Natural Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone boosters – A group of dietary supplements designed to restore the natural level of sex hormones in the body. The drug is used by athletes for progress in power indicators and muscle gain.

It should be noted that the use of this supplement is relevant only for those people who really have a low level of testosterone in the body, the conclusion of which can be done only on the basis of analyzes. Most often, these are men older than 40 years, but there are other cases when it is advisable to use testosterone boosters, which we will discuss in this article.

If you are a young athlete under the age of 25-30, then the question of whether to take a supplement is not worth it. Your hormones are in perfect order, and testosterone levels are high. Having bought the drug, you only waste money, and any effect obtained will be approximately at the placebo level.

What are testosterone boosters?

Testosterone boosters, produced by sports nutrition brands, are most often manufactured on the basis of tribulus extract (tribulusterrestis – a herb that stimulates the production of luteinizing hormone), D-aspartic acid (amino acids involved in the regulation of the endocrine system) and elements like zinc, magnesium, and B6 vitamins B12 (for example, ZMA complex), which have a positive effect on all endocrine processes in the body.

Pharmaceutical preparations

In addition, there are a number of drugs, which can also be attributed to this group. You can buy the following testosterone boosters at the pharmacy:

  • tamoxifen;
  • tribusterone;
  • Dostinexilletrozol (aromatase inhibitors that reduce the level of estrogen in the blood);
  • Forskolin (made on the basis of the natural plant coleusforskohlii, improves the functioning of the pituitary and hypothalamus);
  • agmatine (stimulates the production of gonadotropin and gonadoliberin).

Natural boosters

However, you can increase your own testosterone levels not only with the help of medicines or sports nutrition. There are also natural testosterone boosters, among which are walnuts, seafood, red fish and beef.

The fact is that these products are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which serve as a kind of fuel for the production of testosterone. Natural pomegranate juice also has a positive effect on hormones, due to the large amount of B vitamins. The effect of these products will be weaker than that of sports nutrition or medicines, but you can be sure of their naturalness and benefits.

Purpose of boosters

This supplement is designed to restore a reduced level of free testosterone in the body to natural values. Testosterone booster should be taken only after testing for sex hormones and consultation with the endocrinologist. If the analyzes show that the level of endogenous testosterone is not lower than the reference values, then there is not much sense in taking this supplement – you will not get a visible effect, and a rise in the level of testosterone, if there is, it is absolutely insignificant.

Natural Testosterone Boosters

Sex hormones are responsible for a huge number of vital functions in the body, including:

  1. The growth of strength and muscle mass.
  2. Fat exchange.
  3. Improved protein synthesis.
  4. Reduction of catabolic processes.
  5. Reducing blood glucose.
  6. The normal functioning of the gonads and others.

Accordingly, if the level of testosterone is lowered, then with these functions things are not the best way: libido weakens, strength indices during trainings fall, muscle cells are destroyed, general well-being deteriorates. Drowsiness, irritability, aggressiveness appear. If you want to avoid this, it is advisable to start taking testosterone booster.

Post-course therapy

If you are a professional athlete and use anabolic steroids to improve athletic performance, then you should understand that the course of steroids should be followed by a recovery phase. In the sports environment, it is called post-course therapy. Doing this is necessary to give the body a little rest from the long-term doping. In addition to the endocrine system, pharmacological agents have a strong effect on the liver, and restoring liver cells is the second priority task for post-course therapy.

The mechanism of action of anabolic steroids is such that with their intake, their own testosterone production decreases to almost zero. The hypothalamic-pituitary system stops working properly. The body simply does not need such a large amount of sex hormones.

After the end of doping, the athlete’s hormonal level is in a deplorable state: testosterone is at zero, estrogens are elevated.

Natural Testosterone Boosters

This leads to many unpleasant consequences: a decrease in strength and muscle mass, a drop in libido, acne, weakening of the joints and ligaments, irritability and depression.

Under these conditions, testosterone boosters are needed. This will help to quickly restore the natural level of testosterone. As a rule, the athlete begins to receive it immediately after discontinuation of hormonal drugs and continues for 4-6 weeks. It helps to reduce recoil in muscle mass and strength and restore normal hormonal levels.

Athletes usually use a tribulus or D-aspartic acid booster to stimulate the production of their own testosterone, along with chemist’s drugs like tamoxifen or dosinex, to reduce estrogen levels.

At the same time, one should not forget about heavy weight training to maintain muscle tone and further stimulate the production of sex hormones. Due to such complex therapy, most of the side effects are minimized.

The benefits and harm of drugs

We figured out the benefits of testosterone boosters: they help restore the natural hormones that are extremely important for any athlete. In addition to athletes, boosters are often consumed by men over 40 years old. At this age, the hormonal system is already rebuilt, and testosterone is produced significantly less. Many problems follow from this: erectile dysfunction, constant fatigue, weakness, irritability and

The harm of testosterone boosters is a widely debated issue in the fitness community. Most experts agree that the side effects of taking testosterone boosters is an extremely rare phenomenon, and you can not worry too much about this. However, manufacturers of sports nutrition are reinsured and among the possible side effects indicate the following:

  • impotence;
  • acne;
  • irritability;
  • fluctuations in blood pressure;
  • gynecomastia;
  • aggressiveness.

Natural Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone boosters are not recommended for use by persons suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system and renal failure.

How to take testosterone boosters?

Testosterone boosters are recommended to take courses in 4-6 weeks to achieve a noticeable result. Depending on the amount of active ingredient, the number of supplements varies from 1 to 3 times a day. At the end of the course, be sure to take a break in reception. For better assimilation of the active substance, it is not recommended to use the supplement on an empty stomach.

We recommend to adhere to the following regimen:

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