Meditation cured my anxiety

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We welcome Reiki Healers and those who are just beginning their journey in this wonderful practice!

To help you, we have created the book Reiki. First Steps (from which you will learn about the system of natural healing Reiki, how it works and get the basic knowledge for healing in Reiki) and gift workshops in Reiki energy.

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Learning the traditional system of Reiki Mikao Usui:

Questions and answers

Individual work in Reiki

Talismans and objects of force in Reiki

It has long been known that a person can heal himself and others using special energy.

Over the centuries, this ability has been given various names: cure by hands, healing, spiritual healing.

For many millennia, people used vital energy, but then ancient knowledge was undeservedly forgotten and remained available only to the elect.

In recent decades, people’s thinking has changed, people realized the existence of such an opportunity and gained access to this knowledge.

Currently, various methods of “working with energies” are widely used in practice, as a form of therapy for a number of emotional and bodily disorders, changes in life situations. One of the most gentle and accessible methods for everyone is Reiki (Reiki) – a method of healing with the help of vital energy.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient energy system that helps healing at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, and allows you to influence situations that arise in your life.

Reiki is the name given to the healing energy that exists in nature, which is always around us. The first syllable Rei means Universal, the second syllable ki means – Life energy, and together Reiki is universal life energy.

Just as air is present in nature and we are able to absorb it, Reiki energy is around us, it is the energy of nature, of the world around us and we have the opportunity to use this healing energy. The initiation of Reiki enhances our ability to do this.

Anyone can heal with the energy of Reiki, it does not require any magic, any special abilities or state of consciousness.

Healing with Reiki energy is safe for a healer (he does not give anything of his own, only conducts Reiki energy) and for a healed person (healing in Reiki happens just as much as a person is ready for this, work in Reiki goes not only at the level of the physical body, but also on emotional, mental and other levels, which allows you to remove not only the symptoms, but also the cause of the disease or negative situation).

Reiki helps in the treatment of any diseases that occur both at the level of the body and at the level of emotions and thoughts.

Strengthens man’s faith in himself.

Removes physical and emotional stress, bringing calm and energy.

Cleans the body and emotions and helps get rid of bad habits and addictions.

Reiki enhances a person’s creativity and energy.

It improves memory and creates a positive attitude, helps a person to overcome negative emotions: anger, fear, anxiety and live in harmony with the world.

Promotes healing of problematic life situations.

Helps to find your way and answers to exciting questions.

For young children, Reiki energy is useful because they get sick less, and when they get sick, they recover faster, develop better, learn more easily at school, improve their memory, develop hidden abilities.

Reiki allows elderly people to significantly improve their well-being and prolongs life.

Why learn this practice yourself? Is it not better to use the help of Reiki masters?

In our society, it so happened that we often got used to shift the responsibility for our health, physical and mental, to others.

Meditation cured my anxiety

On doctors, psychologists. Disappointed with the official medicine and science – the masters of alternative medicine, psychics and parapsychologists.

But for some reason it does not get better. In one place it stops hurting, but starts in another, one “spiritual hole” was patched, the next one appears.

You run from one doctor to another, parting with the last money only in order not to bear responsibility for your health and your integrity. We are looking for masters, gurus and wizards who will solve all our problems, stroke the head and spread trouble hands.

Do you still believe that someone instead of you can cure your body and soul?

The master can direct, train, push to act.

But only you can change your life!

One of the methods that can help with this is the energy practice of Ray Ki.

This is one of the best methods, having learned that and having undergone initiation, a CAM person can improve his physical and emotional well-being, influence situations in his life.

Reiki is a very soft energy, the energy of the surrounding world, nature, Love. And the healing of this energy is just as gentle, without breaking, very carefully and carefully.

In our center we teach you to do it yourself, so that you finally take responsibility for your life and begin to really change it, and not with the hope of walking from master to master.

Getting training and initiation of Reiki will be useful if you want to heal yourself and others not only on the physical, but also on the emotional, mental and other, deeper levels.

Feedback from our students:

January 21, I passed the initiation of the first stage of Reiki. I want to share my impressions.

Patients from among relatives, close friends and pets made a queue as soon as they learned about my opportunities. For such a short period of time, I did reiki daily, several times a day.

* The umbilical hernia of newborns in the granddaughter (the surgeon said that the case is hard, it is better to find a grandmother-healer, he will not be able to help) – in 3 sessions completely gone. Along with her, the problems of the Gazikov disappeared.

* My 75 year old aunt was ill for 2 months after the flu: severe weakness, palpitations with minimal exertion, sweating, low-grade fever – after 6 sessions fully recovered, leads an active lifestyle, it works.

* Daughter of 22 years of flu, high fever, breastfeeding a child: the temperature decreased even during a reiki session for 8-10 hours without additional drugs. The flu passed in 3 days without complications.

* I – changed the job quickly, easily, to a more interesting and well paid. Much less worried about back pain.

* My cat – sprained paw, lame for 3 weeks. After 2 sessions of Reiki, everything went away.

* Removing headaches and menstrual pains – almost daily for different people. The result is fast and durable.

* Reiki on a situation is a favorite activity for me and my whole family. The most important thing is that no matter how you plan, the result is always wiser than expectations. Just amazing!

Enormous changes have taken place in the mind: it sounds like oil, but I began to think what I was thinking. Previously, like most of us, I only thought about making a good impression, even if my thoughts were full of negative at that moment: I didn’t say it out loud – it means I’m a good girl. Now I think with more responsibility. It is difficult to tell in words.

Angelica, 2012

I came to the training Reiki 1 step January 21, 2012

I chose this center because the affordable prices had good reviews about this center from friends who were already here.

I wanted to learn even better how to understand myself, influence my life, have a tool for working with my inner and outer worlds.

I liked that during the whole process I felt that there was some kind of movement of energies inside me, I constantly wanted to yawn, some blocks were taken, apparently because I really wanted to sleep after the training, and I slept for almost a day.

During the treatment, I felt bliss and a feeling of amazing calmness and peace. In addition to himself managed to cure the dog from poisoning. I periodically treat my husband, mother and animals reiki. Mom and husband feel the heat from their hands and say that the pain in the lower back, pain in the bronchi and stomach, subsides.

Thank you very much Olesya and Ilona for affordable and excellent training!

I have known Olesya for several years already. I consider them interesting and useful. Very often, when I came to classes, I received answers to my questions.

For a long time I was looking for answers to the question “where do diseases come from and how can they be managed?”. The eldest daughter from 6 years had stomach problems. Drug treatment helped temporarily, and then the disease returned.

I also had a feeling of a catastrophic lack of energy. There was no strength for anything — neither desires nor dreams. This was the impetus for the initiation of Reiki.

I received the initiation of the first stage in April 2014. I felt the energy (heat) going through my arms immediately after initiation.

At the very beginning, I didn’t quite believe in the effectiveness of this system. But after it became possible to eliminate the pain, the belief came that Reiki energy is very effective. At first, I used my new abilities to treat my loved ones.

It turned out very quickly to relieve a headache, lower blood pressure, relieve erysipelas, relieve pain in the stomach, significantly reduce the duration of colds. After a while, she began offering help to friends and acquaintances. And every time I heard that the pain had passed, that my state of health was improving, my confidence in the effectiveness of Reiki energy grew. It is very great when you can help without medicine and very quickly. Now I plan to receive the initiation of the 2nd stage of Reiki to increase the flow of Reiki and to be able to heal at a distance.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to Olesya for her works and to thank the Universe for all her gifts.

I had never heard anything about Reiki before, but I accidentally came across Olesya’s website and I was very interested in her trainings.

I didn’t do anything like that before and decided to try it.

Start with Cash Flow. The training simply captured me and in the course of my work I realized that I simply did not have enough energy and decided to take up Reiki without delay, I had a great desire to acquire energy and share it with others.

Received initiation May 18, 2014. and I just have no words to convey my condition. a sea of ​​emotions and, most importantly, through just a few sessions, during meditation, it suddenly struck me: and I FLY, I do everything easily and with pleasure. My hands became very sensitive, at first only my palms (before my hands were always cold, even in heat), but now as soon as I call Reiki my hands completely begin to burn and pleasantly tingle. And here are my first successes:

1. cured mummy tinnitus (complication after sinusitis), I fill it periodically with energy and she likes it very much.

2. son cured a sore throat, although doctors prescribed antibiotics, but we managed.

3. well, and most importantly, I gained vital energy that was so lacking, I want to FLY, TO CREATE and FILL everything around. And this is just the beginning.

Olesya, thank you very much for sharing your experience with us, I hope that this was not our last meeting

Last December, I had the idea to study Reiki. I read on the Internet that the teacher should like it. And I sent a wish to the Universe that I want to meet such a teacher. My wish came true quickly. I easily went to the site Olesya. Green background and vivid pictures immediately set me to myself. I read the articles, watched the video and realized that Olesya Dobrovolskaya is my man.

I received initiation of 1 step Reiki via Skype. Olesya at that time lived in Brazil, but at the same time found time to become a guide for me. This is an amazing feeling. We are in different parts of the world: I am in the Ural apartment, and Olesya is in hot Brazil. During initiations, the sensations were different from the heat of the palms to the light coolness. I liked Olesya’s approach: everything is clear, without haste and gently, as a woman. After initiation, I started practicing on my own, and my morning begins with Reiki. This is a beautiful addition to the women’s practices that I practice. According to the results, a month later, I can say that I began to trust life more, my palms became hot (before that there was poor circulation), more joy and energy, and an incredible vitality and efficiency. It is possible to remove pain and fatigue, to balance energy. Reiki in general is wonderfully combined with yoga, with sacred dances.

Great Respect and Gratitude to you! Glad you’re my teacher. Huge to you Prosperity and Movement just up! With love, Christina Grinkevich. Yekaterinburg.

I am a Master Teacher of Reiki – Hooray! Grateful Olesya Dobrovolskaya for the miracle of learning. I met different masters, but Olesya is a Master with a capital letter. An intelligible and individual approach, a soft flow of material, support (meditation and books) and a very clean and light flow of Reiki. With the practice of Reiki, my life began to change very much and I am glad that I now feel this energy very well. I regularly practice Reiki, combine with women’s practices and enjoy what happens. Olesya, I want to wish you creative prosperity! And I am ready to teach and pass on knowledge of reiki in my city!

With love and gratitude, Christina Grinkevich. Yekaterinburg.

Conduct training – Reiki Masters:

Olesya Dobrovolskaya – Master of Traditional Reiki Natural Healing System Mikao Usui (Japanese Branch), Master Luna – Reiki, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Founder of the Center for Positive Psychology SO! (group training in Moscow and individual in Moscow and on Skype)

Ilona Kavalkanti – master of the traditional system of natural healing Reiki Mikao Usui (Japanese branch), psychologist, art therapist, (individual training via Skype, Ilona lives in Brazil,

Olga Nosikova – Master of the Traditional Reiki Natural Healing System Mikao Usui (Japanese branch), psychologist, art therapist (individual training in the city of Istra of the Moscow region and individual training via Skype)

About how I myself came to Reiki (Olesya Dobrovolskaya):

When I was little, I dreamed of becoming a sorceress and correcting all difficult situations. Magic wands, which for some reason did not work, were used first, and then there were years of studying esoteric books in adolescence, and the thought appeared: “Possession of the special energy of magic is given by the elect, you need to have innate abilities!” (And this great-grandmothers who treated people, one with the help of herbs, the second with the help of prayers)

And so I became … a psychologist. And in addition, a psychodramatist (this is a method that allows you to solve problems, “playing” them from the roles of participants in situations) and a simulator (fun magic, working by changing the picture of the world in a person’s head).

It was easy to work with situations, the causes of which were in the head and in the actions of man, it was more difficult if the reasons had already penetrated the level of the body and soul and were manifested in human diseases or in its deepest values.

To find the key to solving such situations, I again had to go back from psychology to esoteric in search of the “magic wand”.

At that time, I myself had health problems: headaches and back pains (the consequences of an accident with a concussion and spinal cord fracture), frequent colds, and little energy. And my daughter and husband, also not getting out of acute respiratory infections.

And I decided to study the energy practice of Reiki.

There was, of course, some skepticism: “is it even possible to heal with your hands? Or is it a fashionable trend like now?” Bury your money and the next day a rose bush will grow from them. )

But among my friends by that time there were already people practicing Reiki, who easily removed my headache, toothache before my eyes, instantly healed cuts, burns, removed pain in joints.

So I came to Reiki. Why reiki? Because the philosophy of Reiki is very close to my picture of the world.

Remember the film “Avatar”, where on the planet energy is everywhere and everything is connected into a single system, and people, and trees and animals, and this carried an amazing harmony and opportunity for the system as a whole to restore, revitalize its parts? This is very similar to the rail system.

In each of us, Life Energy flows, without it we cannot exist. Human health and life depend on the proper circulation of vital energy in its energy system.

With the help of the Reiki system, this energy can be restored, healed blocks and clips.

After training to the level of Reiki master, I was not only able to improve my physical and emotional well-being, to grow in order of my personal development (and you try – live in accordance with the principles of Reiki! :), but also got another powerful tool for working on fulfillment of desires, changing life situations, both their own and their customers.

There is more energy in my body, a desire to create. There was more confidence in the world and people, support from the world began to be felt in response, which made it possible to launch several successful work projects. Possession of the practice of Reiki more than once rescued me and my loved ones on travels, where medical aid was impossible at all.

This healing practice was born at the end of the 19th century in Japan. Its author was a Japanese monk named Mikao Usui. It is believed that the reiki system came to him after 21 days of meditation on the sacred mountain.

Seeing that this practice literally lifts the sick to their feet, helps to solve any situations, Usui decided to go to the beggarly quarter and heal the suffering.

The results were amazing, many people were completely healed.

However, after seven years of such work, Usui began to notice familiar faces.

-Do I know you? Usui asked one of them.

-“Of course,” he replied. “I’m the first person you healed. I got a name, found a job, and even got married. But I just could not bear the responsibility. It’s easier to be a beggar.”

Soon Usui noticed that there were many such people. In desperation, he thought, where did he make a mistake? Finally I realized that I could not teach people responsibility and gratitude ..

He understood that healing the spirit was as important as healing the body.

Giving people Reiki energy as an alms, he only strengthened in them beggarly habits and thinking. They, instead of working on themselves, continued to wait for the “wise monk” to come again, or someone else and they will have everything!

The importance of the exchange of energy became apparent to him. People need to return what they received or to invest their own strength and energy in it, otherwise positive changes lose their value for them.

Usui realized that his followers should be those who really want to grow spiritually and improve the quality of their lives.

He decides to go on a journey through Japan, teaching Reiki to those who are trying to improve their lives and are seeking spiritual growth.

In 1920, one of his students, Dr. Hayashi, founded the first Reiki clinic in Tokyo. Reiki training began to cost so much money that not everyone could pay.

Only in 1970, reiki training becomes possible in other countries.

After the war, Mrs. Takata, a student of Dr. Hayashi, returns to the United States, teaches and devotes many students to Reiki.

Since that time, hundreds of masters were initiated and thousands of people began to study Reiki. At the moment, the number of people whose vital energy and spiritual balance were restored with the help of Reiki is huge.

Around the world, many schools and movements of Reiki have appeared.

The teaching ceased to be as closed as before, even signs became accessible to all (signs are studied at 2 steps, before students were even forbidden to draw them on paper in order to carry them with them). One of these signs can be seen as a tattoo on Tina Kandelaki’s arm.

The availability of this teaching today can be explained by the fact that people’s consciousness has changed, it has become more flexible, open to new experience.

How it works?

A person practicing Reiki is a conductor of this energy.

After initiation, you (due to the opening of energy centers, energy transfer and Reiki signs from master to student) have the ability to take Reiki energy from the outside world, to carry it through (like hollow bamboo) and to direct to the healed (organ, person, situation).

At the first stage, this is done with the imposition of hands, at the second and third steps, Reiki signs are also included.

I note that it is the role of the conductor of this energy that makes it possible to avoid situations that may arise in other practices of working with energy. (when we give our energy and feel weakened or join the “egregors” who have already transformed the original vital energy and have given it certain properties).

A sign that you, as a healer, are giving Reiki – improving your well-being and mood,

You enter the Reiki energy flow (many see this flow as a stream of sunlight or a flow of Love, natural energy of green or golden color) and carry this energy through you where it is needed.

I can tell from my own experience that the energy of the Reiki is very well felt (even by skeptics) both during the initiation and during the sessions, when you spend them yourself and when you spend them.

Sensations from Reiki effects are usually:

Heat (in more rare cases, a cool sea breeze), energy, vigor (if a person needs to relax or has insomnia – on the contrary, calm relaxation), inspiration, movement in situations that require a solution.

If we heal a disease or a problem situation, then it should be remembered that they do not arise in our life by chance.

Disease is the last opportunity for our body and our soul to reach us: “Stop, finally! More so it is impossible! Need to change something in your life!

Your illness is not an evil that you need to get rid of immediately (removing the symptoms with pills and injections), but a signal, information that everyone has arrived.

It’s just time to change something in life: stop eating all sorts of rubbish with lemonade, live with those with whom it is unpleasant, not go your own way, do unloved things, dislike your body or the outside world

I wrote more about how to talk with my body about his illness: https: //

Reiki allows you not only to relieve symptoms, but also to work with the causes of diseases and situations at the level of your soul.

A side effect of Reiki sessions: a person begins to “better hear himself,” his own soul, to feel his nature, to see his own way.

For some, this leads to the fact that a person finds his beloved business, for someone – to a spoiled relationship and finding his beloved person.

Usually, Reiki energy acts softly, but in my practice there are also such cases when people were dismissed from work (at that moment when a person understood that he was unwell in this company, but it was scary to quit), the relationships that had tormented for years left. (to make room new).

In Reiki, it is believed that all the negative that arises on the way of life is not at all a punishment, not working out “bad karma”, but an experience that a person, his soul needs to get at this stage of life.

If the experience is received, realized, you can go on.

For Reiki energy, there is no past, present, or future. All this is a single information space, which is constantly in motion, changing.

Changing something in the present, we change both the past and the future. By changing the past (in Reiki by 2 steps, we can heal the events of the past), we change the present and future

There are also certain principles of Reiki that also help the healing of a person at all levels.

These five principles are very important for self-improvement and inner harmony. Their founder of the Reiki system, Mikao Usui, was considered a wonderful healing tool. By doing this every day, you will gain a clean and healthy mind that will affect your daily life.


One of the spiritual poems of Emperor Meiji, selected for his system, Mikao Usui, sounds like this:

Every moment of our life is priceless.

Now I will try to live my new day

Meditation cured my anxiety

If we give ourselves the setting for joy, it is no longer so easy to arise and settle in our internal organs of hatred, anger, despondency, anger and fear.


(in some sources “do not worry”, but with the particle “not” I like less)


First of all, a person should be grateful to the World, life, fate, people around them.

After all, you can be grateful, including for some negative events or relationships that have taught us something.

Once in heaven, the Soul was sent to earth so that it could gain invaluable experience.

Who will go with this Soul to be near, to cause her such suffering, in which she can grow and find the state of Happiness?

All the bright Souls hid their eyes in silence. And only one of them, the closest to our Soul, which was to have a long journey, said: “I will go. For her ..

Here is an oriental parable …

The wide sky has spread,

Serene and clean

So blue above us.

Our soul can grow

And become the same open!


Working on yourself means really changing yourself and your life for the better.


Kindness is expressed in the fact that if you see a sufferer, and you have a cure for his illness, then you seek to give him this medicine.

If you at least try to live by these principles, remember them every day – in your soul, and as a result, and at the level of your body, you will certainly become happier and more harmonious.

Consistent work with Reiki energy gently leads us into a meditative state, leads to the practice of meditation.

We begin to consciously explore the world, consciously work on ourselves, and, as a result, we quickly move forward along the chosen Path.

We have a contact with our inner and outer world, knowledge and wisdom are acquired.

Meditation in Reiki helps to understand the causes of problem situations and find ways out of them. This is a kind of psychotherapy in which a person can help himself.

One of the healing meditations can be downloaded at the top of this page! :) A disc with healing meditations we give to our students at each of the steps of Reiki.

Healing opportunities with reiki are enormous: it turns out to be very effective in many cases – it allows you to significantly accelerate wound healing, cure diseases of internal organs and infectious diseases, relieves pain, allows for treatment at a distance, has no harmful side effects, and promotes the development of hidden abilities of a person.

Reiki helps not only the body, but also the soul, harmonizing the emotional state of a person – it helps to solve vital problems in the best way for the soul, and much, much more.

Five advantages of Reiki

1. A healer during a session does NOT expend his energy, but on the contrary, he also feeds himself with Reiki energy.

Many healers have such a situation that when they work with a person, they give up their energy, and the patient feels good, and the healer feels bad.

In addition, healers often take on the problems of their healed, and even there is an opinion that healers, as a rule, are sick because of this.

In Reiki this can not be.

Because we do not heal us personally, but the Universe (God, the Absolute) – through our hands.

We are simply a channel, we spend Reiki flow to a person.

And the very energy of Reiki itself heals, acts as it is necessary for the highest good of man.

As a result, a healer during a Reiki session does NOT waste his strength, does NOT take on the problems of the healed. On the contrary, the healer is also fed by energy and vital forces, because Reiki goes to the person through him.

And due to the fact that the flow of Reiki goes through the healer to the healer, the healer himself is also healed at the time when he makes a session to another person.

2. Reiki is absolutely safe.

Energy Reiki – divine nature. This is the energy of the highest level, and it resets all destructive intentions, removes all negative. Just like a stream of water washes away any dirt.

When we do a Reiki session as a healer, we are protected from taking on the problems of the healer.

And the person who receives the session, always receives pure energy, which heals him, gives vitality, improves the emotional state.

Reiki always acts in the best way for a person, to his highest good.

3. Do not need medical education.

To become a Reiki healer, you do not need to have a medical degree.

Of course, if you know how our body works, where the internal organs are, how various diseases appear at the level of the physical body, then this is only a plus. But this is not mandatory.

In order to make a healing Reiki session, it is enough that you have an initiation of Reiki at least 1 step, and you know how to conduct a session.

Reiki energy acts on its own. The task of the healer is only to be a channel, a conductor.

Reiki is of divine origin, and in Reiki there is information about everything, about all phenomena of being.

And Reiki knows how perfect our health should be, and knows how to restore it.

4. Everyone can learn quickly and easily.

Become a Healer Reiki can EVERYONE.

The main thing is your desire and regular practice.

The Reiki system was created in such a way that anyone could learn to feel this energy, carry it through and direct it.

If you have never practiced any energy practice before, then Reiki is a great start.

It is possible to heal yourself and other people immediately after receiving the initiation, after passing the workshop in step 1.

If you are engaged in other energy practices, then they can be combined with Reiki.

When you do any technique in the flow of Reiki, the effect increases.

Reiki training does not require any special training, only your desire and regular practice is needed. Skin color and religion also do not affect your ability to use this practice.

But the energy of Reiki alone, without your work and desire, will not do anything. No wonder they say: “God has no other hands besides yours …”

5. Reiki helps us in everything.

Reiki is more than healing.

Those who practice Reiki, this energy helps in everything.

It is no exaggeration to say that Reiki can be applied in ALL areas of life.

– to harmonize relationships;

– for setting goals and shaping events;

– to work with situations;

– for harmonization of space – both personal and working;

– for getting rid of emotional trauma and internal blocks.

About Reiki Training

In Reiki, there are such things as learning and initiation.

During the initiation, the master transmits Reiki tinctures to you and teaches various techniques of working in this energy. Since for Reiki there are no such obstacles as space, initiation and training of Reiki can take place both internally and remotely.


After this stage, you can also work with situations that arise in the present tense, heal them with the help of Reiki energy.

After this stage, you can also work with situations that arise in the present tense, heal them with the help of Reiki energy.

In the center SO! at this stage we also give you the use of the technique of working with your desires and situations that you want to solve in real time using Reiki energy. As well as a collection of healing meditations.

Stage 2 allows you to use remote methods of exposure by working with symbols.

You will be able to heal others from a distance, and it doesn’t matter where the person to whom you are passing Reiki is located – or he is in the next room or in another country.

There is also the possibility of healing physical states, emotions, and situations in the past, present, and future.

The minimum interval between settings for stages 1 and 2 is about three months, subject to the daily independent work for 21 days after stage 1.

After receiving stage 2, we recommend daily meditation in Reiki for 21 days, which will help the body to reorganize to a new energy level, dissolve the negative from the past.

3rd stage – Master-Teacher. At this stage, it becomes possible to transfer settings to other people and train others. Reiki flow is greatly enhanced.

In the Reiki system, as in any spiritual tradition, it is important to meet your Master.

An old Eastern saying goes: “When the Pupil is ready, the Teacher comes to him.”

There are several criteria when choosing your teacher.

A real teacher is ready to pass on his knowledge to a student. He strictly observes the ethics of Reiki. He is not trying to manipulate or use his students. He does not condemn people. He is not trying to subordinate the student to his will. He does not exhibit his abilities, does not try to impress. (after all, it is not he who heals, but the energy of Reiki).

And you should like him personally. (otherwise there will be no motivation to learn).

How to choose a master of Reiki (Reiki)

Reiki can be successfully combined with any spiritual and therapeutic methods. I, with the consent of the client, successfully use this method, along with the psychological, when solving problem situations.

My spiritual line in Reiki: Mikao Usui – Suzuki Sun-Chris Marsh – Taggart King – Benedict Karaush – Miroslav Zhiva – Atma – Veronika Kraynova (1 and 2 level) – Ilona Elufimova (3 level) – Olesya Dobrovolskaya

To date, we conduct Reiki sessions in our Center only in emergency cases or as part of individual programs before the result and consultation. The main focus is on learning,

The peculiarity of our center is small groups, no more than 10 people, which in the process of learning allows us to pay attention to everyone.

Meditation cured my anxiety

Please sign up in advance, groups usually close one week before the training.

Start to improve your life and physical well-being right now – in this you will benefit from the Inner Smile meditation, you can download it HERE.

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