Lower right abdomen hurts

Diet for polycystic is not a fiction, but a necessary component of your treatment.

The power system is needed to properly produce the necessary hormones, reduce the external manifestations of polycystic disease, maintain weight and, ultimately, to accelerate recovery. Unfortunately, our gynecologists do not give recommendations on nutrition in case of polycystic as well as they do not treat it.

The pancreas is an organ under the gun if you suffer from increased androgen production and you yourself have a much greater risk of developing diabetes and pancreatitis. Therefore, the pancreas must be protected. This diet will help you now deceased comrade Montignac, based on the selection of products on the glycemic index.

This index indicates the rate at which insulin is produced in response to a rise in blood sugar levels, which reduces it. A sharp increase in insulin, and provokes the production of androgens, and with its slow and uniform release, the level of androgens will be controlled.

Low is considered

Foods with an average glycemic index (

White, polished rice is highly undesirable – as has already been proven, it leads to the development of diabetes.

2. Equal ratio of proteins and carbohydrates

Slow carbohydrates in your menu should be exactly as much as proteins. As scientific studies have shown, abandoning carbohydrates, as well as overdoing them, the result will be equally deplorable. Begin to teach your body to slow carbohydrates and then, even a banana or a sweet apple will seem to you as sweet as a cake. But it will become cloying for you and no longer attractive.

3. Fractional meals 5 times a day

The optimal diet is polycystic: a rich breakfast an hour after waking up, a snack before lunch, lunch, dinner, a light snack 1 hour before bedtime. In this case, you keep the sugar level in the norm, get less calories and do not get better. Suffering from polycystic can not sit on hard, restrictive diets with the prohibition of dinner after 18 hours.

4. Organic products (meat and fish)

Everything grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides has the right to be called organic. What is sold in supermarkets and wholesalers for your food is not suitable.

Large livestock complexes feed their pets with hormone feeds, cut off antibiotics and treat the finished product with chlorine. In the end, such meat and fish are infected

The way out is to look for the most eco-friendly products, realizing that they are expensive and the product is a piece. Buying on the market is not a panacea, but still, as long as there is an opportunity to find meat free from hormones, although it costs 2-3 times more expensive than the store. Look for any exits to people breeding animals in villages or small farms, negotiate with them about purchases. As far as I know, this is already practiced by many in Moscow. Shop food has become completely unsuitable for food.

5. Reduce animal fat intake.

Cholesterol acts as a raw material for the production of sex hormones, including androgens. He has two sources of origin in our body: food of animal origin and independent synthesis by the liver, without reference to the type of food.

Usually, in patients with polycystic liver, the functions of the liver are affected, and an increased production of cholesterol is noted, and already in its background, hyperandrogenism thrives. That is, without fatty cholesterol in the body. For this reason, suffering from acne, it is always recommended to give up fried and fat. There will be no excess of fat – there will be no excess of androgens.

All this means that you can not fat, all the sausages, margarine, very fatty dairy products and convenience foods (they have a lot of hidden fat), smoked and fried. But fatty fish, by contrast, will be useful, as it contains polyunsaturated fatty acids. An additional intake of vegetable oils is also needed: flaxseed, thistle, olive, pumpkin and sesame oils.

6. As many different dietary fibers as possible.

Dietary fiber basically does not contain anything extra – useful. But they remove from the body all harmful, including excess sex hormones, lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, reduce appetite and promote weight loss. Contained in fruits and dried fruits, vegetables, berries and bran.

It is advisable to begin daily intake of dietary fiber from dietary supplements: fiber, bran, inulin, kelp, plantain seeds (Mukofalk), chitosan (Chitosan from Tiens), pectin (Loklo) from NSP. The faster your body will be cleared of recycled substances, the better it will affect your health and appearance.

What else should be abandoned in the name of recovery and beautiful appearance:

Cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, refined and trans fat containing products. Even not because of their obvious harm, but because of the ability to inhibit the production of the hormones you need, and to increase the effect of undesirable ones.

Remember that we are what we eat, and in polycystic cases this expression takes on literal meaning.

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Agidelia, and thanks again for the interesting and informative material. We are what we eat – agree with you completely. Share your opinion on oil intake. How often and what courses to take. For example, I now take linseed oil in the evening on a tablespoon. Can I combine linseed oil with any other. Napimer heard about the beneficial properties of grape seed oil. What do you advise and will not bust. My friend, for example, has been drinking butter for years, is it harmful? Thanks in advance for your reply.

Natalia, about the side effects of oils never heard. You can not, in general, with gallstone disease, in all other cases, they do not harm. You can say, the heroine #128578; – even I do not master linseed oil in liquid form – only in capsules. It is very nauseous. Grape seed oil, I myself drink, very pleasant, and has a good effect on the skin. I advise you to take both, in a spoon, at different times. In them the composition of useful substances is different, the search will not be exact.

Natalia, what does your friend look like? Just wondering, for what all these efforts?

Sveta, is it really difficult to drink a spoon of butter, and there is no need for special efforts. It is unpleasant to taste only flaxseed, everyone else is perfectly drunk. Familiar Natalia’s skin should only be good.

And I got used to flaxseed flavor, now I like it very much #128578; true, I don’t drink it, and I fill up salads.

Good afternoon Agidelia You can ask: after I start taking plant androgens, can I eat high GI foods (i.e. potatoes, banana and

I don’t have a hard time to drink, I just wanted to confirm once again that the skin was super awesome, and now, by the way, I started to drink the pine womb and the red brush, I brew it together, I drink it 3 times a day, plus milk thistle

Svetlana, discomfort in the lower abdomen – this is normal, so the process has started And did you want everything to improve healthlessly there, wake up one day and be healthy? No, the tissues of the diseased organs should be reconstructed, regenerated. Lucie is right; herbs are being treated through aggravation, moreover, slowly. No, Sveta, you do not overdo it. Hope and special diet comply. Svetlana, do not forget about the help from Matrona. She actually helps everyone, especially with the kids.

Svetlana, sorry I did not see your comment. My friend, taking oil looks really great, the skin is clean, weight problems disappeared by themselves, I will say more, she takes oil both inside and outside, doing face and body massages, adding to shmpuni, in general, we should strive closer to natural gifts , at

Natalya, I remember remembering the promised articles #128578;

Agidelia, please write more about oils and their ingestion

Agidelia, thank you for the useful information! Really. sat 3 months ago on a diet and the result is obvious! Acne times 3 less! Svetlana, I also drink BM and KSH! And my mother saw him this summer! The result is really there! These herbs are treated through aggravation, so do not drop!

Agidelia Thank you very much for the useful article, please tell me which of the dietary supplements is the best of the three?

Dasha, on health #128578; Best of all in the composition of Loklo, and the quality of NSP is beyond doubt.

In the endless search came across your blog and decided suddenly you can help. My name is Eugene, I’m 19 years old, I have PCOS, my hair grows at an incredible rate all over my body! I read your article about PCOS and was genuinely surprised that you think hormones are not a panacea! I went anywhere with my problems, and lay in Moscow and were examined, and went to India to Kerala (my mother and I also tend to think that it is necessary to treat with alternative medicine, without hormones), and in Thailand, and in Dubai! In Dubai, I was prescribed Saw Palmeto, a diet and was advised to find a good acupuncture specialist (we don’t have any good ones, we were advised to go to China, climbed all the Internet, and there were so many different clinics that you couldn’t figure out where to go)! In general, wherever I was taken from the age of 14, I didn’t need it, only recently I had matured with brains and began to think about it myself. Our doctors, except hormones, no longer treat anything, it does not suit me,

Hello, Eugene! There are quite a few posts on my blog about solving this problem: http: //

The cause of any illness in the head. The cause of problems in the sexual sphere can lie in the rejection of their feminine nature. And treatment with herbs, drugs, and even hormones will give a temporary local effect. I am a psychologist by training, I took courses in kinesiology, the reason for emotions caused by some kind of stress, perhaps even during pregnancy. Therefore, I recommend first removing the emotional cause, after such a correction, any treatment will be effective. The very opponent of unnatural medicine, which shifts the responsibility to chemistry and a scalpel. Crippling everything, on the way to the goal of treatment.

Dear Eugene, good afternoon, How are you doing now? What have you achieved in the fight against PCOS? Ishushchy doctor and mother girls with PCOS. Vino2002 @

Thank you very much, I will try)

And wheat cereal to which products refers to the hypoglycemic index? Prompt, please.

http: //

I found a lot of useful things on your blog. I am a gynecologist-endocrinologist who diagnosed hyperandrogeny and prescribed a hormonal course of treatment, but I would not like to immediately resort to such radical measures (but testosterone is high enough), I will try using herbal antiandrogens, but I would like to go to the fight with too much testosterone on the part of the digestive system, which diet is the best to follow with such a diagnosis?

I will be very grateful for the answer! thank you in advance!

I in December 2009, wrongly quit drinking contraceptives. And since January, hormonal failure has gone. On the face povylazilo this … it was scary to go to the mirror. In addition, with terrible force began to crumble hair from the head – as a result of stress from one type of self in the mirror. My condition was terrifying. In February, I already realized that something was not happening.

Julia, as I know this situation … I have been drinking OK for 2 years. And scaly rashes began to appear on the face … I was referring to neurodermatitis, which I suffered from in my childhood and were anointed with hormonal ointments from time to time … But in the spring of 2010 a turning point came when most of the face was covered with these itchy garbage … Oh, what happened to me … Depression was still that … And then, having thoroughly analyzed everything, I understood that everything was OK! The doctor prescribed me vitamins for the skin and celestoderm ointment (terrible ointment). And sent to

oh, and I also drank, but then the doctor changed them to me mercilon. It seems so far everything is fine with me. But perfectil helped me very well to clear acne from the skin, and my nails with hair strengthened, really good vitamins. Brewer’s yeast did not drink … I’m afraid to get better))))

Mersilon, Sveta, these are the same OK., Only old ones, with larger dosages than they are accepted now.

Good day! Inna, I can not say that OK is a harm. I’m just not right

Inna, hello !! but is it possible in more detail about the treatment of neurodermatitis ?? what exactly did you take? At the very face in this (( Also took ok .. decided to quit. How long after the start ok you got this sore ?? I will be glad to any information !! thanks

Julia, Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I will say now from my own experience. After the abolition of Diana and similar drugs, within 2 months, testosterone becomes higher than the original level, the cysts return. After Yarina usually worse, but the cysts may no longer be. So, be careful, because as long as you have the likelihood of deterioration of the skin is exactly the same as last time. During the reception of Diana, the ovaries were simply turned off, naturally, and testosterone was not produced, and the skin was in good condition, now they were turned on …

Agidelia, I want to thank you once again for such a wonderful blog. There are so many useful and interesting things here. As for my problem. Yes, I partly agree with you – all that is not natural, it does not benefit the body. And it’s very difficult to give birth every year now, and even more difficult if gene diseases go – the body is waiting for a pregnancy, but it is not here and there. This is also not correct. The female body must give birth. So you have to choose the least of two evils. When I took OK for 8 years (with a break of one cycle per year. I drank logest, then femoden), I did not have any problems in general genicology. The cycle was on the clock, apparently everything was just super. And the contraceptive effect was (still OK I did not let me down). And that year I independently discontinued their admission, but I did not turn to a doctor. Here everything went. And for all these 10 years, I took Diana only in this case for a curative effect. I never took it. Now I switched back to femoden (already the second month has gone) and I don’t see any deterioration, thank God.

Julia, it’s all clear with birth. Every year, a few modern women can even get pregnant, let alone give birth. With this rhythm of life and a lot of problems in gynecology. Of the two evils, OK is the greatest evil. Simply, Julia, I still think that you do not fully understand the mechanism of action OK. http: //

Agidelia, I understand your negative attitude towards OK. I myself think that this is not an option. And I do not understand those girls who accept OK only for cosmetic purposes. Of course this is not correct. And the fact that our gynecologists, as one, “feed” us with hormones – this is also a fact. And there are very, very few of those who to the maximum use in their treatment dietary supplements, herbs and

And also, I forgot to clarify … Agidelia, tell me, please, I am going to start taking after the last tablet of femoden: dwarf palm, lycoprofit, zincteral. What dose of these drugs will need to take? And what else should be added to this list? Thank.

Oops, Daria, so you just left a comment in the post Diet for polycystic. The main provisions here are. The most suitable diet – the glycemic index of products, I mean Montignac diet. http: //

Hello. Help me pliz, what to do, I received a PCOS on ultrasound, took Yarina 9 months, then took a break for 3 months, and were shocked by the result of the ultrasound Ovaries were when she took Yarina 39, and now the right 49, left 47, hair falls out, sent to take tests for hormones, the skin is so-so (the doctor suggests switching to Jess, I don’t know what to do, help me with advice on what to do vitamin therapy or something else I really look forward to hearing) I’m 21 years old.

Catherine, as I understand you. And in spite of all the controversial comments about Ok, which I myself accept (I wrote about myself here), you should always be as objective as possible in solving a particular problem. I myself am very good at all types of traditional medicine. But there are times when you need to realistically assess the situation. Yes, perhaps hormonal therapy is bad, dangerous, and very, very harmful for the body, but in some cases it is impossible to do without this therapy. And here is the choice that we have to make. If we abstract from everything and look at the problem of PCOS in real time, it turns out that this is, firstly, a syndrome that, as we know, cannot be cured, it can be dealt with only by treating its consequences. Ekaterina, calm down for a start, and go to the DOCTOR (it is absolutely impossible to get treated on the Internet.), Just find a good specialist. And if the doctor offers you to jump on hormonal drugs, maybe something will help – this is not your doctor. From this it is necessary to run. There are a lot of useful tips and recommendations. Thanks to Agidelia for this blog, where all the most important for each issue is collected :). But you still need to go to the doctor. You yourself can not cope. In this case, as well as in any other, there are a lot of such nuances, which only a good specialist can say. Catherine, and you can find out how you have PCOS. Only by ultrasound or something else? And how long does it take? I wish you good luck, success in the treatment :). everything will be OK :)! Just consult a specialist.

Catherine, write, my address is Julia_msk1981 @

Thank you, Julia, for understanding and answering) since the school she struggled with acne, there have been constant weight gains, stretch marks have remained (but now the weight is normal) there is no strong hairiness, but there is a little around, hair falls out for 1.5 years. doing

Hello, Agidelia, you are a very competent person in such a matter as PCOS. Four years ago, I abruptly switched to vegetarian food and exactly one year later appeared PCOS with intense hairiness, naturally they appointed Diana, whom she had been drinking for 4 years, hair growth slowed down a bit, but did not stop, now she goes over all borders, drank a couple of months with a palmetto, red brush without OK (I didn’t even notice the effect on the problem), but I am allergic to herbs and cannot take them in the summer, now I take Metformin. Many times already thought about the removal of the ovaries, knowing the consequences. Can you share your opinion on this issue?

Margarita, I wanted to ask how you take metformin and whether it helps? I endocrinologist prescribed three tablets of 500 mg, but the body does not agree on such a dose. Normally I take 250 mg during a meal.

I take 500 mg twice a day, but I think only Diana helps me with hirsutism, and only a little, although insulin resistance originated precisely from hormones, in general it is a vicious circle

This is a vicious circle if you drink OK. If you change the diet and take really medicines (such as metformin), and not hormones, then everything is completely well treated.

I try to eat according to the table of Montignac for about six months since I read your article, I have a slim figure, but unfortunately hirsutism does not work.

Names of you, problems with hormones have been with you for many years and at the same time you want to recover sharply in six months. There is no such thing. I hope you do not drink Diana with metformin together ?? Things are not compatible. A diet and metformin, in combination with physical. load and vitamins gives excellent results.

Agidelia, you write about the dangers of OK, but Metformin, which you advise everyone here as a “medicine” for its side effects, is even worse than OK. What is worth only megaloblastic anemia (

Louise, not quite everything is so … the drug is over 30 years old, it is one of the safest with long-term therapy … General injuries and, incidentally, rash, nausea and vomiting – these are harmless ones, they are very rare. Simply, there is little alternative to the drug, diabetes is no better. And about megaloblastic anemia, you also err. As blood is leukemia, but

Girls, dear, please tell me how to refuse OK? And how long can you take them without interruption? I have been drinking Jess for 13 months now and I don’t know better to continue or break?

Good day to all suffering from polycystic! Personally, I drink OK for 8 years. It is too long. The World Health Organization considers it safe to take hormonal contraceptives for five years. Three times I took three-month breaks, but my skin was covered with acne and I again went to the pharmacy for OK. I have a lot of side effects now: blood has become thick (I drink Thromboc-ACC), my weight gained 27 kg, high cholesterol, sugar, too, libido at zero. Now I have gathered my courage and plan to try to lose weight again – this is the main thing in the treatment of polycystic disease, and quit these nasty OK. recently connected metformin, I hope it will help in the fight against insulin resistance. If you feel the effect of hormones, you can continue to drink, but to take a break once a year for three cycles, for example. At the same time I advise you to monitor blood counts every six months.

Strange, such a set in weight … to go nuts. I have been taking OK for about 10 years now and the weight as it was after the birth of 54 kg, and now 54 kg. And when they say that at the reception of OK weight increases, I can not believe it. Maybe you really like to eat buns and cakes, that so recovered?

Olya, as a person affected by Ok, it is in terms of problems with blood, I can tell you – by taking all these years OK, you risked your life every day. When changing blood parameters, OK is canceled, otherwise thrombophlebitis, thromboembolism and

And WHO, in matters of the use of drugs, I would not listen either. They are good at developing all kinds of preventive measures, but the drugs they recommend are often prohibited later. The same Orlistat on the verge (Xenical). many sugar substitutes, which, as it turned out, are mutagenic …

And I completely forgot to say that the weight gain is more than 5 kg. It is also a reason to cancel OK, as it speaks of serious endocrine changes in the body. Cakes have nothing to do with it. If it is 27 kg, then you need a serious examination. Do not ruin yourself until the end, throw OK and start already to be treated, and not to drive the problems deeper and deeper.

Agidelia, nice, and you have not heard about chavanprash dabur ?? Ayurvedic elixir is also called. Is he really so miraculous?

Yes, a good thing, drinking a long course, can exacerbate a number of health problems … but often, it is temporary and the sores disappear. I drink myself periodically.

That is, you can not be afraid and drink it? And he, with our women’s problems, has a positive effect on something?

He has a positive effect on any health problems. In principle, you can not be afraid to take.

Regarding Chavanprash, an Ayurvedic physician told me that I should give it to my husband, since this is a male drug, as I understand it by keeping Shatavari in its composition, which is contraindicated for women, as testosterone rises (female tonic – Shatavari Kalpa) but maybe I’m wrong. In any case, I did not dare to start drinking Chyawanprash. The doctor is the author of many books on Ayurveda, his opinion

Chyawanprash is not a male tonic, it is universal. It can not be only with high pitta. The content of Shatavari in Ch. Microscopic.

Good afternoon Agidelia! Thank you very much for creating a very useful, interesting forum. I have such a question, I have polycystic ovaries, with a height of 176 and a weight of 61 kg, is it worth it for me to stick to this diet? those of complete refusal of sugar, white bread, etc.? Thanks in advance for the answer.

Sun, Thank you !! #128578; Yes, it is worth it, without a diet, there is no point in treating with herbs. In addition, you still need this diet http: //

Can you tell me which oil is the safest when heated, also raffin or neraf?

The question is not quite to me))) we do not fry anything in the family, somehow it happened, except that I sometimes do cutlets. As far as I know, almost the only oil that does not form harmful compounds during frying is olive oil (I cannot tolerate it), and refined is better for frying.

and unrefined what is bad? I’m talking about olive

Thank you very much for your answer)

Hello! 2 years ago I started to gain weight, after going to a doctor, taking hormones and ultrasound, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and it turned out that the hormone prolactin was elevated. I was prescribed Mastodinone for 2 months, I have been drinking it for one month already, and they said that if it does not help, they will prescribe hormones. Here they talk about the appearance of acne, excessive hair … I have nothing like that yet, but I continue to gain weight. now with a height of 163 cm I weigh 81 kg (I always weighed 60). Now stick to the diet on the treatment table # 8, maybe you would recommend something else? thank you in advance)

Naivety, Hello !! Did you explore all the hormones? What with insulin resistance? You didn’t get an MRI. In general, the pituitary gland – the hypothalamus investigated ?? What hormones can there be, if you can then be completely smashed, after they are canceled especially. With them, do not get off. So, follow up. When polycystic prolactin is not important. Also, check all thyroid hormones – it may also affect prolactin and give extra weight. Perhaps it is pointless to advise sport, with hormonal problems … but nevertheless, walk 1-2 hours a day, this will at least speed up the metabolism, including hormones. And green tea in pills helps counter the extra pounds. You can our usual Evalar, and better than Solgar. Diet number 8 is perfect, nothing to add.

Thank you for your reply) I was prescribed LH, FSH, prolactin, progesterone, testosterone, estradiol from hormones, all within the normal range, except for prolactin. Neither the MRI nor the hormones for insulin were prescribed to me, like everything else that you indicated … I also plan to enlighten and donate thyroid hormones in the near future, but I have not yet given them. I walk a lot … Somewhere an hour and a half a day and comes out. I also drink green tea in liters (literally, 5 cups per day), do I need green tea pills? Substances in theory the same ….

lied to you – not estradiol checked, but DHEA-C) is also the norm

Naivety, you still need a lot of hormones to pass. Green tea liters)) does not replace its extract in tablets, so I advise you to combine.

Hello, Agidelia! In the article you wrote that you can not eat after 18 hours, which is definitely necessary

Hello, Adeline. What kind of diet do you follow? All nutritionists in the preparation of a nutrition plan now provide food intake after 18. A couple of years ago, research was conducted on this topic .. I don’t remember the exact wording, but the point is that you have to eat in the evening, otherwise you can reduce your metabolism (sugar level jump, diseases stomach and

Thank you for the blog and for the very necessary advice :-)

Good day. The blog is really useful, thanks for the very valuable information! But I will correct a little: the index is not hypoglycemic, but simply glycemic. Hypo is low.

Oooh, I always get confused)) something clicks in my head and I am writing hypoglycemic)) I don’t know why)) Well, that noticed)) I will have to sit down and look for everything.

Hello, I am 28 years old. I have secondary amenorrhea, at 17 years of age they stopped going monthly, drank regulus, menstruation went regularly in 2007, wanted to get pregnant, stopped regulonlon and menstruation did not go on femoston 2/10 and duphaston no longer react to the body , did laparoscopy back in 2008, but without results, the follicles in the ovaries are single and small, uterine hypoplasia, no monthly periods, doctors said IVF or adoption, please help with alternative medicine

Agidelia, I forgot to say that everything is fine with a weight of 50 kg, my face is also normal, with polykestosis, everyone complains that I have nothing,

So, again LikBez – there are no monthly until you accept OK. Well, girls, dear, well, it must be understood. Due to what you contraceptive effect then ?? Ovulation does not occur, so there is no monthly. There are monthly withdrawal bleeding. So from the age of 17 you have never had any monthly periods. It is terrible that you drank more duphaston and femoston. What is bad option with the adoption? IVF is, of course, cool, only the procedure is preceded by harsh hormone therapy plus the small himself all the months of B. on hormones. I have a few girls acquaintances who gave birth with IVF, and lost 90% of health on this. To give birth to this is one thing, but then 20 = 25 years, at least another child must be raised … And the health resource is exhausted .. How can I take it? Natasha, find out the cause of your problems as a woman! If you want a child so much, then why don’t you go for an examination – you need to find out what is failing. After that, look for a good phyto-therapeutist, acupuncture therapist and homeopath. You have a serious case, and then taking some herbs (and even some which is not clear) is indispensable.

In addition to polycystic hundreds of other female diseases.

Agidelia, my question is not quite on the topic … (I didn’t know where to ask). How do you feel about lax veganism? I have not eaten meat for 3 years. He eats a lot of fish (every day), eggs, nuts, cottage cheese. I try to follow the variety of food, I drink vitamins. I pay special attention to iron, calcium, zinc, Vit. groups B, A, E, C. Do you think the refusal of meat has any negative consequences for the body in case of careful selection of the diet? Is it reasonable to give up meat during pregnancy and breastfeeding (for now I only plan this).

Yana, mothers who refuse meat during pregnancy, I personally would have battered (not yet, but itching))). It’s not a fact that an inferior child is born, it’s not at all a fact, but why should the baby’s body be deprived of the building material in advance? And most importantly – to deprive his brain? And not the fact that he was born stupid, but the fact that he is likely to be completely ordinary and not outstanding – definitely. People do not eat meat from the vitamin component – they are almost not there, but because of protein and amino acids, we cannot synthesize this very protein in any way – we just need it in our diet. You’d better not eat fish – now it’s real and parasites in it and re-frozen a hundred times. In Russia, fish is more dangerous than useful. Cottage cheese … well, if you have your own, not shop …

Hello! I have small ovarian cancer, can’t get pregnant, advise what you can drink, doctors want to put on hormones, I drink them

Elena, I may not understand something or do not know, but I have never heard of the diagnosis of small cystic disease …. can make updates?

Agidelia, please tell me. I finish the semi-annual reception OK. What recommendations can you give me about the recovery? How to finish the reception? I drink vitamins regularly.

Hello! Agidelia, I really need your help. Have sister

Hello, I have the same problem as the previous one.

Hello, I have a cyst of the left ovary. Tell me, how is it different from polycystic and do I need a diet?

Masha, the cyst is not related to polycystic. Diet should be kept at least because cysts often grow from problems with the lymphatic system, and the rejection of harmful products in this case also helps.

Hello girls! In January 2011, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary. The doctor suggested taking Diane35, or doing a resection.

Hello girls! In January 2011, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary. The doctor suggested taking Diane35, or doing a resection.

Lower right abdomen hurts

Hello Agidhelia! Accidentally entered your site. I beg your advice and help. I am 23 years old, my husband and I are planning a child. But! Against the background of emotional stress and weight loss (I did not eat meat, I lost weight, in short, I was a fool. ((() I have some diseases, namely: ovarian dysfunction (oligomenorrhea, anovulation?)), Hyperandrogeny, Small right thyroid lobe, Chronic CMV, toxoplasma infection. On ultrasound, they give me: Polycystic ovary. Also increased the hormone Progesterone 17-OH. Since 2009, I suffer – irregular

Something else: I drank femoston 2/10

Very sad to read all the posts of girls. Our medicine only cripples, but does not heal. I was diagnosed with PCOS at 17 years old. There were delays + gained 10 kg of weight from 48 to 58 kg. She took OK to Yarin for 5 years, approximately as prescribed by the doctor (they prescribed a course from 6 months to 2 years, but if desired, contraception could be continued). I decided to quit OK (finished packing as it should be), but soon I was twisted by a hellish pain in my stomach. After taking it at the doctor, they said a yellow body cyst. No sooner had the ovaries in general earn. They said that if after the expected menstruation they did not pass (there is a big risk that the menstrual blood can accumulate in the cyst and break through it), then it will need to be deleted … Well, this outcome did not please me and I bought a new pack of OK and started drinking from the first day of menstruation – naturally everything resolved. Yoga helped me to lose weight from 58 to 54 kg – visually the figure became excellent (with height of 160 cm). Because of the work load, I had to give up playing sports and within a month (!) I began to gain weight! And voila – for half a year I get + 10 kg right before the wedding! I decided to quit OK, play sports. She lived without OK for half a year – her face was covered with acne, the weight even with 5 meals a day and high physical loads went slowly. Returned to OK for another 5 months and finally quit drinking them. Previously, the Internet did not have so much information about their harm and that OK only worsen the situation during PCOS! I am silent about the doctors who prescribe everything OK or lapar.

I have been doing almost a year in the gym + yoga. It took a month not to follow the diet (this is a moral breakdown, so hard to keep within), as the weight returned to where it was a year ago.

To say that I am depressed is to say nothing. I do not trust doctors.

After the abolition of OK, I took the course of Feminal (recommended by a friend) and then began to take Siofor (metformin). Found on the Internet dosage, how to gradually increase it. I have been drinking for 2.5 months. After the cancellation, OK sprinkled my face a little – I use Zinerit, my hair became even fatter, and of course I waited – my hair is climbing. I accept sports vitamins. Now I bought women. I accept Chyawanprash and Triphalu and I dream to restore my beautiful hair, to have healthy skin and slim figure (in winter there was more than 25.5% of body fat before I regained 3 kg of fat back).

Girls, for the sake of God and your loved ones – DO NOT TAKE COCK so that you will not be told, they disrupt all metabolic processes.

And when I read that when I take COC, my body is in a state of pregnancy, I understood why I was asked more than once if I was pregnant …

Read the website of Dr. Babkin about polycystic very interesting and, in my opinion, correctly stated. It is his method that helps me. Maybe someone will be interested. But there are some contradictions with your article, Agidelia. I think significant.

Elena, but tell us briefly what is the essence of it ?? If this doctor sees the main cause in insulin resistance (he has a lot of inspiration on this topic), then this is already known for twenty years. And I also have similar articles – nutrition according to GI and refusal of milk, as a stimulant ifr1 for polycystic and all kinds of hormonal deviations – necessarily. But, unfortunately (and perhaps fortunately), not all polycystic insulin-resistant, can not do without antiandrogens.

The essence is simple – RARE diet mode (2-3 times a day, without snacking), which causes a smaller number of insulin lifting waves. Most of the time, insulin is normal, or lowered. By myself I know, fasting and this method of nutrition improves the skin, hair, shape. And many diets promote frequent, split meals. Perhaps someone is suitable. In our life it is difficult not to succumb to the next tea drinking with candy, but if you know that it can hurt … I discovered the weed on your website for myself, thanks for that. In the intervals between 5-8 hour breaks I now drink them. There are improvements! And about dairy food – I agree with you.

Lena, you, of course, excuse me, but this method is frank sabotage for polycystic patients (and not only). Girls with insulin resistance need to eat often and gradually (as diabetics), then there will be no insulin spikes. As well as weight gain, because when a person does not feel acute hunger, he eats less. If you rarely eat, then the stagnation of bile is provided – which will aggravate the problems of appearance, and most importantly – hormone metabolites will harm the body longer. So this method, alas, is dangerous for people with hormonal imbalances.

Good day. 2.5 years ago I had hormonal disruptions, cycle disruptions, frequent bleeding, pain in the lower abdomen, got better, put on hyperprolactinia and multifollicular ovaries, but nothing was prescribed except iodine. Thyroid gland hormones are normal, not enlarged, a picture of the Turkish saddle is normal. With a height of 175, I weigh 95 kg, I have two children, I have never sat on diets, I lost weight after giving birth. And then on you, I just can not lose weight. Plus, the hair began to grow in male type, with a mess of skin, greasy hair. Yesterday I went to a gynecologist with a new ultrasound, put polycystic disease, sent to an endocrinologist gynecologist. Forces are no longer running around the doctors, they just throw me like a ball to each other, they constantly prescribe the same tests, and this would be

Hello … I’m 19

Hello, Scratch) It is fraught with diabetes and infertility, a stroke is from another area altogether)) Fulness is not even the worst consequence of hormonal drugs, unfortunately. Give your hormones, then you can think what to drink.

Hello again … And what else can lead hormonal drugs. And another question on which day is better to pass on hormones.

Hormones are given on certain days of the cycle, which you can learn about in the laboratory. They are all somewhat different. Standard – LH, FSH. prolactin – by 3-5, by 8-10 all androgens and estradiol, by 20-22 progesterone and estradiol.

Agidelia hello. I have such a problem. In August 2011, the doctors put on endometrial hyperplasia, put on Zoladex 10.8, put 2 injections. In total, the month was not 10 months. Handed over a hiteroscopy, everything was normal, they didn’t reveal hyperplasia. August 25, 2012 for the first time came monthly, 6 days passed, and after

Agidelia, you say that in case of polycystic as much as possible you need to use fiber, vegetables, grain bread, but I also have chronic pancreatitis, which does not like all of the above, what to do?

Lily, firstly to treat pancreatitis, secondly, somehow doze it in to connect live food. The main thing in this diet – the rejection of sweets, a significant reduction of high-glycemic, everything else is less important.

Good afternoon, dear girls! Two years ago, I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids, subserrous, 2 nodes. It all started with the fact that I had a cycle in 28-30 days, and the doctors never said anything about this

Sveta, I didn’t understand about 28-30 days …. The cycle is different for everyone, up to 35 is generally the norm, several doctors told me that 40 is also a variant of the norm, if 40 days are clear and stable from year to year …

Well, I also thought so, but in general, it should be as it should be, and the fact that everyone has a different cycle then here and then all the problems begin, polycystic, fibroids, cysts and

Hello! A week ago, set

Hello Agidhelia! I wanted to ask your attitude to such a drug as metformin (glucofage). They put PCOS back when I was 18, now I am 25. Our “doctors” tried practically everything on me, stimulation (clostilbegit, duphaston), OK – in general, standard futile treatment. There was a laparoscopy. Pregnancy has never been and treatment to no avail. I read a lot of good reviews about this drug and really want to know your opinion about it. Thanks in advance!

Olya, Hello! I already wrote on this topic – http: //

Thank you very much for such informative and useful information!

Dear and readable by me Agidelia! -)) Could you shed some light on the question of the form in which it is better to use buckwheat: boiled or just pouring boiling water / water for swelling at night? Different Internet sources say different things: someone claims that in the first case, pit-vets of buckwheat are lost, and in the second, there is a risk of disrupting the digestive tract. So I can not figure it out. Thanks in advance.

Hadija, I do not know how to, but I think that it is useful in boiled form. The second option – ground in a coffee grinder … a couple of spoons per day is a great way to get a good dose of quercetin and iron in easily digestible form. But, I think, only boiled one is possible for kids and suckers.

You know, Agidelia, I believe that you are right. After all, I wondered about this question: after taking twice the buckwheat infused in the water, I felt significant discomfort in the stomach in the form of heartburn, heaviness, increased acidity, and therefore I began to doubt. I would like to warn ardent fans of buckwheat and its raw use regarding similar problems and the insecurity of this method in general. Thank.

Dear Agidelia, good afternoon! Thank you for such a meaningful blog and advice in it, I already use many, waiting for the results, I had patience, I want to talk to the doctor about canceling OK, because I don’t feel very well with them … In general, let’s see, accomplish your goal, I now often look to you! And I have a question for you, I was going to fly to India, do you know any preparations of their production to improve hormonal levels (polycystic, hair loss,

Hello! I am 24, in 15 years found polycystic ovaries. Doctors offer traditional methods of treatment: hormonal, lakroskopii, and in the worst case, PPI. Such methods do not suit me. I decided to find folk remedies, and immediately stumbled upon your wonderful site. And the question arose about the diet. With a height of 160 cm. I weigh 50 kg. Do I have to give up the above, or can I have a more generous diet? And if she needed? And more … Does this mean that my blood sugar is normal,

Hello Agidia) Can you please tell me that in case of polycystic non-obesity, it may happen that the weight starts to increase? Tell me how it is connected? Under androgens, the liver begins to produce insulin or how ??

I had amenorrhea from a young age that Diana-35 tried to “cure”. She took Diana from 17 to 23 years. After the cancellation, there was amenorrhea, light hirsutism, and acne a lot of subcutaneous on the face and back. Fully cured without any bad beats only with the help of a low-glycemic diet and low aerobic exercise. The first results were already in 2 months. Many thanks to Agidelia for this blog.

Although I did not have polycystic, but hyperprolactinemia was. According to analyzes, all my hormones were normal, except for prolactin.

Hello! Tell me, is it possible to combine slow carbohydrates and protein in one meal? I want to lose weight a little, almost everywhere vegetable side dishes for meat and fish dishes are recommended, but I don’t eat like that and then start to pull on sweets)

Agidelia hello! I have already appealed to you about endometrial hyperplasia, but alas, I did not wait for an answer. I would like to re-ask for possible treatment with this diagnosis. They put Miren 2 times, but after 20 days the bleeding begins, and the spiral spontaneously comes out, in October Zoladex was again placed, 3 months old.

Tatyana, I am not guided in the comments to very old posts, I need to write in the last … then I’ll answer for sure. I do not know the cured by Miren and Zoladex, but there are already quite a few girls with early menopause because of them. Hyperplasia is a non-dangerous disease that can be corrected, if desired, not by hormones. Your treatment is more dangerous. Only adenomyosis is cured.

Agidelia hello. Thanks for the answer. Early menopause very afraid, no children. Could you write how you can correct hyperplasia, the desire to recover, great.

Girls, if you have elevated dgt or other androgens or if you have coped with this, write to Myownhproject @

Agidelia, hello! I’m sorry that I ask the question not quite on the topic, but I don’t know how to write to you personally #128578; After I cancel OK, the cysts mature, one by one. Recently, this all ended with an operation. There was a break in the cyst. After the operation, I was prescribed OK, and I also had polycystic disease. I am writing again, because I once drank OK to cope with polycystic. Even then I was stupid, I listened to the doctors implicitly, I believed that they would help. And now I drink them more from fear, so that cysts do not recur. But I recently started reading your blog, other information, and decided to do away with the pills and get treatment from the inside. In addition, I recently found out that I also have a cystic change of the thyroid gland. I beg your advice, how to avoid recurrence with ovarian cysts, if I give up OK this month? I read about the NSP program from polycystic, there are vitamins E and C, as well as Wild Yams and Dong Kwa. What do you think about it? If it’s from polycystic disease, will it help with the cysts too? Or should I start small? I would be happy if you help me find a way out. I want to be healthy and not risk the health of future kids! Thank! #128578;

Hello, dear Agidelia. I live in the states, I am 24, polycystic disease was set at 20. Since then, with a few interruptions, I drink ok, which I was prescribed as the only therapy for this diagnosis (if pregnancy is not planned in the near future). She started taking hormones at the end of 2009 (3 months Janine, then Jazz) saw until July 2011. She stopped, a year passed. In the summer of last year, the Doctors again put on pills, aviane, Necon, junel … Each cut has been taken for about three months, none have come up. Returned to jazz … I understand that nothing can be cured by them, but without them I also suffer. Depression permanent. I weigh from 72 to 75 kg. Now I’m going to do weight reduction (which was long overdue). Will the hypoglycemic index diet be effective when taken? And I would like to clarify at the expense of dairy and dairy products. I am in different articles mind disagreements about this. It is better to completely eliminate them or exclude only those that contain a low percentage of fat. How to deal with cottage cheese, sour cream, kefir, cheese. Is soy milk also harmful? Please direct me to the right path, I do not know what to do next. Thanks for the answer.

Sun, Thank you !! Yes, it is worth it, without a diet, there is no point in treating with herbs. In addition, you still need this diet http: //

Hello Agidhelia! I did not understand this: dairy and sour-milk can be with polycystic or all the same is not desirable? After all, on the Montignac diet can you eat cottage cheese and yogurt? Should I eat them all the same or not ?! Thanks in advance #128578;

Lora, I apologize for such a delay in the answer) it is believed that for any hormonal problems “like a woman” (polycystic, endometriosis, myoma), it is better to exclude dairy ..

Hello Agidia, I have found all the symptoms of polycystic in me (married for 2 years, during this time I recovered 15 kg, hair falls heavily, antennae grow, oily skin and hair roots, unwanted hair on the fingers and toes and around the nipples) extra weight is a big load for my hands as I have chronic pilonephritis, I donated blood for tests – FSG, LH, testosterone, prolactin, ttg, cortisol, everything is normal, how so?

Valentine, Hello!) and do not want to reduce weight to normal? go to the proper diet, cleanse the body, be like cleansing to a beautician and change hair care ?? malnutrition itself can give all these symptoms. Also, you did not pass dgt, dgeas, 17-oh, insulin and sugar. blood for biochemistry, ultrasound of the pelvic organs and abdominal cavity.

Agidelia, please specify in what phase to take the red brush for polycystic. And then I ran across what was needed in the first, and in another article – in the second. I also take a boron womb. Thank!

Irina, I adhere to the technique of reception, in which the red brush (can be brewed together with the boron uterus) is taken 30-40 days, and not in the phases of the cycle.

Tell me what kind of vitamins to drink with polycystic ovary hair falls out! Thank you in advance, Sorry if there was a question! I spend very little time, I can not read everything!

Julia, Hello! hair with polycystic does not fall out of vitamin deficiency, so do not expect much effect. But the quality of hair and their growth, they can improve. You need to pass an analysis for ferritin, since OK often hide its deficiency and once the hair falls out during the reception, the reason may not be hormonal at all. If he is below 70, you will need iron intake. You can take trasferrin, it shows zinc deficiency. From decent Pharmamed Skin, nails, hair + zinc + iron already in addition. From ikherbovskih http: //

You have a lot of very useful information, thank you for being there!

Is it possible to drink rewalid vitamins with polycystic?

can of course

and what can I drink except for rewald for hair, I drink Yarin for 5 months, my hair falls out a lot! thanks in advance

Hello Agidhelia! a very interesting and useful blog! Thank you very much for all the advice! I also have polycystic ovaries! before marriage did not even pay attention to

Good afternoon Adygelia! I have such a problem, I have been drinking Diana 35 for three years. I want to open up. Please tell me how to refuse step by step? weight is normal, 54 kg with height 163. Diana is of course very good for me, there is no problem at all. hair, skin, everything is normal, honored pomludstviya from the abolition of Diane and it became scary, in whom I can turn. what to do how to be?

Svetlana, but not the fact that there will be problems with the cancellation. Most often, after the cancellation, functional cysts are formed, how to prevent them, I wrote right here – http: //

Hello Agidhelia! Help me please. Accept Diana 35 for 3 years. I want to stop taking. Tell step by step what to do? Weight 54 with height 164, the skin and hair are now perfect. After reading everything written, it became scary to refuse them, it is terrible that I will turn into a freak. What to do, how to stop and not turn into horror

Good day. I really need your

I forgot to say …. Growth 165, weight 53. I eat a lot of chocolate, I can not live without it. For the rest, I adhere to a healthy diet.

I want to share my experience. From the age of 15, she suffered from this vile sore (spkya). She got married at the age of 24 and couldn’t get pregnant, the gynecologist prescribed laparoscopy, ovarian resection and hormones were prescribed. The result is about. After that, it remained to rely only on God. We went to the relics of Matronushka. Decided on eco. When tested before stimulation, my doctor decided that the endometrium is strange. And sent to donate blood for hgch. Hgch was high, which meant having a pregnancy. Doctors were delighted, they said that such a case they already have 3 rd. And at 27 years old, we had a son. After that, I was periodically treated with hormones to reduce the symptoms of the patient. There were no results. After reading the information on the Internet about the beneficial effects of metformin during sleep, I appointed myself to myself, and the doctor was against it. I sent all gynecologists away. She additionally took personal coaching from Agidelia. In general, somewhere in the months of 7-9. After receiving all that agidelia advised, and taking metformin, we learned that we will have a baby,)))) now my second son is 5 months old. We are on the gv, after feeding, I again want to start taking metformin, by the way, with his techniques, the cycle got better by the hour. By the way during pregnancy, I also sent gynecologists away. The less they climb into the natural processes, the better. With the first son thanks to the strict supervision of doctors, I almost lost the pregnancy !! Be healthy. Thank you Agidelia for your hard work.

I forgot to write the difference between boys of 7 years. I gave birth to the first at the age of 27, a severe pregnancy, I was dripping all over the breeze, I drank mountains of vitamins, in the end my son was born weighing 4150. With the second, I ran, for 9 months I flew to 4 countries. I went to an appointment with a gynecologist only for mandatory tests, all of which were ultrasound on time and handed over to the fetal pathology. The child was born 3150 without any hypoxia and cysts in the brain, as the first one had. I do not urge anyone to do this as I do. I want to say do not blindly believe doctors, you need to listen to your body. My gynecologist was surprised when she came to the reception, she asked if she was worried, I said no. Well, I’ll still write candles with papeverin in the ass. I wonder, for what? How for what? Just in case. Of course, I restrained myself, but I wanted so badly to tell her that she would put candles in her ass))) good luck to everyone in the fight against this damned sore !!

Natasha, very – very glad to “hear” you)) but somehow we got lost, you don’t write, you don’t ask anything, but it turns out she gave birth!) I congratulate you on the birth of the baby !! Health to you !! #128578; And how great it is that during pregnancy everything went without hormones – it is such a rarity now !!

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