My heart beats faster

Letter to the beloved about feelings

This letter to your favorite guy

How are you there? How is your health? What’s new with you?

Dear writing you a letter. because I no longer found a way to express all my feelings and emotions. You know perfectly well how long I have been waiting for such a man as you, it is you who give me my dreams. I feel so inspired that any angel can envy me. Looking at your photo. my heart starts to beat faster and faster every minute. my breath is catching, and goosebumps are running all over my body. This is Love! I feel that we will be with you together. This is my desire, and I guess it always!

Masya, I dream of the day when we stay with you together. in the evenings, I imagine: how do you take me to a beautiful place where everything exists only for the two of us. This watch will be the most happy and beautiful for us. I want to plunge into your arms, forget about everything and enjoy your presence …….

Favourite. the only one, thank you for being with me. Only you can make my life truly happy. I love your every cell, every inch of your body, your every smile, touch, glance … I want you to look at me all my life, with my bottomless eyes! My happiness, my dear, my love, you are the most wonderful little man, and wherever you are, whatever you do, let my love warms and protects you!

And most importantly – believe that whatever happens, you are always in my heart. All my thoughts are about you and about our life together with you. I so want you to be near me always! I have already ceased to think about what was in the past, the impression that he was not at all. I think only about the future, about our future with you! I never thought that it was possible to know someone so well and at the same time feel that there is so much that has not been solved in this person. I have never met a person with whom the clock flew like a minute and never wanted to part. on so much close, dear to me man. as you, with whom it is so easy, cozy and calm. Kitten. I want to feel the warmth of your hands, I so want to be along with you soon.

I don’t know why I wrote all this. maybe because I love you madly .. I am constantly haunted by the feeling that I have known you all my life. You know, when I first saw you, I thought: will we be able to have anything with you? As you can see, it turned out! Probably you are smiling now, I really love your smile. How painful it is in your heart that you are not near, honey I always think about you, I dream only about one thing – to see you quickly, to feel the taste of your lips, the tenderness of your hands, to look into your eyes. I believe we will definitely be together, because this is what you want, I know! So everything is in our hands. Everything will be fine with us … I kiss you tightly, I hug you, I love you and I wait … … Your girl.

My dear, the only one, thank you very much that I have. Only you can make my life truly happy. I am ready to give everything in the world for your love and that you be happy with me. Wherever you are, whatever you do, let my love protect you!

Thank you for your strength, your wisdom, your beauty and even harm :) For the fact that I learned with you what is REAL LOVE … I am very glad that We met with you. For me now There is no greater happiness Than to love you, to be your beloved. I am terribly afraid of losing you and therefore sometimes (maybe not sometimes :)) I act stupidly. I want to see happiness in your eyes and know that you need me. I want you to trust me. My dear, please, let’s never quarrel, betray each other.

Darling, We must understand each other, support and cherish. You and I have been through a lot together, we still have a lot to do together. I Love you, Radnulka, and I will not give it to anyone :)!

I wanted to run away from you, rather, I wanted to run away from myself … but I can’t. I can not forget you, my thoughts are all about you, I understand, I understand everything, but I do not want it.

Every time I understand and find myself thinking that I need to forget you. YOU, YOU, YOU … Everything is YOU. Do not need anything. Only you. I do not want to live, I do not want to breathe, I can not do this, I can not. YOU are my air, YOU are my life … YOU are everything for me …

Let it be so, but so you are a little closer. I know that I will never see you. For you, I have never been. I know all this, but only in this way, I can communicate with you, only by melting, I can speak about my love, only in this way I can love you, only this way you are mine. You know, you have to feel me, me, which is no more, which was not before you … was not before, no, and after – you, I was … You disappeared, a month passed, a lot of time passed, an entire eternity passed. Just not for me. I remember everything, I feel everything as if it was a second ago, you just went for coffee, or just distracted to talk. Although an eternity has passed, everything has passed, more time has passed, much more, and you always sit beside me, you stand beside, you will always be there, although you are not there. Let me go…

No, do not let go, you are everything to me, you are my life. I thought I wouldn’t write anymore … but I can’t. YOU in everything, YOU in me, YOU fill me without a trace. I am all that now lives for you, only for you. Even if I never see you, know, at least just feel … I’m always yours, and I will be everything to you.

It is insanely strange that you, or rather I do not see anyone in people except you. I do not want it. I try to find at least a miserable similarity, a small copy of you, but which, not a bit like you, will never be a little bit like you. It will never be the meaning of my life, it will never be my soul, it will never be life for me. Probably, I repeat, and you are tired of it, although I know, I am sure that you will never read it, you are not, you are just a fairy tale invented by me. … But this is how I speak to you.

You know how I want you to be happy. Even here, “only in me”, I’m afraid to bore you, I’m afraid to be too frank, I’m afraid to seem annoying … It’s funny …

It is ridiculous even to me … Or rather, what remains of me is ridiculous to my body, since it cannot die with the soul, with a soul that belongs only to you, which this body no longer has.

The only thing that stops me, stops my soul, is that I want at least from a distance, at least for a moment, at least impulsively to make your life just a little brighter, at least a drop, and I believe it, this is the only hope, which still gives life to my body, no, rather not life, it gives it hope, unlimited hope … fills it … Thank you …

My heart beats faster

I will no longer prove anything to you. you yourself have the right to think as you see fit. I just want, what would you know, Sergey, I’m mad about you, there is no peace when you are not around, I lose control of myself when we are together. Having fallen in love with you, I gained suffering … a fear that bothers me … a fear of losing you … I had many dreams, but I forgot everything as soon as you appeared, because you are my main dream … the one that replaces all the others. I gave myself to you without reserve …

I do not want you to let me go … I just need you … you are loved … I am completely yours … I am terribly sad without you, I do not exist without you … Now you are my guardian, my angel, my passion … I want to be with you … completely in your power … Now I want to sit down next to you … kiss you … gently, gently … I want you madly … only you … I wait and I will wait for that meeting, which is so far away … Before … I was afraid of time … that it was so fast running, but now I really want it to pass faster, so that you appear again in my eyes … So oh good, the same beloved as in those days … that we spent together … Know that all the passion that between us was she no longer for whom … she just for you … I love you madly …

I will never trade you for an easy flirt … for a temporary hobby … Your words about love for me cause a slight chill all over my body … and I imagine it is like you are hugging me and gently whispering something in my ear that I want to rejoice … I put on my own shackles … I do not need freedom … I only need you … and there was no place left for others … all the principles that they turned out to be just the wind … the wind in my thoughts … I replaced them … with you … I love you …

Hello my dear sweetheart.

You will probably be surprised to see this letter somewhere on the site … Yes, today many people are so embarrassed about beautiful love letters. No, I am not afraid and not ashamed of my feelings, I am not ashamed to talk about love … And even if this letter falls into the hands of someone, someone will read it decisively, I will not be covered with a blush, no, I will even be pleased that my feelings will make others feel agitated …

My love letter is my love song to you, my dear beloved … I just really appreciate the feelings you have for me, the thrill that envelops you when you just think about me … Nowadays, rarely loves the way you know how to love you…

A letter to the beloved in separation is not just a letter, it is a dream and a dream, it is the belief that the separation will end, that you, my dear and intelligent romantic, once open the door, gently call me, I will quietly go up to you … And that’s all what was written in the letter to the beloved person will really happen …

I often imagine how you hold my letter near your face, how to read it, take off your glasses, enjoy the smell of a lined sheet, slowly inhale its scent: the scent of a pen that left a mark on paper … and the scent of a hand that gently and gently brought out you these letters …

How expensive is the letter to your loved one … Many have ceased to keep these magical messengers of love, and we are storing not only letters, but also our feelings … We store all this in order for our son to read our correspondence, to read our soul ( after all, we put our soul in a love letter), knew how to write a love letter to our beloved …

The world, my dear, so huge, it is impossible to go round it in a few months, and we keep our world in our hot hearts. I believe that our separation will last for only a short time, that you, reading my letter, will remember my world, and when you come to me, you will give your world – the world of love, the world of tenderness, the world of your trembling soul.

I look at my envelope with impatience, gently lower it into the mailbox and imagine that very soon it will be in your hands … and you will dream of me, dream of our meeting.

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Letter to your favorite guy about feelings in your own words

Personal letters are a part of our soul. A letter to your favorite guy about feelings in your own words will be the best gift for any occasion. In it, you can say everything that you feel, but you have the opportunity to convey in words. Having received such a message, no guy can resist. It is nice and romantic.

After all, it is not always possible to confess love in reality. Sometimes you hesitate, sometimes you are afraid, and sometimes it happens that pride does not allow you to say those words first. The main secret of such letters – no need to hide feelings. Write everything as it is, convey in words what you cannot say.

In the message of feelings, write how dear he is to you and what his presence gives you. Try to write a letter to your beloved guy about feelings in your own words, so that he would cry and understand what a rare nature he got. He will appreciate you even more.

And here is a small example that will give you inspiration.

“My dear, the only, long-awaited. I am writing to you about what I wanted to say for a long time, but I cannot. As soon as I look into your eyes, I forget everything. They fascinate me and hypnotize, not allowing me to say a word. My dear, know that you are the best gift in life for me. Your arms give me strength, warm my soul. Going to bed, I dream of one thing, rather hug you again, inhale your manly scent, cuddle up to you and hear how much your heart beats.

Now I understand what it means to love. Yes, it is this feeling I feel for you. Love is when you are near, gently touch my hair. And I want to always sit like this and enjoy your warmth. Love is when I hear your voice and my heart immediately becomes warm. And when we break up, I feel sad and sad. But the thought of you, that we will be together again tomorrow, gives me strength. You, the one who needs me, who understands me and supports. You are the one with whom I can be serious, kind, angry, gloomy, cheerful.

I know that in any mood you will support me and understand. I love you, life without you is meaningless, empty and monotonous. I am ready to give everything so that we can spend our days and nights together, and our feelings will not fade away. ”

Letter to your favorite guy in your own words at a distance

There are times when your soulmate is not around. He is taken to the army or he goes to study. In general, you had to leave for a while. There is nothing more pleasant, when many kilometers from your beloved, you receive a love message. This gives hope that you will meet again soon. At such moments, you need to make it clear how hard it is for you without him.

And here is an example of a letter for such a situation.

“Sladulya my, my other half. What a pity that you are not near me now. I can not touch you, hug, cuddle up to you, feel your scent. I miss you so much! I do not know how to describe it in words. I have a feeling that after your departure it became cold on the ground. The sun no longer shines in my windows, and my eyes do not shine with joy.

I forgot what fun it is to enjoy life. Without you, I do not want anything, everything has lost its meaning. But at such moments, I imagine that you are near. Now you will come to my room and gently embrace me. I hear your voice everywhere, every moment, imagine that you are near. I often go to the places where we loved to be together. I sit and dream that I will see you again soon.

Then a smile and tears appear on the face, but tears of joy. I am sure that my loneliness will not last long. And in our favorite park, we will sit together again, hug and enjoy the moment. In the meantime, trust me, I’ll wait for you, no matter what it costs. I will wait no matter how much it takes. But if you cannot come, know, my beloved, I will follow you! ”

Do not be afraid to show feelings to your loved ones. Talk about how to love them. Even a small letter to your favorite guy about feelings in your own words can strengthen relationships. This is a sure way to create a bright romance.

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We write the farewell letter to the beloved

In this vain world, one day there are two halves – He and She. Each couple has its own scenario of development of relations: a love story begins, unfolds and, sadly, comes to an end.

The reasons for parting are many: misunderstanding, accumulated resentment, betrayal and just the feeling that the relationship is deadlocked.

Almost all the stories have a beautiful beginning, but not everyone is able to put a beautiful point. It is difficult to collect thoughts and calmly say: Sorry, we have to leave. The voice can tremble treacherously, and tears flow from the eyes.

If separation is unavoidable, try writing a farewell letter to a guy or a beloved man.

The girls, of course, are subtle creations, but often they take the liberty of themselves and say the last goodbye. Writing about parting is much easier.

You can write a message in your own words or use the samples that we have prepared for you.

Our men do not like to read long heart-breaking letters. Let it be a short but succinct message, without unnecessary tears and accusations.

“Hi, Zaya. You will probably be surprised that I am writing you a letter. We used to talk to you. True, lately all our conversations have ended in quarrels. I thought for a long time, understood myself, analyzed our relations and understood: this cannot continue any further.

Unfortunately, we could not save our feelings. We need to break up. Forgive me for the pain I might be causing you.

I have already forgiven you. And goodbye! ”

“Dear, good, beloved! I pulled myself together and decided to write to you in a letter everything that I cannot express in words at the meeting. Our love has turned into some one-sided ugly essence. I see that my efforts to improve relations lead nowhere.

You have rarely called, perceive our meetings as a heavy duty. I’m not a stone, and I feel it all. It hurts me, hard, I will not pretend to be strong. I will cry, miss and worry about you.

But so be it, I let you go free floating. Fly towards your happiness. Unfortunately, I did not manage to make you happy. Let it all go with the other girl. Maybe you already have someone, you’re afraid to say. Fly, my good, fly!

I let you go. Forever and ever. Goodbye!

Hi baby. I am writing you a farewell message in prose. On poems and rhymes do not have enough mental strength. My strength went away with tears, which I had with great difficulty stopped to put an end to our history.

We began to quarrel often, say insulting words to each other. We have become strangers and incomprehensible to each other. Hands have ceased to be gentle, there are no previous strong hugs and … nothing at all.

Let’s confess to each other that our love has become nothing, we have destroyed it with our efforts. My resentment is too great to continue the relationship.

We break up. Sorry and goodbye!

My dear! How hard it is for me to collect my thoughts and tell you everything. Even in a letter when you do not see my tear-stained face. I know you betrayed me. No not like this. You betrayed our love, our beautiful days and nights. Your act showed that I absolutely do not mean anything to you.

Apparently, I became your habit. You call out of habit, you come out of habit and even apologize out of habit. Somehow insensitive and insincere you get it. Why do we need extra problems? We both need to change something in life. You have already begun.

Good luck, dear! I forgive you and let you go. Forever and ever.

Hi Hi! I do not even know how to contact you now. The heart beats and shouts to you beloved, dear, only, and the mind is sobering and says the former about you. Yes, you were a wonderful, wonderful moment in my life. Now it seems that everything was a dream. Morning has come, and our love has dissolved.

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My heart beats faster

After our separation, days and nights ceased to exist for me. I lived as if in some kind of impenetrable fog. But the heavenly forces had mercy, the fog slowly dissolves, I see the outlines of the horizon. This means that I live again and breathe deeply.

Let you no longer be in my reality, but no one will vomit out of my heart. Memories of our meetings will always warm and reassure me. Forgive me for all. Remember about us. Love was. Goodbye!

“My dear, dear person. Life was arranged so that you and I from two halves turned into two loneliness. I think about you every minute, my heart lives by you alone. How did it happen that we break up?

Remember our first meeting – our burning eyes, excitement and unquenchable desire to be together. Do you remember our days and nights? Do you remember how we missed each other?

Is love really doomed to death, like all life in this world? If I love, how can you not love? Somehow it is wrong, unfair. Feelings should be mutual.

Maybe you had so many problems that you stopped hearing the voice of your heart? I will pray to the heavens, that your heart should be freed from captivity, that love should be resurrected in your soul. I wish you good, light, warmth and, of course, love!

Forgive me. And goodbye! ”

Married man

“Good, not my man. How hard is it to write a letter to a loved one still! I had no right to fall in love with you, but I could not resist the surging feelings. It’s amazing that you did not resist.

I do not know what to call our relationship, but they were beautiful, like a dream. Sadly, the time has come for both of us to wake up, one last time to look into each other’s eyes, to embrace each other once more in the arms and part.

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You are married, come back to your family, gather strength and solve like a man all the problems that have piled on you. At first it will probably be difficult, you will rush back, but this is the way to nowhere. A beautiful dream dissolved in the rays of a clear sun, it was time to face the reality.

Be happy with the one that you legal wife. After all, you loved her once. I wish you reunion, understanding, warmth and light. I no longer want to be the cause of your quarrels and pain.

Forgive me and let go. ”

My favorite! Sorry, I can’t call you any differently, because I love and always will love. It hurts me, I hurt to tears. Hot tears – that’s what warms me in the last days and weeks. And before I was warming your hands and lips.

My heart was jubilant and did not believe in its happiness. It beat like a free bird, ready to break free of the chest. And now he fights deafly and doomed, as if imprisoned for ever in a prison.

Why did you go away? He did not explain anything, did not say goodbye, did not embrace. Just disappeared from my life – that’s all. I can not believe that life is coming, but you are not around, and there will be no more. I believe in a miracle that you will think again and want to return. Know, my good, that I will always open my arms to you. I will be faithful to you for the rest of my days.

Remember this. And be happy! ”

Dear friend! I am glad that I met you on the path of life. You are a wonderful, sincere, interesting person. You know how to love and beautifully care. I’m sorry I can not answer you in return. My heart does not respond to the call of your heart. You probably guess it yourself.

I can no longer meet with you and continue this deception. Thank you for the love and warmth that you generously give, but, believe me, I am not the one who will respond to you in return. Let’s part friends until our relationship is at an impasse. Keep this farewell letter and remember that I was honest with you.

Forgive me a hundred thousand times and let me go once. Goodbye!

Modern girls can end the relationship by sending their ex-boyfriend a farewell text message.

“Hare, it’s all over between us. Goodbye!

So can no longer continue, love is gone, wilted tomatoes!

“Sorry, it’s over, we are no longer together. Goodbye

Remember that sending the last SMS is dangerous. It is likely to receive in response a lot of bewildered or even abusive text messages. A beautiful farewell letter on one-way paper will indicate the seriousness of your intentions.

The choice, of course, is yours. Perhaps you, like Tatiana Larina, will want to rhyme your last message.

Everything in this world is not forever,

Everything in the world can see the edge.

I will hug you by the shoulders

And whisper: Forgive, forgive.

No need to explain too much

No need for tears and insults.

Let there be no love between us,

Let’s part friends.

It is difficult to decide and send a farewell letter to the guy, even if it is already written. In any case, it is better to throw out your pain and resentment on the paper than in the face of your loved one.

Who knows, all of a sudden this message will take your relationship to a new level, help resolve the accumulated misunderstandings and improve shaky relationships. Be happy!

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Romantic letter to a beloved man, a guy from a girl

Surprised? Now I can finally tell you everything that I think and not be afraid at the same time, because you do not see me, as you do not see my feelings. But I will try to tell you about them as much as possible so that you feel what I feel! So that you understand how I appreciate you and I am afraid of losing!

Darling, I hope that you will understand everything that I want to tell you in this letter. It is so strange and pleasant, when you wake up in the morning and fall asleep at night, you are so lacking. I will follow you and into the fire and into the water! With all my heart I will catch your every breath, every smile, because I love you very much! I will give you happiness! I can do it, because you are my life! I believe in you, I am afraid for you, I love you and I know that, no matter what, I will be there! You know, it’s so strange when you’re not around. The feeling of separation is stronger than me, because it slowly kills me, depriving me of sleep and joy. The romance you give me raises me to heaven where I want to stay with you forever.

My most dear, desired, loved, because I just need you to be always with me. If it was in my power, then I would give you the Universe, gave you the sky, the moon and the sun. It would be so romantic, and you would understand how much I need you. Only once in a life there is such love, when you know for sure that it will never pass, it will never end. I know that, and you?

Finding each other among the millions of people walking down the street and not losing is a great gift and I thank life for it! I will do everything to never lose you! And I am happy, because such love, sincere and real, is given in life only once. I really value you, my love!

I am writing this letter to you so that you, at last, understand that we must be together forever, must overcome all obstacles, all situations and be together! You can not chase our love, she will not forgive us, and life without love is not worth a coin. You know that. Tell me what you know.

Let’s give each other love and romance, rejoicing every minute that we spend together. I can no longer live without you, I can not breathe, I can not exist! My dear, if you could describe all the feelings that love gives you, I would do it, but you know that I can’t do it, because only a sincerely loving person cannot describe the feeling of love. Feeling worth living for! Feeling for which you need to fight!

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