Lemon with a cold

As you know, citrus fruits are incredibly useful and, importantly, widely available. You can find them on sale all year round, besides the cost of these fragrant gifts of nature is relatively small. Traditional medicine has long paid attention to the unique properties of bright fruit. In terms of popularity, citruses bypass even such champions as ginseng, aloe and valerian. However, whatever indisputable advantages they did not possess, it is strongly recommended to consult a doctor before treatment. Standard contraindications are metabolic disorders, allergic manifestations and disorders of the gastrointestinal system.

Perhaps many of us have heard that lemon helps with colds and flu. To date, accumulated a lot of proven folk recipes, claiming as the main component of this juicy fruit. About how you can quickly and effectively recover from seasonal ailments with lemon, will be discussed further.

According to the encyclopedia Healing Plants

Folk recipes with lemon for colds and flu

In order to prevent influenza, traditional medicine recommends taking a composition based on lemon with garlic. The cooking mechanism is the following: it is necessary to grind 2 lemon and the same amount of garlic heads on a grater, then mix everything thoroughly and add boiled water (1 liter is enough). Next, the lemon-garlic mixture is infused for three days. During this period, she should be in the dark, at room temperature. Strained infusion must be stored in the refrigerator. It should be eaten on an empty stomach, 1 tbsp. a spoon. Course welcome is desirable to extend from the beginning of autumn to the end of spring.

No less vividly proven lemon oil. Initially, 1 lemon needs to be dipped for a minute in hot water, and then scrolled through a meat grinder directly with the peel. Crushed citrus is combined with 100 grams of butter and 2 large spoons of honey. Storage conditions and the use of lemon oil is similar to the usual cream.

Another recipe is: lemon finely chopped (no need to remove the zest) and poured vegetable oil. During the flu period, the resulting mixture periodically lubricates the nostrils, as well as the gums – before and after meals. In addition, lemon oil treatment of the ears and soles of the feet before bedtime has a positive effect. Fragrant lemon oil is often used as a salad dressing.

To minimize the likelihood of infection with the flu (for example, while communicating with the patient), the lemon segment is placed behind the cheek: the slice should be moved from one cheek to the other until the active saliva discharge stops.

Lemon from a cold

From the headache with flu and cold practice healing aromatherapy with lemon. To do this, pour fresh lemon juice in boiling water. Several eucalyptus leaves are sent there (it is permissible to replace with essential oil) and a pinch of salt. The resulting liquid is poured into a deep container, which is fixed just below the level of the face. Rising vapors are inhaled through the nose, and it is recommended to alternately cover the nostrils. If one of the nostrils is heavily laid, try to lie down on the opposite side for a while. Before you go to sleep, drink a mixture of lemon juice with a small spoon of honey.

Regardless of what stage of the disease, it is worth more often to chew a lemon wedge together with the skin (at least once a day).

A positive effect on sinus and runny nose gives washing the nose with acidified water: just dissolve a small amount of fresh lemon juice in a glass of liquid.

Such a wonderful remedy is also known: chopped fresh horseradish (150 grams) is combined with lemon juice (2-3 fruits) in a glass bottle. The thick liquid is stored in a cool place for quite a long period. Do not forget to use it every day for 1/2 tsp (in the morning and afternoon). As a rule, the use of funds entails the appearance of a side effect – tearing. Experienced herbalists assure that this unpleasant consequence does not negate the positive effect, so you can not pay special attention to it. In addition, after a couple of weeks of admission, the tearing will disappear.

In diluted form, this medicine rapidly loses its valuable properties, therefore it is better to refrain from mixing water. Try to do without liquid for at least thirty minutes.

Lemon knocks down the temperature

Lemon helps bring down the heat body during cold and flu. Water with lemon juice is considered effective and, at the same time, a safe remedy for heat.

In addition, traditional medicine recommends that during colds, eat as many lemons as possible to increase the overall resistance of the organism to infections.

Sore throat – lemon helps

If you have a sore throat, take fresh orange, grapefruit or lemon juice, diluted with warm boiled water in a 1: 1 ratio. An equally effective alternative is a glass of pure water with five drops of an alcoholic solution of iodine (5%)

Lemon with a cold

Those who are prone to tonsillitis and chronic pharyngeal diseases are advised by herbalists to add the following cocktail to their diet: 250 ml of kefir + 2 tbsp. spoons of red beets + juice of half a lemon + 1 teaspoon spoon of rosehip syrup.

Lemon Cough Recipes

To overcome a strong cough helps lemon juice: boil 1 lemon over low heat for 10 minutes, then take out, cut in half and squeeze the juice. Drink juice should be during each attack, one small spoon throughout the day.

The second recipe cough remedy with lemon: mix honey (1 tbsp.) And juice of 1 lemon to start with. Next, add a pair of fresh chicken eggs. The resulting mass is poured with a glass of cooled boiled water and stirred until homogeneous. It is necessary to accept means during the day in small sips in an hour. Traditional medicine recommends this recipe for adults and children.

Is there a lemon for sore throat?

To quickly treat a sore throat, it is helpful to gargle with a solution of citric acid (30%) every hour throughout the day. You can do even easier – dissolve a couple of peeled lemon slices, holding them as close as possible to the throat. The procedure can be carried out every hour. Folk healers claim that with angina can during the day eat 1 lemon whole skinned to increase overall body resistance to infection.

In the olden days, babies suffering from sore throat were smeared on the necks with lemon juice with a cotton swab. Then the neck was covered with a warming compress. The older kids rinsed their throats with an hour-old lemon solution every hour (citrus juice 1 to 1 cup boiling water). Those who could not rinse on their own were given to drink the juice in its pure form (from one wedge), after which they were additionally watered with hot tea with lemon. After the procedure, the patient was placed in bed.

To strengthen the immunity for adults and children

The following composition helps to tone up a weakened body for colds, flu and sore throat: 4 lemons (mince with skin) + 200 grams of olive oil + 15 grams of ready-made pharmacy hawthorn tincture (or valerian) + 200 grams of lemon juice + 15 drops of peppermint oil + 1 gram camphor. Carefully stirred mixture is taken in 1 tbsp. spoon thrice a day (before meals).

To strengthen the immune system After infections, it is useful for adults and children to use a mixture of peeled walnuts (500 g), honey (300 g), lemon juice (from 4 fruits) and aloe juice (100 g). The tool take 1 teaspoon or dessert spoon three times a day, 30 minutes before a meal.

Restorative remedy for immunity: take 2 kilograms of pomegranates and lemons, and also 3 kilograms of beets and carrots. Skip everything through the juicer, after having rid the lemons of the seed (and grind the garnet straight with the seed). Ready juice is combined with 2 kilograms of honey and stored in a glass jar. Reception course – 1 glass each in the morning and in the evening, during the month. Then they take a break for 2 weeks and resume their reception for another 30 days.

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