Neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve home treatment

Neuritis is accompanied by pain in the area of ​​the corresponding ganglions caused by inflammation (microorganisms). With its branches, the facial nerve enters into all the facial muscles (with the exception of the chewing ones), the muscles of the auricle, and partially the neck and forehead. An effective treatment for neuritis of the facial nerve is massage.

If the disease is not treated, the attacks will intensify and recur, mental disorders may occur. Because of the pain, the patient ceases to eat, maintain personal hygiene, quits his job, and can even reduce his life.

Neuralgia Treatment

Neuritis of the facial nerve is more common lesions of other nerve trunks of the skull and ranks second among diseases of the peripheral nervous system.

His treatment is aimed at eliminating headaches and reducing seizures.

Drug therapy includes taking drugs from different groups:

  • antiepileptic (Carbamazepine, Acediprol, Oxcarbazepine, Tebantin, Difenin, Tegretol, Gabapentin);
  • antispasmodic – muscle relaxants – lowering muscle tone (Baclofen, Papaverin, Baklosan, Lorezal, Sirdalud, No-shpa);
  • antidepressants (Amitriptyline, Trazodone, B vitamins intramuscularly);
  • anti-inflammatory nonsteroidal ointments and creams, pain relievers (Diclofenac, Diklak, Bystrom-gel);
  • painkillers steroid nature (Nerobolin).

From antiepileptics at the initial stage of the disease, “Carbamazepine” is more often prescribed in an amount of not more than 1200 mg of the active substance per day three times a day. It acts quickly and is inexpensive. Treat them for a long time, gradually lowering the dosage. However, the drug has a lot of side effects, so during the treatment requires constant monitoring of the liver and blood test.

Tegretol take 200 mg per day, increasing the dosage to 600-800 mg for 3-4 doses, Baclofen – 5-10 mg 3-4 times a day.

Amitriptyline increases the level of serotonin – the substance of pleasure – by reducing its absorption. Assign no more than 100 mg per day for 10-14 days. In the absence of a pronounced improvement (pain reduction), the drug is replaced with gabapentin, which has almost no contraindications and side effects. You can not exceed the daily rate of 1500 mg of Gabapentin.

If the above antiepileptic drugs do not help, second-line medications (belonging to the same pharmacological class) are prescribed: Phenytoin, Finlepsin, Difenin. First take 1 tablet 3 times a day. Phenytoin is contraindicated in renal failure, heart disease, hypertension.

Ointments have proven themselves well: Viprosal (quickly blocks the attack of pain), Apizartron (stimulates nerve endings, increases muscle elasticity, dilates blood vessels), Finalgon (improves blood flow in the affected area of ​​the face), Myoton (acts quickly, is hypoallergenic due to herbal ingredients).

Paraffin or ozocerite baths, hot wipes, and ice reduce pain. These methods are suitable for home use.

During inpatient treatment, the pain is relieved by the following procedures:

  • acupuncture;
  • electrophoresis with painkillers;
  • phonophoresis (the introduction of drugs into the body through ultrasound);
  • exposure to high-frequency magnetic field (8-10 sessions);
  • microcurrent therapy.

Neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve home treatment

Traditional methods relax muscles, delaying a new bout of pain. Popular recipes use alcohol infusion of pounded birch buds, grated horseradish, lilac buds. Useful tea from mint, St. John’s wort, fireweed, raspberry leaves.

If the treatment for 8-10 months did not give positive results, as well as with congenital or trauma pathology, high risk of irreversible processes, resort to surgery.

Vitamins of group B act fortifyingly on an organism. Muscle relaxants are usually prescribed if the facial nerve is chilled. Antidepressants drink at night.

In the first week of treatment, the patient should keep the muscles of the face motionless.

About the symptoms of trigeminal neuritis, see here.

On the causes of the trigeminal nerve lesion, symptoms and treatment methods in clinics, read on.

Does massage help with neuritis of the facial nerve?

Massage is quite an effective measure. Usually it is prescribed in the second week of treatment, after the elimination of acute manifestations.

You can carry it out yourself, but the doctor will tell you about the indications for use and its technique.

If performed incorrectly, the pain will only intensify, because the muscles “forget” how to work and strain. Of course, massage improves blood circulation, leads to muscle tone.

Neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve home treatment

Massage is a supporting procedure, but the main effect is still therapeutic physical training.

Massage technique

The massage is aimed at strengthening the facial muscles of the face, neck, shoulder girdle, eliminating swelling and stagnation in the nerve canal, improving the blood and lymph circulation, nerve excitability and conduction.

His main techniques include:

  • soft vibrating movements in the cheek area;
  • massaging with the pads of the brow, forehead, nasolabial triangle;
  • rubbing the neck, shoulders, arms;
  • stroking the occipital region.

Movement should be without pressure, it is possible to use a vibration simulator. Facial nerve facial massage is performed in courses of 25 daily sessions lasting 2–5 minutes or 2 times a day for 15–20 minutes.

Before the procedure it is necessary to wash and disinfect hands. The patient should not feel pain, the change in skin tone indicates the wrong performance.

Massage movements are made in various directions.

Massage forehead:

  1. Horizontal stroking of the forehead with the palm from the center to the sides (temples). In the same direction is rubbing with finger pads.
  2. Vertical stroking with the palm of the eyebrows to the hairline, then massaging with your fingers.
  3. Pushing the fingers of the forehead from the center to the sides. At the temples to press the entire length of the fingers.
  4. Repeat item 2.
  5. Vertical “forceps”, horizontal “forceps”: alternately lightly pinch the skin rollers between the thumb and index finger.
  6. Repeat paragraph 1, 2.
  7. Vibration – tapping with fingertips.
  8. Repeat paragraph 1, 2.

Eye socket massage:

  1. Keeping the third finger from the outer corner of the eye in the lower orbit to the inner with the eyes closed. The movement of the middle finger in the inner corner with the second (index) over the brow.

Massage of the lower jaw, lips, nose it is carried out by the second and third fingers from the middle of the chin to the wings of the nose, then along its sides – to the bridge of the nose, along the back of the nose – to the tip.

  1. Linear rubbing along the described path with horizontal movements.
  2. Rubbing zone.
  3. Point pressure.
  4. Shifting (point motions of very small amplitude).
  5. Stroking the palm.
  6. Forceps on the nasolabial fold.

Cheek massage produced from the temporal fossa to the edges of the nose, from there – to the ear lobe (semicircle).

  1. Stroking the entire area of ​​the palm of your hand.
  2. Linear rubbing.
  3. Repeat item 1.
  4. Spiral – point circular massaging with your fingers.
  5. Repeat item 1.
  6. Zigzag – tickling your fingertips.
  7. Repeat item 1.
  8. Nippers with a neck grip.
  9. Repeat items 1, 2, 1.
  10. Point pressure with the ends of the fingers.
  11. Repeat item 1.
  12. Twitching (tingling of small skin areas).
  13. Repeat item 1.
  14. Palpation of the zone (tapping with the tips of the fingers).
  15. Quilting with index and middle fingers.
  16. Horizontal stroking thumb nasolabial folds.
  17. Stroking the oval face on the sides of the head, then the entire head from the forehead to the back of the head and shoulders.

Each item to perform 2-3 times.

The load on the affected facial muscles should be gradual. Three months after the onset of the disease, they continue to practice therapeutic exercises to restore symmetry between the patient and the healthy half of the face.

On the anatomy and functions of the trigeminal nerve, read this article.

However, to get the desired effect, you need to go through quite a lot of sessions, work on yourself and not give up.

The main factor in recovery is your own desire and perseverance.

The patient should not be lazy, but independently search for those points of the body that “do not work”, straining various parts of the face and neck, turning the head in search of a stretched muscle. It is important to avoid drafts and nervous shocks. With the wrong technique of massage may deterioration, bouts of pain.

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