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Today we will talk about how a scabies mite manifests itself in humans, consider the symptoms and treatment in detail. Let’s tell what measures need to be taken to get rid of this parasite. Also consider the types of this disease.

The itch mite is a parasite. It is the causative agent of such a disease as scabies. In the medical literature, the description of this parasite is found for the first time in the XIX century. However, this attack began to bother people much earlier. And the first mention of her are more ancient in nature. Then scientists could only speculate on what caused the disease and how it is transmitted. Only with the advent of the microscope, it became possible to study this disease. Studies have shown that infection with a scabies tick occurs through close contact with a person, his belongings and clothing. All family members can be ill at the same time. There is also an opinion that the disease is sexually transmitted, but it is impossible to prove it. After all, with intimate closeness occurs and tactile contact with the patient.

Since the description of this disease, a lot of time has passed, new hygiene products have appeared, the standard of living of mankind has become higher, but it has not become less relevant. Even the most clean people fall into the risk group.


The itch mite is so small that it can only be seen under a microscope. It has an oval shape. On its front extremities are claws, there are suckers, and the rear ones are covered with bristles, which allows it to move quickly. How much a scabies mite lives depends on its gender and age. The female surpasses the male in its size and reaches 0.5 mm in length. Her life is thirty days. During this time, she lays 2-3 eggs every day under the horny layer of the skin. However, her death can occur earlier, if she leaves the owner and is subjected to boiling or freezing. At zero temperature, she can live on things and clothes for another three days. The life of the male is very short: after his mission is completed, he dies. Before turning into a tick, its larva goes through several stages from the moment of hatching from the egg. But already being larvae, parasites can move from one person to another.

The peculiarity of this disease is that it may not appear immediately. The incubation period can last one and a half months, provided that the infection occurred after the larvae hit the skin. If the female tick falls, the symptoms of the disease appear on the same day. Similarly, re-nucleation occurs.

The causative agent of the disease is known as the “subcutaneous itch mite” – this is due to the peculiarity of its lifestyle. After it gets on the human skin, the process of fertilization of the female occurs. Then the male is killed. And the female begins to gnaw through the tunnels in the skin in order to lay eggs.

In order to penetrate the skin, she chooses the softest areas of the body: groin, buttocks, areas between the fingers, feet, abdomen, chest (in women). In children, this may be the elbow and knee bends, armpits and the face. She punctures the skin and runs eight turns from him in different directions. The maximum length of such a move is three centimeters. In order to facilitate its work, the female allocates a special secret, which contributes to loosening the skin, which, in turn, manifests itself a strong itch for the patient.

Symptoms of scabies

Consider the main signs of the disease, it is:

  • Pruritus This sensation will accompany the patient throughout the illness. It can occur a month after infection. In the event of a relapse, the person infected will begin to feel itching on the same day. This symptom is especially acute in the morning and evening when the worm is more active.
  • White or bluish stripes on the skin, the so-called scabby moves. Sometimes they may even have a swollen appearance.
  • Crusted itchy blisters and dry cracks.

Manage tick treatment

All of the above symptoms are signs of a scabies tick. It is quite difficult for especially clean people to admit to those around them and to themselves that they had such a disease. And they are ready to write off all the signs of this disease for anything, for example, food allergies.

Baby scab

Itch mite can also be found in a child. A feature of this disease in children is that it proceeds much more heavily in them than in adults. This mite can infect all areas of the skin, even those covered in hair.

With children up to a year, everything is even more serious. Their weak point in scabies is the legs, they swell, crack, become more loose. This disease in children very often co-occurs with another infection, and its treatment can take many times.

Scab during pregnancy

Absolutely all people without exception are subject to tick infestation. If a pregnant woman falls ill, you should immediately consult a doctor. When examining the patient, he must take a scraping. What to do if it is found in this case, scabies mite in humans? Treatment in such a delicate situation requires a special approach, since most medications for pregnant women are contraindicated. Treatment prescribed by a doctor can be not only outpatient, but also inpatient.

Very often, when scabies in the position of women prescribed spray Spregal. It in no way affects the development of the fetus. Apply it to the whole body, except for the head. This is best done in the evening. As soon as it takes twelve hours from the moment it is applied to the skin, you need to take a shower and carefully wash off the remnants of the aerosol with soap.

Types of disease

Depending on the behavior of the mite, the following types of scabies are distinguished:

Manage tick treatment

  1. Typical – characterized by the presence of itching, dry skin. In this form, there are clearly expressed scabby passages and purulent blisters.
  2. No moves. This species is observed in contact with the skin of the larvae. From the moment of infection in this case a considerable period of time may pass. Manifested disease without strokes in the form of itchy blisters.
  3. Nodular, or scabies cleanly. Accompanied by typical symptoms. But due to the fact that human skin is often in contact with water, most ticks are washed off, and the symptoms become less pronounced.
  4. Norwegian. People with weakened immunity are susceptible to this type of disease, such as drug addicts, people with Down syndrome, HIV-infected. Ulcers and crusts with a cluster of ticks are located all over the body. In this case, the hair areas are also no exception. The Norwegian type of disease delivers real torment to a person.
  5. Pseudo-scab, or animal-borne disease. Manifested in the form of an itch. It is quite simple to recover from the disease. It is enough to stop contacting an infected animal – and everything will pass. After all, the tick of animals can not carry out its livelihoods on human skin.
  6. Complicated – This is a combination of typical scabies and infection. Localization of the tick becomes wet and red. This type of disease is very painful and is accompanied by an unpleasant odor.

Diagnosis of the disease

In order to confidently tell the patient that he has scabies, it is necessary to detect the female tick with a microscope.

Then the needle should be removed from the affected skin. You also need to take the patient scraping on scabies mites.

Before you begin treating a disease, you should be familiar with the basic principles.

  1. Treatment should be carried out simultaneously with the whole range of infected. For example, if several family members get sick with scabies, then they should take a course of therapy together. Who has not had time to get infected, must necessarily undergo prevention.
  2. Treatment must be conducted under the supervision of a physician, as medications can cause an allergic reaction. It is also necessary to monitor the condition of the skin and the results of therapy.
  3. It is necessary to apply scabies on all skin areas. In this case, children only need to close their mouth, nose and eyes, and adults should not handle the head.
  4. The remedy for scabies mites is applied to the body in the evening with the hands, while the nails should be cut short, because the mite can penetrate under the nail plate. After this procedure, wash your hands is not necessary.
  5. In the process of treatment, itching may increase. In this case, remedies for itching are contraindicated, as they do not eliminate the cause of the disease, and can only aggravate the situation.
  6. During treatment, you do not need to wash and change bedding.

All the people suffering from this disease are tormented by the same question: how to get rid of a scabies tick and how long will the treatment take? In the modern world, a large number of remedies for the disease are known, which we will consider in more detail. But regardless of the method of treatment, it will take at least a week.

Mannered tick in humans. Treatment

In the pharmacy network of any locality you can find a large number of different means to combat this disease.

The most famous of them is sulfuric ointment. Despite its strong smell and side effects in the form of skin irritation, it is very effective. Apply sulfur ointment from scabies mites should be for five days before bedtime. At this time, change the bed linen and take a shower is impossible. Only after five days do you need to wash your whole body with soap and boil bed linen. The price is low, so the tool is available to everyone without exception. It costs 20-30 rubles.

Another equally effective tool is Spregal aerosol. This drug from the French manufacturer costs about a thousand rubles. One bottle is enough for five days. It is applied to the skin at intervals of twelve hours and during the treatment is not washed off.

In Russia, the drug Benzyl Benzoate is considered the most popular remedy for this disease (its price varies from 20 to 150 rubles depending on the type). The cheapest, but less effective is ointment. More expensive is the emulsion and benzyl benzoate lotion. The price of this drug is 150 rubles. But treatment with an emulsion or lotion is more effective.

What to do if a man has a scabies mite? Treatment can be carried out with Medifox concentrate. It will help get rid of the disease in four days. Concentrate is needed for the preparation of aqueous emulsion. He divorced in warm boiled water. Per 100 ml of liquid, you need to pour a third of the bottle Medifox. Like other remedies for scabies, this solution is applied to the skin once a day. After four days, you need to thoroughly wash and wash clothes, and also boil bed linen.

However, traditional remedies for the treatment of the disease are practically not inferior in efficiency to medical preparations.

Mannered tick in humans. Treatment with traditional medicine

  1. Bread kvass. If scabies struck only the skin of the hands and had not yet spread to the whole body, then baths with bread kvass can be used to treat it. It is necessary to do them several times a day, while the hands are placed in a container with warmed and salted kvass for 20 minutes.
  2. Bay leaf. It must be ground and mixed with sunflower oil in a ratio of 1: 1. The resulting mixture should be rubbed into the skin three times a day. The treatment time takes a couple of days.
  3. Birch tar based scabies ointment. For its preparation, a teaspoon of tar is mixed with one tablespoon of lard and grated soap. This tool is applied to dry, thoroughly washed skin. Already on the third day after application, the disease recedes.
  4. Celandine. What folk remedies will help if scabby mites are found in humans? The treatment can be carried out using self-made celandine ointment. To do this, a tablespoon of chopped celandine should be mixed with two tablespoons of heavy cream. This mixture should be infused in the refrigerator for twelve hours. After the beneficial properties of the ingredients are well mixed, this composition is applied to the affected areas in the form of a compress.

Manage tick treatment

Side effects

It is worth noting that the use of drugs or folk remedies is possible only on the recommendation of a doctor, and in no case should the dosage be changed, otherwise the likelihood of side effects is high. These include:

  • Allergic dermatitis. Frequent application of the skin to the skin or their prolonged use can lead to such a problem. Dermatitis is quite difficult to recognize. After all, its symptoms resemble scabies, and it just seems that the means used are ineffective. But after changing the ointment or when you repeat the course of treatment, the itching begins to feel even more acute. The cause of such dermatitis may also be an allergic reaction to the drug. To diagnose this disease, you need to consult a doctor. After the diagnosis is confirmed, allergy tablets, calcium supplements or a zinc plate will be prescribed as treatment.
  • Nodular scab. Manifested in the form of bubbles of blue tint and is accompanied by severe itching. The reason for its occurrence may be the consistent use of several drugs. Sulfuric ointment with hydrocortisone is used for its treatment. Also in parallel with this an anti-allergic drug is prescribed.

Once you have cured the disease, you should not relax. After all, the likelihood of re-infection. To avoid this, it is necessary to boil all things and bedding. Also, all family members who have contact with the patient, you must visit a dermatologist.


Now you know how to recognize such a nuisance as a scabies mite in humans. Symptoms and treatment of the disease are two very important topics. We reviewed them in detail in the article. We also described the types of illness and side effects that occur when treating scabies.

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