Natural Treatment for Adrenal Fatigue

I often feel tired. Are there any natural sources for energy recovery?

AnswerThere are two common reasons for fatigue besides lack of sleep. The first is blood sugar problems. You can solve it by discarding sugar and food containing it and eating carbohydrates that “give away sugar”, such as rye or oat, as part of a balanced diet. It provides a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Adding 200 micrograms of chromium, available at any health food store, can also help.

The second reason is the exhaustion of the adrenal glands; this condition is aggravated by stimulants (for example, caffeine) and stress. If you take the amino acid tyrosine and / or phenylalanine (1 to 2 g per day), from which the body can create adrenal hormones, it can give you a natural boost of energy and more ability to cope with stress. Also good are “adaptogenic” herbs that keep adrenal hormones at the proper level and increase your energy. Best of all – ginseng, Asian or Siberian, Rhodiola, Reishi and Ashwagandha.

Question: I am always tired and feel even worse if I train. Is it chronic fatigue syndrome?

Answer: These are the classic signs of chronic fatigue syndrome, they indicate that you have a problem with detoxifying the usual toxins produced when the body turns food into energy. That is why you feel overly tired after exercise and probably feel unwell if you eat too much, especially less healthy foods.

You need to improve your detoxification potential by running a cleansing diet for the liver for two weeks, as well as taking nutritional supplements that help cleanse the body.

This means that during the first week you should eat a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables and natural products: rice, beans, fish and

Question: How can I stop sleepiness after breakfast?

Answer: There are three reasons for feeling sleepy after breakfast. You eat too much; you eat too many carbohydrates and drink energizing drinks; or you are allergic to some product.

The first reason is easy to exclude. Eat a little and watch how you feel. The second is much more common, so it may be that you fall into this state because of the refined carbohydrates. If you eat macaroni, baked potatoes, sandwiches or rolls made from refined bread, sweet drinks, tea or coffee, or chocolate-like snacks, beware: they all can greatly increase the sugar content in your blood. This happens for a very short time, then the sugar level drops sharply, and you stop feeling sleepy or exhausted. If this is said about you, try to eat a piece of fish or chicken with vegetables or just a salad. If this improves your condition, make sure that when you eat breakfast, the amount of starchy carbohydrates (rice, potatoes, bread, or pasta) is balanced by the same amount of protein (fish, meat, tofu, curd, or chickpea). Drink water, herbal teas, coffee substitutes and dissolved juices instead of tea or coffee and use fresh fruit snacks with nuts and seeds if you want to eat after breakfast. Mineral chromium can also help stabilize your blood sugar; Take 200 mcg of chromium with breakfast.

The most common reason for wanting to rest after breakfast is food allergies. Perhaps every tenth person has minor reactions to some foods, which most often manifest themselves as drowsiness. For some people it is yeast, for others it is wheat, milk, beef, or soy. I thought I was allergic to wheat because I was drowsy after eating bread. But this was not the case. After checking, I realized that I reacted to the yeast that is present in bread and beer, but not in pasta and champagne. It is worth investing in such a test to discover food intolerances that you may have.

Question: I feel tired and hungry when I eat bread. I’m sensitive to gluten?

Answer: It may very well be. Fatigue, depression, and digestive problems are the most common symptoms of gluten sensitivity. Gluten sensitivity caused by gastrointestinal diseases is much more common than most people think. A recent study in Italy, in which randomly selected schoolchildren participated, showed that one in 120 people was sensitive to gluten.

Most of the gluten is found in wheat, although it is also present in rye, barley and oats. Some people, however, are sensitive to gliadin, which is an integral part of wheat gluten and is not present in oats. Of course, this does not mean that you are sensitive to gluten. You may be allergic only to wheat, or to the yeast contained in bread, but not the wheat itself. How do you carry beer? Many people react to beer and bread yeast. The only way to know for sure is to check yourself.

Natural Treatment for Adrenal Fatigue

Question: When I go on vacation, I feel exhausted and often sick. Why?

Answer: You probably spent your adrenaline before you go on vacation. When the adrenal glands are on the verge of exhaustion, most people can continue to work by forcing themselves — for example, working hard or maintaining high levels of regular consumption of stimulants: tea, coffee, caffeine-containing beverages, or cigarettes. Adrenal hormones also inhibit infection and pain. But when the pressure is removed, and you go on vacation, your adrenal glands relax, and your true state — extreme fatigue — manifests. You may experience headaches, nausea, pain in various organs, flu-like symptoms and a feeling of chronic fatigue.

My advice is to eat well and sleep a lot, exercise and take 3 grams of vitamin C and a high dose of B vitamins every day, plus a little Rhodiola herb that breathes life into weakening adrenal glands. Try to change your lifestyle, so as not to live on the verge of exhaustion.

Question: In winter, I wake up when it is dark and cannot move. Why?

Natural Treatment for Adrenal Fatigue

Answer: You probably suffer from a lack of light. This is usually. Approximately 3 million people suffer from seasonal emotional disturbance, a form of depression that can happen when you do not get enough light, for example, during short winter days. Light has a direct effect on the brain, helping to control your sleep and wake. Of course, awakening in the dark, as it happens in winter, is neither natural nor ideal; but try to bring it to your supervisor!

There is a solution that works well. This is the modeling of the dawn. Basically it is a bedside light with integrated dimmer combined with an alarm clock. If you set the alarm, say, to

I would also recommend taking a combination of amino acids, tyrosine and phenylalanine, as well as adaptogenic herbs: Asian and Siberian ginseng and Reishi. They are available in complete supplements. At the beginning of the winter morning, it works well for me.

Source: based on the book 500 questions and answers about health and nutrition

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