Lower abdominal pain one week before menstruation

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A week before menstruation hurts lower abdomen

Many women report unpleasant symptoms before critical days. Usually complain of skin problems, breast swelling. It is often said that a week before menstruation a stomach ache. Each girl is useful to know what changes in the body accompany her menstrual cycle. It is also important to understand how you can alleviate your condition.

The reasons why the stomach hurts a week before menstruation

One of the reasons are hormonal fluctuations, which are simply unavoidable in a woman’s body. The level of progesterone rises in the second phase of the cycle, but closer to the menstruation begins to decline. During this period, the girl may experience unpleasant symptoms, such as abdominal pain. But in cases where the level of this hormone is excessively low, the discomfort becomes unbearable. This problem should be solved together with a gynecologist.

Also during this period the level of endorphins decreases, which causes pain, irritability, tearfulness. In addition, before the critical days, the uterus swells. This also explains why the stomach hurts a week before menstruation.

At the end of the cycle, the body accumulates fluid, which leads to electrolytic imbalance and provokes pain. Sometimes girls have late ovulation and the pain is caused by her.

But in some cases, the violation of well-being before critical days is not associated with the menstrual cycle at all. Discomfort can be caused by such problems as:

  • inflammation in the pelvis due to infections or hypothermia;
  • sometimes pains occur due to intestinal problems, and they are mistakenly associated with the approaching menses;
  • various injuries can lead to similar symptoms.

If a girl has a lower abdomen regularly a week before her period, she needs to talk to a doctor. Only a specialist can figure out what is causing this condition.

For a number of girls, the menstrual pain is so strong that the painkillers become the only salvation. But one should not take such a state as a given – most often such a flow of menstruation is evidence of violations in the work of the organs of reproduction.

Lower abdominal pain one week before menstruation

The pain of menstruation is known to many girls and women, but not all pain during menstruation is the norm. If the discomfort is strongly pronounced and sometimes brings unbearable pain, then most likely there are disturbances in the reproductive system.

Not only a developing pregnancy can cause a long delay in menstruation, however, in fairness, it is she who most often causes girls to be pretty nervous. Next, we will understand how to act in a similar situation.

Normally, the monthly discharge observed 5-7 days, but sometimes women note that after menstruation they continue, the so-called daub, or even full bloody discharge. It is necessary to understand the causes of this condition, because it can be a sign of a violation.

Pulls the lower abdomen a week before menstruation

Why a week before menstruation pulls the lower abdomen

Pulls the abdomen a week before menstruation, bloating appears, light pain in many women. In addition, during this period there may be pain in the mammary glands, intense and increased in size.

Some of the women do not see anything terrible in such situations, do not sound the alarm and relate to this more than calmly. And some turn to gynecologists and endocrinologists, pass the appropriate tests, trying to find out why a week before menstruation pulls the lower abdomen, and there are other ailments.

It is necessary to consider in detail the causes of unpleasant feelings and related factors that are not a cause for concern, and also to study in detail those that should be given due attention.

In what situations do not worry

All changes in the female body at reproductive age (before menopause) are closely related to the production of hormones that regulate the entire menstrual cycle. The hormonal background of a woman is dynamic and changes continuously. The level of hormones can not be established at a certain level and does not change in any time period.

Lower abdominal pain one week before menstruation

Often 2 weeks before menstruation aches and pulls the lower abdomen. And the reason for this is bloating. In addition to eating habits, a hormone such as progesterone also affects the intestines, the level of which increases in the second half of the menstrual cycle. In some women, especially in those that already have predisposing factors to disruption of the bowel, this hormonal change provokes a decrease in intestinal motility, gas retention and constipation.

Closer to the monthly level of progesterone drops, and premenstrual syndrome may occur: headaches, fatigue, aggression, depression, nausea. Sometimes, just before the onset of menstruation, women have a need for prolonged sleep, fatigue, and a little body temperature. And pulling the stomach for a week before menstruation. a little bit.

The reason for the increase and soreness of the abdomen before menstruation is swelling of the uterus due to the fact that the body is actively preparing for conception.

Since a woman’s body accumulates and retains fluid before menstruation, the stomach may swell, creating a feeling of heaviness. There is a slight, temporary electrolyte imbalance, this is not a pathology.

Situations requiring access to a doctor

As already mentioned, during menstruation and a week after ovulation pulls the lower abdomen in many women, about 60%. However, in 10% of the pain are unbearable, they can be stopped only with the help of painkillers. In the presence of intense pain, a woman should seek the advice of specialists in the field of gynecology.

The reason for going to a doctor can be a loss of consciousness in the period of menstruation and a week before they begin. It is worth noting that such bad habits as smoking and alcohol abuse can contribute to the emergence of severe pain. In addition, diseases of the nervous system can cause severe pain.

The pain of such intensity may indicate the presence in the female body of a “latent” infection, an inflammatory process, as well as serious diseases that can adversely affect the possibility of conception, normal gestation and childbirth.

If you experience a slight pulling pain in the abdomen a week before the onset of menstruation, its swelling, heaviness in the lumbar region, swelling of the mammary glands should not panic. You should listen to your body, carefully analyze the intensity of this pain, and only having noticed something unusual, you should consult a doctor.

If one week before menstruation begins to hurt the stomach

Some women do not need to follow the calendar in order to know when their period will begin. This is accompanied by various symptoms, for example, a week before menstruation, lower abdominal pain, headaches, depression, irritability, insomnia. By itself, the stomach seems to swell up, anxious for pulling and aching pains. Such phenomena are observed due to natural causes or the presence of anomalies.

What causes PMS: illness or natural causes?

Real health problems do not always cause discomfort. The body is preparing for menstruation, natural changes occur in it. If a week before menstruation hurts lower abdomen, then this can be caused by the anatomical features of the female body.

Diseases can also cause unpleasant effects. The deterioration of health in different indicators for the week before menstruation indicate PMS – premenstrual syndrome.

At this time there is:
  1. depression;
  2. increased fatigue;
  3. puffiness;
  4. chest pains;

What should I do to alleviate the symptoms of PMS?

All of the above factors prevent a woman from living a full, comfortable life, as it used to be before PMS. If a woman has bad habits, she has experienced stress, has suffered infectious diseases, has done abortions, then these factors can cause PMS symptoms. A healthy lifestyle, good physical exertion, proper nutrition, adherence to the regimen can alleviate the symptoms of PMS. If there are strong or weak pains a week before menstruation in the lower abdomen, then slow walks in the fresh air are shown, you should not overwork yourself during this time. It is worth paying attention to your health.

What to do if PMS interferes with living a normal life?

If PMS is extremely worried and the woman is not able to lead a normal life, then urgent measures should be taken. Self-treatment is hardly worth it, it is better not to delay and consult a doctor. In some cases, women are saved by hormone therapy.

If you contact a specialist in a timely manner, he will conduct the necessary research. Perhaps, as a result of their illness will be detected, of which the woman had no idea. For example, uterine fibroids, various inflammatory processes of the female genital organs, a disorder in the endocrine system of the body.

The human body is individual and unique. Lower abdominal pain a week before menstruation in each case arise for a variety of reasons. Only a specialist can understand everything, identify the causes of PMS and prescribe treatment.

Sparing methods for alleviating PMS symptoms

Surely there are quite a few women who, in case of PMS, do not want to immediately fill themselves with medicines to eliminate their symptoms. They are more impressed by more benign methods, such as regimen, diet, exercise. As for the diet, fatty, salty, smoked foods should be excluded from the diet completely. To avoid overwork you need to get enough sleep.

It is recommended to increase the number of hours to sleep. Vegetables and fruits in the diet will saturate the body with vitamins that it needs during the PMS period, since the body’s forces are depleted at this time. Coffee intake should also be limited. You can take a variety of mineral and vitamin complexes, try to protect yourself from stress and trouble. You should always treat yourself carefully, especially during the ICP period.

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