Lost my son

A dream in which you lose a child, whether it is a grown-up baby or an unborn baby in the womb, makes you nervous. Still, after all, emotions from the loss of a loved one, his own blood, are always going wild. Usually, the interpretation of such dreams, in which there is a place to lose something or someone is associated with the fact that in reality a person has some real loss. Most likely, such a dream is a sign that the meaning of life is lost or hope is lost.

Lost my son

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Losing a child in a dream: what does it mean?

Depending on whether you were able to find the child in a dream or have lost it completely, this dream is interpreted. If everything ended happily, then in real life there will come a favorable strip. It also means that the meaningfulness of the events will come to you.

Lost my son

Losing a child in a dream to a pregnant woman is not uncommon. It just so happens that pregnant women are too suspicious and unsure of their abilities. Under the strong impression a pregnant woman may dream that a child has disappeared in a dream, this is a reflection of the fact that the future mother is obsessed with fear, she is not sure that she will cope with the future role and become a good parent. In this case, you will need the support of a partner.

To dream of being pregnant and losing a child or to watch someone take a child right after birth is again a sign of the future mother’s fears, her fears that she will not be able to become an authority on her children.

Lost my son

If you once again dreamed that my child was gone, do not despair and panic. Look carefully at your life, do you rejoice in everyday trifles or have you lost the taste of life? Perhaps this dream will make you give up on everyday routines and try to turn your attention to more interesting things, to take up a hobby.

Losing your child in a dream almost always means future disappointment. In this case, the younger the child, the greater the likelihood that disappointment will come from a close relative.

Dream Interpretation: lose a child on the street

If a child is lost on the street in a dream, then in reality you can expect a violation of planned events. In this case, the cause of the collapse of the plans will be you or someone from your blood relatives.

If you dreamed that a child disappeared, and you frantically search for him all over the street and at the same time are very worried, then your plans in reality will be violated, and at the same time finances will suffer.

Dreamed of losing a son or daughter? If in reality you have problems in relationships with children, then this dream is a projection of your complexes.

Why dream of losing your child?

Very often the plot of a dream in which a child or children is lost, goes on for a very long time. Sleeping at the same time begins to attempt to find his child, to ask the people around him about whether they had not seen his son or daughter. In fact, such a dream means that a person has long been looking for himself, his meaning of life or purpose.

Why dream missing child: Dream Miller

In Miller’s dream book, there is a dream interpretation in which you lose a child. The psychologist says that this is a sign of losing one’s happiness. Such a dream will not bring anything good, but will only be the beginning for a protracted depression.

Losing a child in the womb: what does it mean?

Opening a modern online dream book, you will learn why dream of losing a child in a dream for a pregnant woman. An abortion or miscarriage in a dream is a true sign that in real life a girl is hurt and disappointed. She is lonely and is going through hard times. For a girl who is not pregnant in reality, seeing a dream in which she loses a baby from the womb only means that there will soon be a place for betrayal or deception in her life. For a pregnant girl, such a dream means that she needs to be more attentive to her health.

What dreams of missing a child in a dream dream Vanga

Vanga said that the mother could have a dream, that the child was lost and could not be found. The image of the child may be clear or vague, but you need to listen to your feelings. The child symbolizes hope and meaning in this dream. Therefore, if you have lost it, then in reality, too, you have no meaning and hope. Bulgarian clairvoyant insisted that after such a dream, the person looked more closely at his relatives, perhaps they infringe upon him.

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