Leg cramps

Cramps worry people of all ages: from young to old. There are also quite in small children. Most often they occur at night, causing sleep disturbance and feeling unwell.

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Why legs are cramped

Spasms are an antispasmodic contraction of one or more muscle groups, accompanied by pain and discomfort. The reasons may be multiple factors:

  1. Insufficient amount of magnesium, calcium, zinc in the body;
  2. Violation of the functionality of the thyroid gland;
  3. Hypovitaminosis B;
  4. Kidney problems;
  5. Diabetes.

Leg cramps

As well as the causes of leg cramps can be called a long standing position, excessive exercise. There is an overstrain of the muscles, which causes spasms. Frequent nocturnal attacks can be activated in connection with flat-footedness, varicose veins, stressful pathogens, smoking, hypothermia. In older people, this phenomenon is due to age-related changes: muscle tendons shorten and convulsions appear.

Frequent causes of leg cramps at night are pregnancy, protein diets, dehydration, eating foods that remove calcium (sweets, alcohol, caffeine, strong black tea).

Febrile leg cramps have an infectious cause at night and are treated with medication. Respiratory attacks cause severe stress, during which carbon dioxide levels are reduced, and convulsive contractions occur.

Leg cramps at night – types of disease

The clinical form is manifested in involuntary short-term clamping of muscles. The pain is observed slightly, quickly passes. But when the tonic muscle hardens for some time, a person for a long time can not relax his leg and feel relieved. Such symptoms are characteristic of older people, but, unfortunately, are observed in very young guys and girls.

Mechanism of disease development

When the muscles are in prolonged tension, blood cannot flow into them, therefore ischemia of the muscle fibers occurs. A person is not able to relax his leg on his own, and therefore the pain lasts for several minutes until the muscle group is fully restored. That is why cramping his legs so suddenly and painfully. And what to do when the spasms caught off guard?

How to get rid of cramps in the legs

Yes, leg cramps – what to do? First, if there was a seizure at night, you must quickly sit on the bed, straighten the limb with your hands, massage the muscles of the legs, pinch yourself, move your fingers. Blood will flow out and the spasm will stop. You can immerse your feet in cold water or walk along the floor.

How to treat leg cramps

When the legs are often cramped, the first step is to establish the cause of their appearance, and then conduct a comprehensive drug treatment. The first complaints should be addressed to the therapist, who will then refer the patient to a specialist, according to the analysis received. If the causes of leg cramping are somatic pathology, then with an adequate approach, this problem will soon be resolved.

The main stages of the treatment of disease

Meals should be eaten in 5-6 receptions, dishes should be served in a small bowl. It is important to eat foods high in fiber, carbohydrates, fats. They take part in strengthening the muscles of the legs, normalize blood circulation and tone the body.

In the diet must be present:

  • • dishes from cereals;
  • • fatty fish species;
  • • nuts of various varieties;
  • • milk products;
  • • raisins;
  • • dried apricots;
  • • bananas;
  • • buckwheat;
  • • prunes;
  • • potatoes, carrots, beets, tomatoes.

It is necessary to monitor body weight, with an excess – to make fasting days, to refuse the use of sweets, confectionery, bread from wheat flour, as well as – fatty, fried, spicy and salty dishes. More fresh fruits and vegetables.

It is important to control the calorie content of foods and eat foods with a low glycemic index. Also adequate physical exertion, easy jogging, swimming, walking will be helpful. At bedtime – a glass of low-fat kefir. During the day – drink plenty of liquids, at least 2 liters per day.

Leg cramps

What if my legs are cramping at night? Bath with sea salt will help relax muscles and relieve cramps. To prepare you will need 5 liters of water at room temperature and 3 tbsp. l sea ​​salt. After the procedure, you need to wrap your feet with a warm towel and rest for 10-15 minutes.

In the treatment of leg cramps, the doctor is obliged to prescribe vitamin complexes, this is calcium D3-Nicomed, Magne-B6, Asparkam. It is necessary to refuse to wear shoes with heels over 5 cm, it should be comfortable, have instep supports or orthopedic insoles for the effective location of the foot over the entire plane of the sole.

When the attending physician is able to diagnose why the legs are cramped during the night of cramp, it will be necessary to perform the treatment in a timely manner so as not to aggravate the problem and cause a complication. If the patient is on his feet all the time, due to his employment, it will be helpful to wear compression knitwear, which will ensure uninterrupted blood outflow from the legs.

To eliminate leg cramps at night and their causes, you need to take pills containing vitamins E, B6, B1, P and C. They will help restore muscle activity, fill the body with useful minerals and trace elements.

Leg cramps

In order to prevent leg cramps, treatment may include reducing the load on the body, conducting self-massage, wearing special shoes, and performing simple gymnastic exercises. All these methods will help eliminate the disease without pills from cramps in the legs, prevent recurrent attacks, make life more pleasant and comfortable.

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