, but also the accompanying circumstances. BT values ​​can be affected by illness, medication, stress. The attending physician should know about each of them in order to have a complete picture of the development of pregnancy.

When the basal temperature is abnormal

It is said that an increase in basal temperature and keeping it at certain values ​​is not at all an absolute sign of pregnancy. Sometimes it can mean something completely different. But if a woman with the help of the test was convinced that conception had happened, she would not always have control over this indicator. Usually, the doctor insists on measuring BT for problems with gestation in the past to catch them at an early stage. So more opportunities to neutralize negative factors.

Why the basal temperature is too high

An excessive increase in basal temperature is due to the inflammatory process occurring in the body. In most cases, it is associated with the reproductive sphere, but not always.

Normal basal temperature

Another reason for too high BT can be an ectopic pregnancy. Fetal egg, despite the abnormal localization, develops, which means that progesterone is produced in the usual amount for pregnancy. At the same time, there is an inflammatory process in the body that can increase both body temperature and BT.

A woman needs to listen to the sensations in the lower abdomen and follow the discharge. If instead of transparent go brown, you should do an ultrasound of the fallopian tubes and abdominal cavity.

Possible threat of interruption

Lowering the basal temperature in early pregnancy happens when there is a threat of termination. The main reason for this in most cases is the lack of progesterone. The hormone provides the creation of conditions for the development of the ovum: loosening the upper layer of the inner lining of the uterus, fixing the embryo in it.

Thanks to him, the basal temperature rises in early pregnancy, 37 is its average value for the first 2 weeks after conception. A smaller indicator is a reason to take measures to prevent the rejection of the ovum, which may soon begin. If, moreover, a woman feels a pain in her stomach, she noticed blood-stained discharge, she needs help immediately.

Fading Pregnancy

Low basal temperature in early pregnancy can be a sign of fetal fading. This means that the embryo has stopped developing. For whatever reason this happens, we can only assume. But to know about this situation is necessary, since the fruit does not always come out on its own. It is necessary to extract it, and the sooner, the safer for women. In the short term this is done using the vacuum method, and after recovering, after a while, you can again plan the pregnancy.

Stopping the development of the embryo is accompanied not only by a decrease in BT, but also by other symptoms, the main of which is the disappearance of other signs of its existence. The woman stops toxicosis and an increase in the mammary glands. In this case, the level of progesterone also falls, because the yellow body no longer needs to produce it.

Is it possible during normal pregnancy low BT

The rate of basal temperature in early pregnancy is rather relative. It is not necessary that the body will demonstrate its value as a textbook. His individual characteristics may be such that with a normally developing pregnancy, the indicator will not reach the average for all 12 weeks, when it makes sense to measure it. And low Bt during pregnancy in the early stages does not hurt to bear and give birth to a healthy child.

Basal temperature measurement is useful for the first 3 months, when its values ​​are informative. Further they have no determining value. But in the first trimester should not overestimate them. The basal temperature takes on meaning only in the context of other signs. Therefore, in case of any discrepancies with the average figures, you should not worry, but rather go to the antenatal clinic to make sure everything is in order.

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The temperature during pregnancy in the early stages rises to 37.0-37.5 C. And this is the norm. But less or more readings will be cause for alarm!

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