Levomekol to the wound

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Levomekol has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, regenerating properties. In its composition are immunostimulant methyluracil and broad-spectrum antibiotic chloramphenicol. These are the two main components. Their action enhances the auxiliary agent ethylene glycol. With it, the ointment preserves antibacterial stability during suppurations and necrotic formations. The drug is intended for external use only. It is produced in banks or tubes.

Levomekol to the wound

What is the effect of levomekol based on?

Well-known doctors chloramphenicol is an effective antibiotic and is able to fight staphylococci and streptococci. Also, the drug destroys E. coli and some other large viruses. The antimicrobial properties of chloramphenicol inhibit protein synthesis in pathogens and lead to their death. But the development of drug resistance in pathogens to the drug is rather slow.

The use of chloramphenicol can cause a toxic effect on the hematopoietic system and reduce the number of red and white blood cells. The drug in high doses can lead to side effects, mental disorders and confusion. Therefore, it is not used to treat diseases in pregnant women and mothers who are breastfeeding, as well as skin affected by fungus and psoriasis.

As the second component of the ointment Levomekol, the drug methyluracil is used, which improves the passage of metabolic processes in the cells and heals wounds, and also restores tissue and has an anti-inflammatory effect. It actively influences the human immunity by producing an additional amount of leukocyte cells in the blood to protect the body from invasion and the development of pathogens. In addition, it additionally helps to produce a special interferon protein with immunostimulating, antiviral and other biologically active abilities. Levomekol is one of the best ointments for purulent wounds.

What is levomecol used for?

Ointment Levomekol prescribed for the treatment of any purulent wounds, even infected with viral and bacterial infections. It restores and disinfects damaged tissues well, eliminates purulent processes and reduces swelling, perfectly treats furunculosis, 3rd and 4th degree burns with the breakdown of muscle tissue and with neglected hemorrhoids. This ointment is also used for the treatment and prevention of pressure sores. She is treated with stab wounds, cuts, purulent acne, weeping eczema, and some bursting blisters.

Ointment Levomekol successfully treat acne. To do this, it is applied to especially large and purulent acne before bedtime. And after opening the abscess ointment lay in the wound area. For comparison, familiarize yourself with the Vishnevsky ointment on an open wound.

How to use levomekol?

Levomekol to the wound

On a large area of ​​the damaged surface, an ointment is applied onto the impregnated gauze napkins, filling the wounds with them, and then tied up. Change napkins produced depending on the presence of accumulated pus. At least daily, and sometimes more often. It is allowed under certain circumstances to introduce the ointment with a syringe into the area of ​​the infected cavity.

In the presence of purulent inflammation on the outside of the auditory meatus, flagella of sterile gauze are used, which are pre-saturated with ointment. They are set shallowly in the ear of a watch for 10-12. In the same way, apply the ointment in the treatment of sinusitis.

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