Lump in the anus

A bump in the anus, which occurs for various reasons – the phenomenon is quite common. In most cases, patients who show the first signs of lump formation, despite the alarming symptoms, are embarrassed to see a doctor. For treatment, they use improvised and folk remedies that do not always help. In medicine, the formation of cones in the anus is called hemorrhoids. This pathology requires examination by a proctologist and appropriate treatment. Proper therapy will help avoid complications of the disease, bleeding and other undesirable results.

A bump in the anus, is this pathology dangerous?

Bump in the anus – the initial stage

When a lump formed in the anus, these are the first symptoms of hemorrhoids. Especially if, in addition to the bumps, the patient feels in the anus severe itching, burning, there is noticeable blood on the toilet paper after going to the toilet. Although the appearance of a lump may indicate that a patient has a thrombosis of an external or internal hemorrhoidal node, paraproctitis.

In some cases, the growth indicates signs of cancer. A small growth or pimple on or near the anus indicates the development of a perianal papilloma or genital warts in a patient. But it is the bump in the anus, having a bluish color, small in size, indicates the first symptoms of hemorrhoids.

The resulting cone is also called a growth or ball. Regardless of the name, in medicine they are called venous nodules. Inside the nodules are filled with venous blood. Their size depends on the degree of filling with blood. The last stage of the most advanced hemorrhoids is characterized by pathological dilatation of the rectal veins. This stage is very difficult and dangerous for the patient, since the formation of pathology is irreversible. In most cases, a growth or bump appears as a result of excessive pressure in the veins of the rectum.

The reasons for the formation of cones

The causes of the appearance of bumps in the anus are many. The first to be affected are people suffering from frequent constipation, pregnant women who have high intra-abdominal pressure. Therefore, during the period of constipation, it is recommended to consume as much as possible liquid and liquid, fibrous food. During constipation, complex emptying occurs with solid stool masses that scratch and irritate the rectal mucosa, which has traces of inflammation.

Proper and liquid food will calm the rectum and allow time for the inflammatory process to subside.

Thus, hemorrhoids appear through improper diet, frequent stressful situations, constipation. People who move little and are in a sitting position for a very long time are exposed to the disease. Sometimes the cause of hemorrhoids can be a hereditary factor, which suggests insufficient development of the anus veins.

Lump in the anus

Additional factors for the formation of bumps in the anus can be oral contraceptives, certain types of drugs, excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages and laxative drugs. Some of the causes of the disease are some sports such as horseback riding, weightlifting, cycling, rowing and

What is dangerous lump during pregnancy

One of the above reasons for the formation of cones in the anus is considered pregnancy. This happens as a result of an overload of the future mother’s venous system. Well, if she even before pregnancy complained of varicose veins, then the situation could be complicated much more. Usually the development of hemorrhoids during pregnancy begins in the second half.

This is due to an increase in the uterus, which by its size begins to exert pressure on the bottom of the pelvis, especially on the venous-hemorrhoidal plexus. To all this, frequent constipation, which many pregnant women suffer, is added.

In addition to the fact that a pregnant woman becomes restless and irritable, in addition to her condition, discomfort, burning and itching in the anus are added. Such symptoms adversely affect the general condition of the patient, the bearing of the fetus, they worsen the course of childbirth, may complicate the condition of the woman after childbirth. Therefore, at the first signs of illness, an urgent need to consult a doctor and begin appropriate treatment.

Thus it is possible to avoid and prevent the development of anemia, diseases associated with the musculoskeletal system, urinary system, skin. Sometimes the appearance of a lump in the anus during pregnancy proceeds without visible symptoms, therefore, when a woman is scheduled to be examined at the doctor’s office, its presence can be a big surprise. In opposite cases, hemorrhoids are accompanied by:

  • discomfort, itching, burning sensation in the anus;
  • pain during stool;
  • feeling that the intestine is not fully emptied;
  • hemorrhoids increase and fall out of the anus;
  • mucus, watery, and sometimes bleeding is excreted from the anus.

What treatment is used to treat hemorrhoids and preventive measures

After the doctor conducts a thorough examination of the patient, establishes the reasons for the formation of a lump in the anus and makes a diagnosis, he prescribes an appropriate course of treatment. Basically, treatment consists of proper nutrition and a balanced diet. When the patient’s cause of the cones are constipation, then you need to replace solid food with more liquid. For constipation, the doctor will prescribe laxative drugs.

Alcoholic beverages also adversely affect the treatment, so they will have to be completely abandoned. Not difficult physical exercises, patient’s motor activity will be an excellent way to improve blood circulation in the veins. Especially useful in case of illness to engage in swimming in the pool. When work is associated with a long seat, it is necessary to take breaks from time to time, you can take a walk around the office or go out for a couple of minutes outside.

It is necessary to refuse during the treatment period from the use of food with the addition of spices and spices, which only exacerbate the inflammatory process.

As a local therapy, the doctor will prescribe candles and special ointments of the appropriate therapeutic effect. If the disease is accompanied by painful sensations, it is prescribed drugs in the form of candles and ointments, which, in addition to the therapeutic effect, also have anesthetic. Bleeding with hemorrhoids requires medication of hemostatic action. To strengthen the tone of the venous walls, special preparations are prescribed – venotonics.

In case of complications of hemorrhoids or excessively neglected cones in the anus, non-efficacy of drug treatment requires surgical intervention. For this, minimally invasive techniques are used, which consist in sclerotherapy, ligation of the lumps using latex rings. When such methods do not help get rid of the growth, then it is excised or tied up, in rare cases, the anal sphincter is used.

The formation of a lump in the anus as a result of paraproctitis or coccygeal cyst requires only surgical intervention.

Many are interested in the question of whether it is possible to recover from the bumps completely. Of course, one hundred percent guarantee of full recovery will not be given to the patient by any doctor. After all, even surgical intervention by the method of excision of the lump does not promise that the hemorrhoids will disappear forever. In the future, the growth can again be formed only in another place.

Therefore, to avoid the risk of re-development of the bumps in the anus, the patient must adhere to all the recommendations of the doctor, monitor their diet, lead a healthy and healthy lifestyle. In addition, regular visits to the doctor proctologist will help to detect the signs of the hemorrhoid in the early stages, which in turn will allow you to start timely and prompt treatment.

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