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Why dream navel in a dream for 15 dream books?

Below you can learn for free the interpretation of the “Navel” symbol for 15 online dream-books. If you have not found the necessary interpretation on this page, use the search form on all the dream books of our site. You can also order a personal interpretation of a dream by an expert.

American dream book

Islamic Dreambook

Pain in the navel – indicates that the author of sleep mistreats his wife.

Small Veles dream

Navel – the death of relatives, bad news, love; hurts – loss related to relatives.

New Dream Book 1918

Navel is a new life venture, a love affair; pain in the navel – loss associated with parents or homeland.

Pythagorean Numerological Dream Book

Seeing a deep, well-traced navel on your belly means that you are carried away by pleasures and have completely forgotten about your business, then your business will sink or your family will fall apart.

For a young spouse to see in a dream a huge navel on the belly of his wife – this means that his jealousy is fully justified /

Ninth interpreter

Navel or navel to see – foreshadows bad news about the state of parents or children, and sometimes their very death.

Dream interpretation 2012

Navel – a reminder of the relationship with the mother. The need to return from the periphery to the center.

Dream Grishin

The navel is a symbol of generic connections, inherited qualities.

Looking at your navel, to groom it – you are too busy with yourself, strive for concentration and depth of thinking.

All diseases and troubles with the navel are diseases, dangers resulting from inherited qualities.

The navel will untie or it must be “tied up” – a danger to property in the house.

Search for the navel and not find – longing for children, danger to them, childlessness.

Convex blue navel with swollen vessels – in itself alien principles / disease.

A flower growing out of the navel is a favorable spiritual development, the growth of spiritual forces.

Being connected with a umbilical cord with any object or being – addiction / outgrow yourself and not be able to become another.

A stone in the navel to have – to teach, lead / become the subject of uncritical worship.

The navel from which bubbles burst and burst – all kinds of filth.

Dream interpretation denise lynn

The navel is the outlet of the umbilical cord that connects you to the mother’s womb. This sign may inform you of information relating to your relationship with your mother.

The navel is the beginning of your silver thread connecting the physical and astral bodies. Are you ready to zip through the universe in a dance?

Dream interpretation of Dmitry and Hope of Winter

The navel is a symbol of empty selfishness.

To dream your navel in a dream is indecently naked – a sign that excessive selfishness can complicate your relationship with others and cause ridicule in your address.

Dirty or diseased navel – foreshadows events in which your pride can be seriously affected.

The absence of the navel in the place where it should be – means that lack of healthy pride does not allow you to achieve significant success in life.

Dream interpretation Medium Miss Hasse

To see or feel the navel in a dream is an unreasonable performance.

Dream Dream

Navel – energy ties with parents, by birth; addiction; significance (idiom: navel of the earth).

Something grows from the navel – a deep connection with what the sprout indicates; spiritual development and the accumulation of vitality.

Pain in the navel – the loss of a loved one, farewell to the motherland; danger to life.

Navel finger

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

Looking at your navel is a new life venture with long-lasting consequences (the unusualness of the species indicates unusual actions or unconventionality; someone else’s is a new love affair; pain in the navel is the loss associated with parents or homeland.

Ukrainian dream book

Navel – love; navel pain – loss related to parents or family.

Esoteric dream book

Your navel is on the verge of solving some riddle.

In drawing or sculpture – you lack professionalism. We need to learn a little.

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Dad dreamed, but the necessary interpretation of sleep is not in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out what the navel dream is in a dream, just write the dream in the form below and you will be interpreted what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

I dreamed that from my navel is bleeding, tell me what it is


I dreamed that I looked at my navel and started picking in it, suddenly it untied and a large hole formed and a viscous mass similar to dung, but odorless, and a little mass, like tomato paste, began to emerge from it. I try to hold this hole with my hands and find that I am on the street and my chest is full white and bare, I want to cover it, but I can not let go of my hands, then this mass begins to get out of my stomach.

I dreamed that my navel was bleeding dark brown and I could not stop it. Prompt interpretation of sleep.

mine had a dream that I had a navel on my feet, I wanted to set it right back and there was some kind of long white thread … it hung right from the navel

Parents and 3 aunts. The navel is unleashed, the wide pocket in the stomach, inflammation of the intestine is a slight fright, the belief that it is not fatal, the desire to hide under clothes. Dressing Shirts, soiled left sleeve, bleeding circle in the center of the right palm, sluggish thick dark blood from the thigh of the left leg, blood from the navel.

I dreamed that my navel was untied and something white came out of it. I tried to call an ambulance and asked friends about it, but could not get through to the ambulance.

Hello, the dream is a bit strange. I dreamed that a woman (my former colleague) was picking at me in the navel, then she asked me if I wanted to go to the toilet … She looked at her finger, sniffing it, and he was in fikalia. I, too, put my finger in my navel and found ficalia there. At the same time there was an unpleasant smell. And this woman publicly began to talk about it loudly, while I was ashamed ..

What kind of man tugged at my navel and he untied and then my stomach felt as if it were fat, something seemed to flow out of the navel, and then this same man was going to mend it and made painkillers in the stomach that I felt that it hurt.

My navel was untied, and my mother tied it up. And so it went on several times, and then somehow he untied his chest and reached the shoulder. In the dream, my mother told me that she would have to break her neck.

Hello, I dreamed that I took a black cloth out of my navel, as if I had picked a sore and there was a hole in the navel.

Sobirplam somewhere with her friends. I saw how the navel broke open, inside the liquid. Father at home, wanted usti. I tell him that he will not go anywhere, he will stay with his elders at home, and I go to the hospital.

I am pregnant. in a dream I gave birth and at first it was as if I could not cut the umbilical cord, but behind that I could hardly tie a knot – the umbilical cord is very hard filled with venous-colored blood I had a dream of a knot on my bag – I untied the knotted handles in a bow, took the pie and tied it again. And this morning the father of the child called and said that he had problems with his wife, then she already called …

I remember that at first the navel began to bulge, it began to resemble sometime sprouts or leaves. I strongly grasped the navel and began to pull, with which I pulled out a long stalk with rare leaves, after I pulled out a stalk, then I pulled out another piece of cloth that was primed with each other. After sewed navel.

I do not remember who but it happened by accident, someone poked me in the navel, it was not painful, I also saw the blood in the navel. I squeezed harder and stopped the blood, put ice.

Good afternoon, Tatiana! Very worried about my sleep! I dreamed that I saw blood on the floor, it was dripping, but nothing hurt. I lifted things up and saw that there was blood coming from the navel. As soon as I found the place where she was coming from, she stopped. What could it be? Thank you in advance.

I sat by my grandmother in the kitchen and trokhala belly and saw that the navel was equal and that something flowed from it, I kept it so that he would not flow tried to squeak and then went to her grandmother and said she put me on the bed and then I woke up

I snapped it up, picked it up, and then climbed over the peroxide, but it was not there and I went to

I dream that I am standing looking at my navel, and blood begins to flow from it, I wipe it with the edge of a T-shirt, but it continues to go anyway

I saw myself pregnant in a dream and looked at my navel on life and it was pink and since it was a large navel like that turned out like in pregnant women, what does it mean?

I dreamed that I came to the gynecologist for pregnancy (in real life there is no pregnancy), and she told me to cut off my navel … what a strange dream it was

I had a dream of chtg I was in my old school, and I had some foul feelings in my navel. I looked and he seemed to be a little untied. then I began to tell my relatives that he would soon unleash and showed me, and it turned out that I had to finish it until the end … then they turned me out, as if the insides, … I closed and tried to walk more carefully holding the navel, asked the emergency number, called 03, then they said that at 01 I had to call and it turned out that I called my boyfriend. in all

He dreamed a navel, which bulged out davolno strongly. It scared me and I wanted to get it back, trying to glue it with adhesive tape.

It was a dream that in a dream I poked up my navel and from there blood flowed in a trickle, pressed my hand, held it and the blood stopped. then walked around and felt in the lower abdomen wetly looked again the blood trickle goes on clothes in the blood pressed the blood again stopped. The dream was a dream this afternoon.

Good day. The dream was that. Washing in the bathroom notice that blood is oozing. Could not understand a long time from where. Unexpectedly, that of the navel. Blood mingled with water leaked. I looked at my navel, from which oozing blood and did not understand what to do. Turning to my relatives for help, I discovered that no one is going to help me.

From Monday to Tuesday, I dreamed that I could see my breasts as if from the side, it was swollen like during pregnancy, the nipples are covered with white tubercles, and the navel is strange – it seems like a mixture of multi-colored threads on it. what could mean my dream? thank you in advance

I had a dream. that from my navel is bleeding, which was light red, not at all thick …

Navel finger

I made love with an unfamiliar woman, and saw that her navel was untied and I could not continue further and got up from her and walked away on the side and she explained or reassured me

slightly hurt right under the navel, looked, looked like a furuncle. He pressed lightly, bursting, and a green-grasshopper (or an insect came out from there) (wings were visible) and flew away

Good day, I dreamed a dream, as I saw on my body near the navel the head of a maaaaalekkoy snake … and began to pull it out .. and then completely pulled it out and took a picture of it and washed it in the bathroom …

I dreamed that my back hurt a lot, asked my husband to anoint with ointment, and then my stomach started to hurt badly around the navel, I turned on my back and saw that blood was flowing from the navel and a gray mud like mud. I managed to call the doctor and saw a break from the navel and below and turned off.

From Sunday to Monday in a dream I saw a young guy who I really like. I began to kiss his navel. He has a very beautiful torso. When I kissed his navel, I could say I was eating something similar to powdered sugar, which filled his navel. I was so excited that I immediately woke up. I did not find anything clear for me in the dream books. Please explain to what could be such a dream.

I’m actually pregnant for 39 weeks. I dreamed that I was trying on clothes in a store and taking off my skirt, I saw how my navel fell off like a baby and I was very scared.

I dreamed that I stuck my finger in the hole where the navel and pulled out a black nylon-type thread, pulled it and the navel was untied

I had a dream that the navel seams diverge and

Hello. I dreamed that I was lying on the sofa looking at my navel and a second navel formed next to it.

the fact that I am gradually unleashing my navel, he is all blue and everything looked terribly afraid very much that I would be looking for doctors but no one was

Today I dreamed that I was laid on a couch (I did not want to, but did not strongly resist) and untied the navel (they said it was necessary), then again, strong pain was felt. Yesterday, a feast dreamed: a huge table with glasses and champagne glasses, many guests and acquaintances and acquaintances, it was long, then everything started to diverge, and I sat at the table and talked to my mother about something. The mood was incomprehensible. Everything was fine, but something was disturbing inside me.

I dreamed that liquid was flowing from the navel and it was as if he had unwound a long thread from him

Good morning. I had an interesting dream, the test showed 2 strips, and the navel got very sore.

Hello! I had a dream, as if my navel had been untied, and there was a lot of blood. After that I went to the hospital, and they tied it to me. But! everything is smooth, there was a lot of blood. And while I still felt great in a dream. In the morning I woke up awfully sick stomach ((((

Hello! I saw in my dream that at first my finger slightly poked my navel and then red-brown blood went from it and gradually the belly around the navel began to turn blue and

I had a dream as if I were with a young man (and I don’t have it) I go to the store and choose a dress, when I went to the sample I saw 3 navels on my stomach, which shocked me, and I cited things to go, I urgently wanted to go to the doctor, but there was an accident on the way, I was driving in a car with my father a young man and they wanted to kill his father, after which I could not go to the doctor, was in a panic and left, I ran to the shopping center and stood there until the father of the young man called and did not reassure me, assured me that I was out of danger. He said that he would send people after me, I was waiting for a car, and a military helicopter flew in, and that’s it … then I woke up

I dreamed that my stomach broke in the navel, but it was not scary, for some reason, but when either I or someone else (I don’t remember exactly) touched this place, it broke to the very bottom, and pubis, etc. … I didn’t feel pain, told my mother and showed it, asked to call an ambulance, but for some reason she said that we ourselves would get to the hospital, but we didn’t reach the hospital, TK was in the store

I had a dream that my navel broke and I had a yellow liquid from the wound, and then I wanted blood to stitch it up, but probably no one did it, I woke up

I stand in front of the mirror and with my finger I pull a brown liquid from my navel that smells of feces

7-8 navels and a row from the normal navel to the solar plexus, it made me wake up


In the dream, I saw my classmate, but I hadn’t seen him for a long time. Then we said hello. By chatting, but I do not remember what we were talking about. Then I go to someone else

I had a dream: I looked in the mirror and saw that there was a big hole at the navel site (about 10 cm in diameter), which is visible inside.

Hello! I dreamed of a juice in which I see myself with a big belly (I am slim according to the statute), on which a large bulging navel is located (a form not peculiar to me). My “new” look really surprises me.

Hello. I had a dream that we were going in a car with friends and an acquaintance without asking to take cuts through my exercises, we begin to fight and she takes me for a piercing that is in my navel and breaks off

I dreamed that I broke a bottle and stuck a shard in the navel. and then it turned out (I saw in a dream) that my pubis was cut to the clitoris. and he seemed to be scuffed.

Hello! Today I dreamed how my friends and I were sitting in a two-story building, judging from the whole unfinished house, a man was watching us from above, when he ran after us and everyone started to run away, I suddenly had blood running from my navel, and so it was 3 times when I was walking in the yard already with others (old acquaintances), my mother took me and we went to the hospital, before that the blood flowed 3 times very strongly, the blood did not hit me, was only on the ground, so when we parked near the hospital the sleep was interrupted.

dreamed that one more got out of the navel when tensed

The last dream was related to the fact that my umbilical cord got loose (I am 20 years old), today I dreamed that I saw a round fool instead of the navel, then they wanted to tie me up, but on one side it looked like a small fish of blue and red, and the second “but” this umbilical cord was not in my stomach, but in the mouth, and I bit off the dried tail of the umbilical cord from this very fish.

I see her umbilical cord. Someone cuts her and I’m going to make a beautiful navel

Hello, My name is Anastasia. I had a dream in which I saw a big navel, but it was not in blood, not injured, there was no pain. and I saw him not at myself. but on a stranger!

I am pregnant, and I dreamed that the navel was untied from the growing belly, a big hole formed.

I dreamed today that I was pulling dirt out of my navel, damaged it, and the navel began to bleed a little

Good day! I dreamed that I had a big belly, then my navel was untied and gushed out of it

I dreamed that blood was flowing from my navel and I was trying to wring it with a cloth so that the blood would stop going and that no one would see. I did not feel pain. I did not want anyone to see it all, so I often checked if the fabric had become completely bloody.

U menya otkrylos pupok potom ya kricala ottuda byl widen moi wnutrenosti woda tekla zasili ego potom

hello! I myself at the moment

I dreamed of my navel dark purple. I looked at him, after my mother said, not to look at him. I looked, I was scared and my stomach hurt. I lay down, I was bad. Then somehow I was walking towards the house and I had a bad stomach pain on the right. What is it for?

The navel developed, and one part of the string hung almost to the knee, the parents were near and they called the ambulance and they were told that they would tie 140 rubles

navel, as if he turned blue and the blood here, here comes out and the pain is unbearable, almost loss of consciousness

I have earrings in the folder. A dream that broke the navel. Blood flowed like a river. The dream had a dream from Thursday to Friday.

It’s as if I’m lying and then, as if I were looking under the navel, I have something terrible in the form of the pussy of a little boy and around him something incomprehensible of burgundy color small like a donut shape without a middle but small and it’s not over in my stomach.

Hello. I dreamed that I had a big navel and I touched it and it was unleashed. And I saw my insides. And held the navel obst so that nothing fell out of me

I dreamed that I was resting with my girlfriend and we swam and then my navel was untied and some yellow liquid flowed out. After I asked my friend to call an ambulance, we couldn’t get through soon, the navel was so sick that even when I woke up it seemed to me that it was java

I was bleeding from the navel is not much I clearly saw her blood was normal sleep was shorter I touched my fingers to the navel

2 girls came up to me. One of them lifted my T-shirt and touched my navel. She even scratched my navel and it hurt a lot.

Hi, I dreamed that I cleaned my navel and then it developed and a yellow liquid poured out of it. Of course, I was scared and wanted to go to the hospital, but I didn’t go and did not go to the end, and besides, I was lying all the time

Hello Tatiana! I saw my navel in a dream and I cleaned it with a fingernail there was accumulated dirt, and I did it for some girl in my death

In short, I did not remember my navel or someone else’s navel. I put my finger in there and found out something about the inheritance. I don’t know what else to write I don’t remember anything else alo

I dreamed a lot of things that night, and not connected to each other, and now I don’t even remember. But at the end of sleep (already in the morning), I clearly remember that dark brown blood, thick enough, flowed from my navel. What is it for? Mine was from Wednesday to Thursday.

In the dream, my navel was untied, and I walked quickly to the hospital, but I barely had time, then I saw everything around me foggy and dizzy, then I recovered a little and went further towards the hospital, but I felt that I did not have time and could die in a couple of minutes and asked passers-by to bring

From the navel picked up a piece of dry dirt with a finger and squeezed it with disgust, the dirt was light, like dry earth, it was light around, the belly was white

I had a convex navel like in pregnant women, at first he got out himself, it was very surprising, but after that I pulled him back.

Today I had a dream I drove the village of 3 girls one friend then I went into this house there were two people grandmother and grandfather when I stood and looked at my grandfather my stomach hurt and my heart sank, I asked the navel and kept looking at it and I saw that in my navel there are 3 germs how to understand

Good day! I dreamed that I was in some room, and a man resembling a doctor, with evil intentions, cleaned my navel, then took a knife and stuck it in the upper part of the navel under the skin, then took it out and left, I get up from the couch and bleed to death, but I don’t feel pain as such.

I had a lot of navels, I saw, scared, start

I dreamed that the food I eat comes out through the navel (fish, potatoes and other products) and I show this to my son and say that it is somehow unusual.

I looked at myself in the mirror and looked at my navel, but it’s more than usual in the form of petals, but they are made of my skin, as if very stretched, so I thought it’s like a woman’s genitals

I dreamed that the navel was unleashed and went to the hospital, but at the hospital they only looked and left and said, wait and no one else came

For many years, I have a dream that someone is putting a finger in the navel, and I have such an unpleasant feeling that I cannot speak and move, and I cannot escape. The dream is always the same and the sensations are not pleasant, but not painful. Tell me please what does this mean?

I dreamed as if my little son had a navel that opened like a rose and turned red and had red flecks on it.

I stood in the bathroom and washed my stomach. In the navel felt the sand. I was surprised. And continued to wash it (sand))

Hello, I dreamed that I was pregnant and water flowed out of the navel, and then he completely untied it. I don’t remember anything further, but at the end there was a child born next to me.

Hello, I dreamed of a honeycomb. If I have a dirty navel. And I washed it with water. In the end, I washed it. What does this dream mean?

I dreamed that I had two navels on my body, one as usual, and the other a little higher. This may be due to the fact that I met a man in life and he alone will raise a two-year-old daughter, and I have a son, are we going to live together, get married?

I see the room in which my friends and I sleep (the real room in which my friends and I lived and slept at that moment). Night. On the bed of my (and his) friends is my man, he points to his navel, which includes a glowing light-blue ball. And everything

I dreamed that I was asleep and they sewed me a tube down my belly at the start, woven with my nerve, they told me so. There are two unknown women – like my gynecologist or cosmetologist of Kazakh nationality. When I woke up in a dream, I saw it at my place and was frightened. I wanted to remove it. But I was not told … and then they said that they would try to change it and remove it. I looked at the navel and there the seam together with this tube is connected. That is, he is already with this tube as a whole. Then I really decided to wake up and change the situation, supposedly everything was removed there and everything was fine. But then I fell asleep again and again I see this dream with a navel. This woman who sewed me his money gave me back and said that I couldn’t do anything. I needed this gardening item and I myself got used to it in principle, and he didn’t bother me so much. In general, in a dream I was sewn some tube into the navel and I do not know why this is … is it bad or good? Maybe to the fact that I will soon go to the beautician and he will embroider threads in my tummy? thank

It was as if someone had bitten and the navel began to swell and brown more and more and that was all I remember.

I had a dream of my navel and everything, there are cold colors there and I don’t remember any more I had a dream a week ago I decided to find out what it was all about

Navel finger

I dreamed that my second cousin and I were going for a walk, went to her house for something, at first there was a living room, from her balcony, my sister went to the side of the balcony, I went to the kitchen, which immediately followed the hall, there was My aunt, sister’s mother with some sort of people or girlfriend, I don’t really remember, she was in the kitchen. I look back (I didn’t have time to enter the kitchen properly) and I see an uncle sitting on the sofa (father’s sister and aunt’s husband, respectively), young and handsome, smiling (he died recently, 37 days after death), I remember in a dream he is dead and only see me, I’m not scared. But I notice that my sister seemed to see him, but she pretended not to see and pass by and goes there, the aunt also saw him, but did not respond. I am shocked, I think it is not good as they do. I walk up to him but not very close, I greet, ask how are you, he is friendly, he answers that everything is fine, he smiles. I ask why he is here, he says he needs to show something, like my sister. And it shows me how to sew up the navel on the body, and I clearly see the navel and how it beautifully and carefully applies stitches, but it doesn’t sew up its own, but as it is shown on a picture or tablet to me. He asks to show and tell how to do this to my sister, I say, well, I will show. Then he offers me to take a needle with thread, which I sewed, I initially wanted to take, but something stopped me, I looked at my navel, everything was fine with him and refused his offer. I apologized and began to say goodbye to him. He is also friendly, he also said goodbye and asked him to show his sister. I do not remember further. Something like this. And I dreamed not of their apartment or mine, but of some other kind.

I dreamed that I was taking off my sweater, and I saw that they were stuck in my stomach

Hello, I dreamed that I was discharged from the hospital and when I left I noticed how much I lost weight in the abdomen, and I saw blood and a torn navel that was then sewn up

The newborn baby had 4 navels. I did not want to take him in my arms. Bore herself. He was disgusting to me. Then, like a bunch of grandmothers, they read some prayers over me.

I dreamed that a violet rose from my navel, and when I started to draw a flower, there was a long green ivy.

That white long threads stick out of my navel and I pulled them out; they curled like hairs were thicker than hair. Pure white

I stood somewhere and put my head down and immediately began to pull something yellow out of my navel. I didn’t even have anything

Good morning! I dreamed that I pulled out thin belts from my navel, some clothes) There is no pain, no fear, just surprise.

I saw a dream today from Saturday to Sunday, I clearly saw a pink liquid flowing from my navel, and I constantly wiped it with my hand, nothing more.

In the dream, seam went off on the navel after

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