Nausea before giving birth

Late pregnancy nausea

Everyone knows that the prenatal period begins approximately from the thirty-sixth week of pregnancy. At this time, the fruit was formed quite large. When births occur during this gestation period, they are not considered premature. In the meantime, the mother’s body undergoes processes that prepare it for the upcoming birth. One of the symptoms that create additional discomfort for women at this time is nausea before childbirth, the causes of nausea before childbirth are most often caused by natural changes in the woman’s body.

In most cases, abdominal pain and nausea before childbirth are natural symptoms of preparing the body for childbirth. However, if you have nausea before childbirth, you should seek the help of a doctor to rule out the possibility of complications, which sometimes can be symptoms of pain in the lower abdomen and nausea before childbirth.

It is believed that starting from the 36th week of pregnancy begins the period called prenatal, that is, the period before childbirth begins. Like other terms of pregnancy, the period from 36 weeks has its own specific features. Since the 36th week of pregnancy, abdominal pain and nausea can occur. Causes of nausea at 36 weeks gestation, as at 35 or 34 weeks can be signs of a wide variety of problems or features of a particular period. Nausea before childbirth as well as discomfort in the form of abdominal pain, these are natural symptoms that are associated with the restructuring of the woman’s body before childbirth.

The main thing is a change in the pelvic bones, which leads to pain in the lower abdomen, which is sometimes accompanied by nausea before childbirth and the state of discomfort. In the last trimester, they become softer, the ligaments stretch a little and diverge under the influence of hormones, and thus the likelihood of injury during childbirth decreases. Through this process, the child can normally be born. In this case, women feel the expansion of their pelvis. Such sensations are not always pleasant, in most cases there is pain in the lower back and the coccyx, and for this reason, there may be a change in gait.

Nausea before childbirth – causes

On the day of birth is recommended not to eat anything.

In addition to changes in the hip joint, changes occur in the digestive system. Therefore, at the last time it is best not to use dairy products and bread, as this will help reduce the appearance of gas in the stomach. It also helps to avoid possible nausea, since bread clogs up the stomach, and dairy products are a breeding ground for bacteria.

Nausea before giving birth

On the day of childbirth, it is better to avoid any meals, which will help to avoid complications during this process, as nausea before birth often appears and there are problems when going to the toilet, so if you do not eat anything, it will only benefit the young mother because the stomach will be empty.

It is also possible that the day before the birth the chair becomes a frequent manifestation, and its volume becomes much larger than usual. Because of this, it is also worth avoiding a large amount of food, because such manifestations mean that the stomach itself wants to be cleansed before giving birth.

Nausea before giving birth

In addition, women can be given an enema before giving birth if the intestines are clogged.

Why sick before giving birth?

Before the first contractions, the woman feels nauseous and bloating may occur. This condition may be before the birth itself, while the appetite may be absent altogether due to a disorder of the digestive system.

It should be understood that before giving birth, the intestine itself tries to empty. In this case, a woman can not go to the toilet, with abundant volume. Therefore, if everything does not go to the end, a few hours before the birth, nausea and even vomiting may occur, and this is connected with the hormones that are responsible for the process of pregnancy and preparing the body for childbirth. All of the above processes can occur both by themselves and all together, while being accompanied by the first slight fights.

Besides all this, the mood can constantly change, but not only in a woman, but also in a child, he can either calm down or, on the contrary, move a lot, which also draws nausea due to an unpleasant feeling in the stomach.

Nausea at the last stage of pregnancy may be a manifestation of late toxicosis. If nausea and vomiting appear in the last trimester of pregnancy, and the feeling does not disappear, then you should immediately seek emergency medical help. The cause is abnormal changes in the kidneys or the cardiovascular system. Such a process is very dangerous for the health of the future mother and her child. Late toxicosis in medicine is called preeclampsia. When it appears, in addition to nausea, other symptoms may also occur, it is a headache, the appearance of edema on the body, an increase in blood pressure.

If a woman ignores such signals of her body, there is a risk of losing the child, and you can also harm your own life. The likelihood of toxicosis in the last stages of pregnancy is higher in those women who give birth after thirty-five years, in those who have previously had an abortion, in diseases of the cardiovascular system and in kidney diseases. At risk are those who have a negative blood Rh.

What causes nausea before giving birth?

Intoxication in late pregnancy can not only be harmless. This can be a signal of infectious diseases. It is most often ARVI, at which the temperature rises, the headache, and, thus, nausea appears on the general background. In such cases, you need to consult a doctor, since any disease in the last trimester of pregnancy can be dangerous for the baby. The doctor will also help you choose effective drugs that pregnant women can take. Self-treatment in such a situation is extremely dangerous.

Another cause of nausea is an attack of appendicitis. Women in the last stages of pregnancy with appendicitis may experience very strong nausea, which can reach vomiting. With this inflammation, appendicitis requires immediate intervention by the surgeon. After the operation, the pregnant doctor is monitored by the pregnant woman. After appendicitis, women give birth to healthy children without any abnormalities.

Another cause of nausea before childbirth is a strong craving for food. In the last stages of pregnancy, as already described above, it is better not to abuse a large amount of food, and try to eat the most healthy food, while avoiding bread, peas and other similar food so that gas formation in the intestine is minimal.

If you feel sick before giving birth, is this normal?

Nausea during pregnancy, regardless of the trimester – is quite normal. Under the influence of hormones, the body responds in its own way to a given period in a woman’s life.

Such a phenomenon is not dangerous if it does not cause discomfort to the expectant mother, if nausea is not intrusive, and also, if not accompanied by other painful symptoms. In this case, do not worry about your health and the baby.

You may also experience severe nausea and vomiting before the first contractions. There is nothing wrong with that either. The body is trying to prepare for childbirth and uses its own, natural methods of getting rid of excess food in the stomach.

How long does the pregnancy start to feel sick?

Nausea at almost any stage of pregnancy is an absolutely normal symptom, but this does not mean that nausea at one of the weeks of pregnancy cannot be a warning signal. If you feel very sick at 36 weeks gestation or any other, you should consult a doctor. Do not be afraid if you feel sick during pregnancy or before childbirth, but if the nausea is strong or leads to vomiting, always seek medical help from a doctor.

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