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Lap surgery in Israel allow you to quickly and effectively get rid of complex pathology or the effects of injuries and return to active life.

Knee surgery in Israel is most often performed by arthroscopy, which avoids the risks inherent in open surgery. This operation technique is effective for the treatment of articular mice, osteoarthrosis, gonarthrosis, tendon or synovial inflammation, as well as ligament rupture, meniscus or cartilage damage, and many other diseases and injuries. In the most difficult or advanced cases, the patient needs to replace the affected joint – endoprosthetics. Jewelry accuracy of such operations on the knees in the clinics of Israel provides the use of computer navigation. To learn more…

Arthroscopic surgery

  • Arthroscopy – High-tech knee surgery in the centers of Israel, which is used for minimally invasive resection or restoration of damaged structures of the knee joint. Arthroscopy is performed by surgical access through two small punctures in the skin. Through one of them, a light guide connected to a video camera is inserted into the joint cavity, through the second one – special tools, which can be mechanical, high-frequency or plasma. To learn more…
  • Arthroscopic meniscectomy – minimally invasive knee surgery. Depending on the nature of the damage, the meniscus is either partially or completely removed. As a rule, the damaged areas of the meniscus and its mobile fragments are to be removed, and the intact part is preserved. If there are multiple tears in the meniscus or crushing its cartilage, the meniscus is removed completely. Surgical intervention is performed with an arthroscope under visual control.
  • Arthroscopic suture of both menisci – the least traumatic knee surgery. In Israel’s hospitals, this method is used to restore the integrity of the meniscuses and prevent the early development of post-traumatic arthrosis, but it is unacceptable for the treatment of extensive injuries and laxises of the meniscus.
  • Arthroscopic dissection of synovial folds the knee joint or their removal is assigned to patients with shelf syndrome in order to avoid the subsequent destruction of cartilage. The thickening or fibro-reborn synovial folds revealed in the knee joint are dissected or removed with the help of an arthroscope.
  • Baker cyst removal can be performed by arthroscopic method or open access, but in any case, the democratic cost of the operation on the knees in the clinics of Israel makes this procedure accessible to any patient.


Endoprosthetics – surgery, during which the knee that has lost its normal functionality is removed and replaced with a modern prosthesis from an artificial substitute. According to reviews of operations on the knees in Israel, the endoprosthesis can perfectly serve two decades or more, without requiring replacement. ServiceMed customers are offered implants made from ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, ceramics or titanium based alloys. The cost of surgery on the knees in Israel to replace the endoprosthesis joint depends on the choice of the patient.

Questions from our patients

  • For more than two months, he suffered pain in his knee, but did not go to the doctor. Now it turned out that I have a ligament rupture and I need to change it. It is necessary?

In patients with chronic ligament ruptures, the damaged ligament shortens over time, atrophies, and can no longer be pulled out so that it is attached to the separation site. In this case, the patient needs plastic surgery to replace the ligament defect. For prosthetics, part of the patient’s tendon of the patient’s own leg or a synthetic material can be used. For the speedy restoration of knee functionality after surgery, each patient receives an individually developed rehabilitation program.

  • Is it worth it to agree on arthroscopic debridement in gonarthrosis, because they say that the effect of such an operation is temporary?

Knee surgery

Arthroscopic debridement is indeed used as a temporary measure for patients with the second stage of gonarthrosis. During this minimally invasive operation on the knees, the surgeon uses an arthroscope to extract the dead cartilage particles floating in the joint cavity, which cause pain during movement. After the procedure, the pain disappears and does not bother the patient for a year or two. And whether such intervention is shown to you, your treating physician should decide.

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