Monthly went earlier

Menstrual secretions appear in the process of leaving an unfertilized egg from the uterus. Normally, this physiological process should be repeated after 28-35 days, depending on the individual characteristics and the structure of each organism separately. Timely periods are an indicator of the health of the female body, while the delay of menstruation or its premature onset, as a rule, indicates any deviations.

Monthly went earlier

The most common cause that causes missed periods is inflammatory and infectious diseases of the female genital organs. Any changes that occur in the menstrual cycle: violation of its timing, changes in the nature of discharge, pain, increase or decrease in the volume of discharge – this is a good reason to go to a doctor.

What can cause premature menstruation

1. Premature menstruation may not be menstruation at all, but uterine bleeding, which is difficult to identify on your own. Uterine bleeding can occur as a result of inflammation, trauma, swelling or diseases of the uterus.

2. Use emergency contraception can lead to negative consequences, including the cause of the onset of premature menstruation, which is why using this method of protection against unwanted pregnancy is only in the most extreme cases. More about menstruation after taking Postinor →

3. If the monthly periods are earlier than expected, this may indicate pregnancy. In pregnancy, the nature and timing of the last menstruation can be quite unusual. Also, discharge, similar to menstruation, can go 6-10 weeks after conception, at this time the embryo penetrates into the uterus, which can cause a violation of a small portion of it, which ultimately leads to implantational bleeding.

4. Offensive ectopic pregnancy may also trigger premature menstruation. An ectopic pregnancy is very dangerous for the life and health of a woman, therefore in such a case its timely diagnosis is extremely important. Read more about ectopic pregnancy →

5. Hormonal problems may be caused. taking oral contraceptives, In turn, hormonal imbalance is one of the most common causes of menstrual disorders.

Monthly went earlier

6. In the period formation and extinction of the menstrual cycle, menstruation may not occur regularly, in such cases, premature menstruation is not a deviation from the norm. However, in such a case, it is still necessary to pass an examination in order to exclude other pathologies.

7 Injuries vagina and cervix, obtained in the process of rough sex, can lead to bleeding, which in turn can be taken by the woman for premature periods.

eight. Climate change, The time zone also has a negative effect on the woman’s menstrual cycle, these reasons can lead to both delayed menstruation and their premature onset.

9. Stress and strong emotional experiences have a great impact on the work of the entire female body as a whole. Many ladies say that strong anxiety can cause the arrival of menstruation ahead of time.

ten. Cold and inflammatory diseases cause a weakening of the immune system of women and can lead to disruptions of menstruation.

eleven. Strong physical exertion, sudden weight loss is a fairly “popular” reason for the onset of premature menses among young girls.

Monthly went earlier

What to do if your period comes early

First of all, in order to establish the true cause of the onset of premature menstruation in each particular case, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor and pass all the necessary tests. If necessary, the doctor will prescribe a treatment that will help normalize the menstrual cycle.

In no case do not let the situation take its course, since premature periods in most cases – an alarming symptom, indicating health problems.

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