Lymph node under the ear

The human lymphatic system is the face of immunity. The action of lymph nodes is designed to protect the body from the penetration of microbes, pathogens, infections. That is, the lymph nodes are a shield, a defense of our body.

But if the internal organs are infected, then the lymph node behind the ear, in the groin area, on the neck and in the armpits, begins to inflame. What to do in this situation? How to treat? And is inflammation of the lymph node in a child dangerous?

Lymph nodes are part of a large system aimed at cleansing the blood from bacteria and infections. They contain lymphocytes – substances that produce special antibodies that allow you to fight viruses.

Lymph node under the ear

Causes of the inflammatory process

Of course, if a child has biliary lymph nodes inflamed, it is necessary to contact a medical institution. But, not always it turns out to be done and parents have to guess and suffer – what to do, how to treat a child? The following are possible causes of the inflammatory process of the lymph nodes near the ear. So this could be:

  • The inflammatory process of the middle ear is otitis;
  • Sinusitis in chronic form;
  • Inflammation of nerve endings;
  • Furunculosis;
  • The consequences of acute respiratory viral infection;
  • Flu;
  • Acute tonsillitis;
  • Pharyngitis;
  • Infection of the mouth;
  • Tuberculosis;
  • Syphilis;
  • HIV;
  • Rubella, measles, scarlet fever, hysteriosis, mumps, mononucleosis;
  • Oncological diseases of the lymphatic system;
  • Skin and venereal diseases.

Also, inflammation of the lymph nodes near the ear can cause sore throat and certain medications: penicillin, phenytoin, pyrimethamine, quinidine, atenolol, captopril. The treatment of any inflammatory process begins with the identification of the root cause. If the lymph nodes are inflamed in a child, then it is imperative to analyze:

  • Has any pathological condition preceded this?
  • What medicines did you give to the child;
  • Does the kid have a sore throat, is there a runny nose and fever.

Symptoms of the disease

Inflammation of the ear and lymph nodes, respectively, manifests a number of characteristic symptoms. They are the signals that a malfunction has occurred in the child’s body. The lymph nodes behind the ears increase in size and also slightly swell. If the knot swelled, then, most likely, the inflammatory process led to an increase in the child’s body temperature (from 38 degrees). In addition, the child begins insomnia, appetite is lost and there is fatigue, lethargy. Children begin to be capricious and cry for no reason.

If the lymph node behind the ear is swollen and visually increased several times, then the parents missed the first stage of the inflammatory process. Parotid lymph nodes are firm, dense to the touch are signs of an acute infectious process occurring in the body. In this case, it is necessary to immediately carry out treatment, but in the conditions of a hospital of a medical institution.

Inflammation of the lymph nodes in most cases is accompanied by severe headache. Also, the child may appear purulent rash near the ear. If the lymph nodes hurt, then this is a signal of the beginning of an infectious process. Dandruff and hair loss, in combination with an enlarged lymph node, are signs of a fungal infection in the body.

Diagnosis of ailment

Lymph nodes are the main bells, signals of the immune system. If the body starts to hurt, then the body temperature rises first, the reaction from the upper respiratory tract appears, and the inflammation of the lymph nodes begins.

Parents can independently diagnose a pathological change in the body of a child. How to do it? For starters, pay attention to the size of the lymph node. If it has increased in size to 2 cm, and even swollen, then this indicates the onset of the disease. You also need to take into account the child’s reaction to touch the node.

Inflammation is manifested as a change in the skin over the knot: if it is reddish and hot to the touch, then the lymph node is infected.

Lymph nodes behind the ear during infection begin to solder with the skin. Pay attention to the location of the focus of inflammation. You may find a scratch or a wound next to the infection. If there is a cat in the house, then it is not excluded that it is a carrier of pathogenic organisms. Do not touch the lymph nodes, press on them. It is also forbidden to treat the lymph node on its own using warming up or folk methods. Only an otolaryngologist can prescribe appropriate treatment.

Therapy of inflammatory processes

Inflammation of the lymph nodes, which began due to viral diseases (cold, flu, sore throat), goes away itself. The main thing is to conduct a comprehensive treatment of the body. If the lymph node is swollen as a result of a different infection, then it is necessary to treat this condition with antibiotics.

To establish the true cause of the inflammatory process, you must pass a blood test. Refinement of the diagnosis is accompanied by computed tomography, x-rays and if the inflammation has entered an acute phase, then a biopsy cannot be done. The method of puncture fine needle biopsy is aimed at determining the true cause of the disease.

Treatment of lymph nodes begins with drug therapy. These are, as a rule, antibiotics, which are aimed at the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms in human blood. Well proven drug augmentin. The dosage of this antibiotic is one gram twice a day. The course of treatment is 7 days.

Doctors also recommend combining treatment with two antibiotics. This may be augmentin in combination with aminoglycosides or sulfonamides. This combination will allow to cover a larger spectrum of viruses and bacteria.

If the cause of the inflammation of the lymph nodes is allergy, then the treatment is carried out with the help of desensitization therapy. But, you can not appoint it yourself. Conducting therapy is possible only after consulting a doctor.

Home care for the sick

Swollen lymph nodes in children is stressful for the entire body. Therefore, parents need to be extremely careful both in child care and in treatment.

Doctors prohibit heating the site of inflammation, as this may lead to the spread of the infectious process in the body. The state of health of the child may deteriorate sharply. It is not allowed to use warming compresses.

To strengthen the immune system, you need to include in the diet more fresh fruits and vegetables. Protect the immune system with a course of vitamins and minerals. If the child is sick in the winter season, then you need to pay attention to the clothes in which children go. It should not be too warm, but it is extremely undesirable for a child to freeze. Make sure you wear hats and scarves made of natural materials.

It is possible to cure diseases by folk methods, but it is not worth the risk without prescribing a doctor. Careless actions and illiterate procedures to eliminate the inflammatory process can worsen the state of health in children.

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