Laundry soap for thrush

Thrush is a disease that develops because of the fungus Candida. They are representatives of conditionally pathogenic microflora of the body, therefore they are constantly present on the mucous membranes of the mouth and genitals. When favorable conditions appear, the fungi begin to multiply vigorously, and the person becomes ill with thrush or candidiasis.

To get rid of unpleasant symptoms, a lot of medical preparations have been developed. But it is possible to cure thrush with folk methods. For example, soap will contribute to the elimination of the disease.

The effectiveness of soap in the treatment of thrush

The laundry soap has undeniable advantages:

  • This hygiene item is an excellent disinfectant.
  • In the laundry soap there are no artificial compound, chemical dyes and flavors. It is created only from natural substances. And this is a huge advantage compared to the mass of other personal hygiene products.
  • Soap is inherent in alkaline Ph, which means that it is able to create an environment unfavorable for increasing the number of pathogenic microorganisms.

Candida is comfortable in a sour microclimate. Therefore, if laundry soap is used during water treatment, the development of a fungal infection can be stopped. But the process of treatment in this way is very long.

Use soap solution:

  • relieve the unpleasant symptoms of the disease – burning and itching, discharge of cottage cheese consistency;
  • protects against other diseases of the urogenital sphere, which occur when the immunity of the natural microflora on the mucous membrane is weakened.

After the symptoms are eliminated, the ailment itself is not defeated. Therefore, the procedure must be continued for several days. This is important to do, because not fully cured thrush can eventually become chronic and cause concomitant diseases of the urogenital area.

The use of soap for the prevention

If a thrush worries a woman too often, you should not wait for her next arrival. Unpleasant symptoms of the disease can be prevented. To do this, wash your genitals daily with soap and water. There is no guarantee that such procedures will stop the thrush. But practice shows that washing with laundry soap in most cases prevents the development of candidiasis.

Treatment with soap

When the thrush has already settled on the vaginal mucosa, simply washing away is not enough. It is necessary to use other methods in the treatment.

Laundry soap for thrush


Not every kind of laundry soap is suitable for such a procedure. It must contain at least 70% fatty acids. On the piece, which is suitable for treatment, there must be a number of 72%.

  1. Grate 1/3 of the grater with a larger one.
  2. Put the soap in a bowl and pour warm boiled water. One liter is enough.
  3. Wait until the soap has dissolved. You can manually speed up this process.
  4. Stir so that the water becomes white and slightly frothy.

The resulting solution to the woman should wash the genitals and make syringing.

After half an hour, you need to take a shower and again douching. This time it is necessary to fill the syringe with clean tepid water.

This treatment is carried out once a day. The best time for him is shortly before bedtime. After the water procedure, vaginal suppositories or tablets should be used – those prescribed by the doctor.

Symptoms of candidiasis will disappear in a few days.

Medical bath

The solution, made in the same way as for douching, should be poured into a basin with warm water. Carefully sit down and remain in this position until the liquid has cooled.

The procedure can be used for the entire period of treatment 2-3 times, since excessive drying of the genital mucosa occurs.

Therapy for thrush

  • Washing genitals with soap is carried out no more than once a day. When the symptoms go away, the procedure should be done for another couple of days.
  • During therapy, it is advisable not to use washing powder. Laundry should be washed with soap. This piece of clothing must be from natural fabrics. Therefore, your favorite lace underwear will have to be hidden in the closet for a while.
  • Discard daily pads, as they contribute to the growth of fungi.
  • It is necessary to rationalize nutrition. You should not eat foods that can provoke the growth of fungi – bread and muffin, carbonated drinks, kvass and beer. In the everyday menu you need to include dairy products. They will help the body to strengthen its protective functions from the inside.
  • Do not forget about the drug treatment prescribed by a specialist.
  • When used in the treatment of local drugs (suppository, creams or ointments), washing should be carried out before their use.

In order to get rid of candidiasis, it is necessary to approach therapy comprehensively. Just using soap and medications is not enough. Should protect the body from possible reproduction of pathogenic microflora.

Precautionary measures

Laundry soap is undesirable to use longer than five to seven days. It starts to dry the skin.

Laundry soap for thrush

This soap is alkaline, and for intimate hygiene it is necessary to select neutral products. Therefore, it is necessary to use it only when the symptoms of the disease appear. But when washing underwear laundry soap should be preferred always.

Features of treatment of thrush in men

  1. Wash the genitals with warm water.
  2. Lather the head of the member with soap.
  3. Wear cotton underwear and go to bed.
  4. When you wake up, take a shower, or just wash your genitals with warm water.

When the discomfort is gone, treatment can be stopped.

Thrush symptoms often signal the threat of more dangerous ailments: venereal, endocrine system pathologies, tumors. This means that when signs of candidiasis appear, you should not be treated on your own. It is more reasonable to consult a specialist and then supplement the intake of the drugs prescribed by him with the methods of traditional medicine.

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