Lump in throat after eating treatment

The feeling of a lump in the throat is a common symptom that many people have come across. This symptom is temporary, so most do not attach importance if it appears again. However, this may indicate a number of health problems. It can be removed only after the cause of the occurrence has been established.

Causes and possible diseases

A lump in the throat is a symptom in which there is difficulty in swallowing. In addition, there may be tickling, burning sensation and tickling in the throat. This symptom may be accompanied by pain that gives to the back of the head or neck.

A lump in the throat after eating is an alarming sign!

A lump in the throat can appear in a stressful situation when the muscles of the lower part of the throat tighten. The appearance of coma on the nerve soil usually passes within a few hours. With disorders of the nervous system, except for coma in the throat, dry mouth, a feeling of numbness may appear.

The appearance of a coma in the throat after eating can be the result of diseases such as:

  1. Hernia of the esophagus
  2. Gastroesophageal Reflux
  3. Throat inflammation
  4. Vegetative dystonia
  5. Thyroid dysfunction

If the appearance of coma in the throat is caused by gastrointestinal diseases, then the appearance of an unpleasant taste in the mouth, heartburn, belching.

The feeling of a coma in the throat can be observed against the background of the thinning of the intervertebral discs and their displacement in the fourth cervical segment. When shifting inflamed nerve fibers. This leads to pain, limited movement. With constant tension of the muscles of the neck there is a feeling of coma in the throat.

The reasons for the appearance of such an unpleasant symptom as a lump in the throat may be of a somatic or mental nature.

If the symptom manifests itself immediately after a meal, then this may indicate systemic scleroderma, diffuse spasm of the esophagus, and lack of functioning of the lower esophageal sphincter. The diverticulum of the esophagus is characterized by an abnormal structure. His wall bulges, so the food gets into this area and can not move on. As a result, there is a lump in the throat.

In rare cases, this symptom may indicate throat cancer. Moreover, oncological diseases are diagnosed earlier and other bright symptoms are present. A lump in the throat may occur while taking antihistamine and antidepressant medicines.

Symptom Treatment

A lump in the throat is a symptom, treatment depends on the diagnosis

The occurrence of coma in the throat requires immediate treatment and treatment to a specialist. It is categorically not recommended to treat yourself and leave, thinking that it will pass, also should not be.

When this symptom occurs, for an accurate diagnosis of pathology, it is necessary to consult an endocrinologist, an otolaryngologist, a gastroenterologist. If it is impossible to identify the cause, then you should visit an oncologist. The doctor will conduct an examination, diagnose and prescribe the necessary treatment. You should be aware that this symptom may indicate a serious disease that is easier to treat at the initial stage of development.

After establishing the cause of the lump in the throat, appropriate treatment is carried out. In most cases, this symptom can be eliminated by medication. Surgical treatment is carried out only with a hernia, tumor or abscess of the throat.

  • If a lump in the throat has occurred on the background of gastroesophageal reflux disease, then it is necessary to properly organize the diet. To exclude from the diet of fatty and spicy foods, sugary foods, alcohol, citrus fruits, etc. In addition, you should change the way of life: to fight obesity, bad habits, exercise and

    Possible complications

    It is impossible to ignore the lump in the throat, since it can be a sign of a serious disease.

    Lump in throat after eating treatment

    If you do not take measures to treat diseases in which there is a lump in the throat, then unpleasant complications can occur.

    Perhaps the formation of fistula, neck phlegmon. These pathologies are characterized by a severe condition, pain syndrome, high fever. The vessel may burst in the wall of the diverticulum, as a result, vomiting of blood, dark stools may appear.

    The consequences of coma in the throat with osteochondrosis are destructive processes in the cartilage tissue, which can lead to pinching of the nerve endings, increased intracranial pressure, arterial hypertension.

    Useful video: how to get rid of a lump in the throat:

    GERD can cause peptic ulcers, strictures of the esophagus, post-hemorrhagic anemia. In more serious cases, mucosal cells may degenerate into a tumor.

    Do not self-medicate and let it drift. A lump in the throat is an unpleasant symptom, but it can lead to serious consequences.

    Lump in throat after eating treatment

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