Meditation to attract love reviews

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For meditation to be effective, you must allow yourself time when you are calm, no one will distract you. Turn off the phones, turn on nice relaxing music, such as Enigma. Also fit special discs with music of nature, rain, sea. You can also light scented candles, incense, in general, tune in to the desired mode. Prepare for yourself to a mysterious ritual.

When everything is ready, take a comfortable position, you can sit in the Lotus position, you can relax in a chair or lie on the bed. Turn off the constant flow of alternating thoughts in your head. Imagine yourself in a very pleasant atmosphere, for example, that you are in a sunny meadow among flowers, animals are pleasant around you. Fallow deer, rabbits, come to you, they want you to stroke them and smile at them. Feel the joy, you have no problems, you are absolutely free from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you create your life and you fly! You can imagine very nice people here, such as a small child. All this is very individual. When you feel that a pleasant soft wave is connected to your head, then we proceed to the next step.

Imagine yourself very beautiful in a long feminine dress. You sit on the beach, on the sand and look into the distance. Waves that roll, then depart from you. Your feet lightly touch the water. Feel the rhythm of the waves, enjoy the waves and the sea. You look into the distance and you know that everything will work out for you, you will achieve everything you want. You are absolutely calm.

At this point, you can already make a wish. Just formulate it in advance in a sentence that begins I thank you … and ends with .. for the good of all. For example, “I gratefully meet a purposeful and reliable guy, and build harmonious relationships with him for the benefit of all”, or “I gratefully attract love into my life for the benefit of all” and

One condition: imagine and dream about exactly what YOU want! What you need exactly. Do not look at girlfriends and heroes of TV shows. Think about what you need, because, as they say, fear your desires, they may come true. That is, if you are only 16-17 years old you should not dream of marriage. Dream of love about romance!

Now we plunge into the world of dreams. Imagine that you are standing at the entrance to a mysterious grotto or cave. At the entrance you are greeted by two majestic peacocks, who flap their heads at you and offer to enter. You go in and see … a huge crystal shining and shimmering under trickles of water. From this water comes a pleasant smell, the sight is simply amazing. You go further and hear the voices of angels and heavenly helpers who say to you: “Here, dear, follow us …” …

You walk along the corridors of your life and at the call of your guardian angels go out into a small hall that you have never seen before. It is very comfortable there! The ceiling shimmers in pink shades, all in soft carpets and pink pillows. You have fallen into the kingdom of your love. You see people here: the closest and most pleasant to you people smile at you and joyfully greet you. Here are all your kind guardian angels and heavenly helpers, the kind fairies who accompany you in all your good undertakings. Here everyone who you love and who loves you, who wishes you well.

Meditation to attract love reviews

Your best guardian angel takes you by the hand and approaches the center of the room. Here you see a small pool of rose water. This water is warm and very tempting you plunge. In the center of this pool is an elevation from which the source beats. This is the source of love. It never stops and never ends. The streams of love are infinite, they shine. You are naked (or imagine yourself in a thin transparent dress) and enter this pool. Feel how you immerse yourself in soft, warm water, in pink and soft like foam. You dip it with your whole body. You are washed by love. You are immersed in love. Your whole body, every cell of your body breathes love and is saturated with it. You are filled with a feeling of tremendous lightness and joy. You enjoy love, swim, frolic in the water of love. And now, having bathed in love enough, you get out of the pool … and you see your only wonderful partner that you have dreamed of for so long. He looks at you with a look filled with love.

Now imagine that a delicate, fragrant flower blooms in your heart. Rose, peony, lotus – everything you like. From this flower comes pink, affectionate energy. This energy goes straight to the heart to your chosen one. In response to this, the energy of love also comes out of the heart of a partner, and a double train of love energy binds you. You fit together … and finally you hug your lover, and he hugs you. You feel incredible happiness from the fact that you are together. Feel this moment. Remember this pleasant feeling. Keep it in yourself even when you finish the meditation. Having experienced happiness, joy and bliss, having enjoyed it, you can open your eyes.

This meditation is very effective. Spend it at least 2 times a week for two months (at least for the sake of interest), and you and your loved ones will notice unusual changes in you. You will be filled with the energy of love. Your aura will glow with love. You will repeatedly improve relationships with those you love. The opposite sex will reach out to you like a magnet.

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Meditation to attract love reviews

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