Very often in everyday life we ​​hear such a thing as a metabolism, friends tell us about it, we hear it in many commercials, but we do not quite know what it is – a violation of metabolism.

Metabolism is.

Metabolism is certain chemical transformations that occur in our body from the moment nutrients are received until the moment when the end products of all transformations and transformations are eliminated from the body into the external environment. Speaking strictly scientific language, metabolism (metabolism) – a set of chemical reactions that occur in a living organism to maintain its vital functions. The processes united by the concept of metabolism allow any organism to grow and multiply, preserve all its structures and respond to environmental influences.

The process of metabolism, as a rule, is divided into two interrelated stages, those are the entire metabolism occurs in two stages:

  • Stage I Anabolism is a process of a combination of chemical processes aimed at the formation of the constituent parts of tissues and cells of the body. By chemical processes is meant the synthesis of amino acids, fatty acids, monosaccharides, nucleotides, proteins.
  • Stage II. Catabolism is the process of splitting both food and its own molecules into simpler substances, while releasing the energy contained in them.

The balance of these two stages gives a harmonious development and functioning of the body, and this balance is regulated exclusively by hormones. Another not unimportant assistant in the process of metabolism is enzymes. They play an important role in the process of metabolism, because they act as a kind of catalyst in the creation of some chemicals from others.

The role of metabolism in the body

The metabolism process includes all reactions that result in the construction of various cells and tissues, as well as useful energy is extracted. After all, the anabolic processes in the body are associated with the expenditure of energy to create new molecules and cells of the body, and the catabolic processes release energy and form such final products as urea, ammonia, carbon dioxide and water.

From the above, it is clear that a harmonious process of metabolism in the body is the key to a stable and well-coordinated work of all human organs and, at the same time, is an indicator of good human health. After all, the metabolic rate affects the work of all human organs, as well as the amount of food necessary for normal functioning of the body. Any imbalance in the process of metabolism leads to serious consequences for the body, and often even to various kinds of diseases.

We should not forget that a person’s life depends on a balanced and harmonious metabolic process. After all, metabolic processes in the body occur constantly, and energy is constantly consumed during physical and mental work, as well as in a state of complete rest, for example, in a dream. Therefore, the slightest violation of metabolism is fraught with serious consequences.

The consequences of metabolic disorders

Disturbance of metabolism can occur with various changes in any system of the body, most often in the endocrine. For example, with unhealthy diet and various diets, with stress and nervous overstrain and

The main diseases in violation of metabolism include:

  • disruption of the endocrine system of the body (dysfunction of the endocrine glands);
  • the accumulation in the body of a large amount of glycogen (Gyrke’s disease), as a rule, it is detected in congenital metabolic diseases;
  • mental health problems (mental retardation);
  • albinism;
  • hypercholesterolemia – an excess of cholesterol in the human body;
  • gout.


These are only the main diseases, in fact, the consequences of a metabolic disorder can be completely different. Therefore, if you are not indifferent to your health, then you should periodically conduct an examination of the body, cleanse the body of toxins, eat right. Normalization of metabolism is the key to your health.

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