Lutein Vitamins

A typical problem of our time is an increased strain on the eyes, this applies not only to office workers, but also housewives and children. Hours of work behind the monitor, computer games, entertainment – all this has a negative impact on visual acuity.

Lutein Vitamins

It is necessary to monitor the health of your eyes, you can support them with the help of special gymnastics and regular intake of lutein-containing vitamins. Lutein Complex is an effective drug that supports and improves vision.

In this article, we will review the instructions for use of the Lutein Complex, find out the prices in Russia, the composition of the drug, as well as contraindications and feedback from specialists.

Review of the vitamin complex for vision

Operating principle

Lutein Complex is a Russian multivitamin preparation based on natural oxygen-containing carotenoids: lutein, zeaxanthin and lycopene. These powerful herbal antioxidants protect the organs of the visual system from premature aging. The composition of the dietary supplement contains vitamins and organic, mineral substances that not only maintain the functional state of the eyes, but also optimize the work of the visual apparatus. Lutein complex is simply necessary in conditions of increased visual load.

Long-term lutein deficiency provokes visual impairment.

In addition, the preparation includes a powerful antioxidant, selenium.

Component action


The substance accumulates in the center of the eye retina, where it is converted to zeaxanthin. Carotenoids play the role of peculiar light filters and protect important structures of the visual apparatus. They absorb the most aggressive, blue part of the spectrum, and neutralize the action of oxidants. Necessary for the prevention of pathologies such as retinal dystrophy and cataracts.

Blueberry concentrate

Stimulates blood circulation and metabolism in the tissues of the eyes. Contains anticyanodins, which help restore the visual pigment, so that a person quickly adapts to different levels of lighting. Blueberry concentrate improves twilight vision.

Aminoethanesulfonic acid

It promotes the transfer of photosignal, stimulates recovery and metabolic processes in the eye tissues. Normalizes the function of plasma membranes and activates energy metabolism.

Provitamin A (β-carotene)

One molecule of β-carotene creates two molecules of element A. With this substance the body is strengthened.

Element A

Optimizes visual perception, rejuvenates cellular tissue systems. Promotes redox processes and the synthesis of substances useful for the visual apparatus.

Element E

With it, damaged cells are restored faster. And also it promotes tissue respiration and metabolic processes. Makes capillaries more flexible and resilient.

Element C

Accelerates the restoration of the pigments of the visual system, normalizes transcapillary exchange.

Zinc oxide

Supports vitamin A at a normal level and promotes the synthesis of protein molecules.

Copper oxide

Copper is the main element of some enzymes. The mineral substance makes the blood vessels more flexible and strong, eliminates hemorrhages.


The trace element is part of a whole family of enzymes that protect the body from oxidative damage. Selenium determines their activity. Protects the visual apparatus from the aggressive effects of oxygen oxides.

Instructions for use

Take Lutein Complex orally with food, drink better filtered water.

The tablet is recommended to drink in the morning.

In accordance with the instructions designate 1 capsule for 24 hours. If necessary, the doctor will increase the dose to 3 capsules, do not need to do it yourself.

The full course is 62 days twice in 12 months. Any deviations from the course are possible only after consulting a doctor.

Dosage Form

In appearance, these are round tablets of light lilac or dark lilac hue with specks. Available in the form of capsules in plastic packaging of 30, 60 and 90 pieces each.

The hue of the capsules can be different, light and dark purple, sometimes even brown. This is due to the fact that the amount of plant pigments in an ingredient such as blueberries, for example, is different.

Indications for use

Lutein Complex is an additional source of vitamins and minerals that improve the functional state of the visual apparatus. The drug is recommended to take in such cases:

in diseases of the eye retina and impaired central vision (for example, dry or wet macular dystrophy);

with a visual impairment such as myopia (myopia), when the image is focused not on the eye retina, but in front of it;

diabetes, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, rheumatoid arthritis, arterial hypertension are indications for taking the drug;

for the prevention of diseases of the visual apparatus;

if a person works with bright lighting (for example, spotlights, a flashlight or a welding machine, etc.);

for climbers, surfers and those who are keen on alpine skiing. This is due to the fact that the snow or water surface is highly reflective, and light rays too actively affect the visual organs;

after surgery for a quick recovery of the visual organs;

many hours of work at the computer – this is one of the most urgent reasons for prescribing the drug;

Lutein Vitamins

age-related changes in the organs of the visual system;

as a prophylactic agent for clouding of the lens, subatrophy of the eyeball, clouding of the vitreous fibers of the eye, etc.


The main and only contraindication of Lutein Complex is hypersensitivity to its individual components.

Multivitamin preparation is well absorbed, if you comply with the specified dosage. This is confirmed by doctors, who often use a dietary supplement in clinical practice. Extremely rarely, if the patient has an intolerance to any ingredient of the drug, it is possible allergies in the form of rash and itching.

Lutein Complex is not a medication, and therefore can not replace the normal treatment.

How to store dietary supplements?

Lutein Complex in pharmacies available without a prescription. The drug can be stored for 3 years in a dry, dark room with a temperature not higher than 23 ° C.

Lutein Complex can be purchased in any city of Russia.

Average drug prices:

  • pack of 30 pieces – 250-290 r.
  • pack of 60 pieces – 450-540 p.
  • pack of 30 pieces – 580-690 p.

Reviews of Lutein Complex

Opinion doctors

In general, physicians advocate taking the Lutein Complex as a prophylactic agent.

Since all of its components have a positive effect on the visual apparatus.

Consumer reviews

Drugs with the same composition does not exist, however, other means are known that include lutein:

Visobalans Opti as well as the Lutein Complex promotes the normalization of metabolic processes in the eye tissues, slows the progression of myopia, prevents the pathological processes of the retina.

Blueberry Forte differs from the Lutein Complex in the presence of vitamin C, as well as elements of group B. Blueberry improves visual acuity and relieves the symptoms of eyes tired from computer syndrome.

Vitrum Vision with lutein in the composition improves the function of the visual organs and is suitable for the prevention of age-related changes and high eyestrain.

Of the similar drugs can be distinguished Okuvayt Lutein, Antacyan Forte, Nutraf Total, Complivit Oftalmo, etc. All these drugs differ slightly in composition, but their pharmacological action is similar.

Lutein Complex is an excellent tool for the prevention of eye diseases. Absolutely natural composition and the absence of serious side effects – this is another plus. Ophthalmologists recommend taking a dietary supplement to healthy people in order to prevent diseases of the visual apparatus and strengthen vision.

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