Knee Pain Relief

Advise recipes for knee pain. What to do and how to treat a sore knee? What drugs to use at home? Are folk remedies effective? Read the reviews below.

We treat pain in the knee in 10 minutes without pills and shots:

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I have 3-4 gonarthrosis. A very sore knee. Began to walk with a cane. She took meloxicam – obesbalivala. It used to be a duodenal ulcer, so she was afraid to take other medications, although the doctor prescribed. Subtracted in the HLS recipe: honey, burdock juice and vodka, all in equal parts. She began to take twice a day for dessert spoon before meals – it helps! Tied to the knee interior pork fat. I accept fish oil propolis. So I am treated for two weeks – life has become more fun. The operation cannot be done until I have operated on the veins. Try it!

Hello! My knees hurt for 15 years already. True, I didn’t treat with folk remedies, but at the very beginning, when I had just started arthrosis of the knee joints, the doctor prescribed me Gumisol injections, which are very effective. Maybe someone knows where to buy. I will be very grateful to you if you tell me.

300 gr. alcohol, 1 bottle. camphor alcohol (10 ml), 1 bottle. iodine (10 ml), 10 tablets of dipyrone mix, let stand for 21 days in a dark place. Rub the joints at night, wrap with a woolen cloth and go to bed, rub 10 days, break for 5 days, then another 10 days. Pain in the knee joints will pass.

Yes, it is difficult to find a doctor who would be interested in helping. I came to the doctor with pain in my knee, and I also said that I had been taking painkillers for two months, I had prescribed an ointment and the same painkillers. That’s all the treatment, and with pain at work. And not the fact that another doctor wants to help, and the leg is already sore to tears.

Osteoarthritis of the knees for a long time, and the spine hurts. I went to the doctors, did not help. I tried everything, so many sawing tablets – everything is useless. Gelandrink cut 3 months, did not help, and dear.

Osteoarthritis-arthritis of the knee joint, the doctor prescribed treatment for xefocam – 10-day injections and electrophoresis with novokai – 10 times, and magnetic therapy. The whole course is done. Much better. The acute pain went away, but the swelling remained because there was an injury. I’ll wait burdock!

All my life my knees hurt, which I did not try. She began to walk on her knees: at first she hardly made 5 steps, and in a week it was possible even to walk to the store. Four years did not know what is arthrosis and pain. Now, suddenly, in one second, a sharp pain appeared while walking and the knee did not unbend, but I did not feel any pain. Again, apart from all other treatments, I would be on my knees, although the doctor did not recommend.

At the first signs of arthrosis, one should go to a rheumatologist. In the case of acute pain, you should not walk on your knees, after treatment, when the pain disappears, walk as much as you can. Folk treatment should be used only in conjunction with medication, otherwise miss the time. I have arthrosis of the knee joint, I walked for some two months. Folk treatment did not help, I signed up with a rheumatologist and thank God, medicine and together folk treatment work wonders.

Well, I am rubbing my feet with a bee submuir. I always did it on moonshine, now I read that it is possible to insist on water and apply a compress. Sciatica has passed. But my mother (70 years old) began to hurt her knee. Smear with protein. It seems to me that it will help.

sore knee, did not hit, did not fall. Painful, that can be done. I understand that without the help of a doctor is not enough, but where can I find a specialist?

Be sure to make an x-ray of the knee, and to a traumatologist, it doesn’t matter if they fell, hurt, or just got sick! In the knee joint is possible fluid that needs to be pumped out, and only then treated. Be sure to reduce the load on the legs.

Not necessarily there is fluid, I had the same symptoms, it turned out osteoarthritis of the knee joint. Do without surgery, massage, weight loss did their job.

At night, I apply softened cabbage leaves to my knees, securing them in pieces from old woolen tights. By morning, swelling on his knees pass, it becomes easier.

I got acquainted with all the recipes, I have already tried many, I will try new ones, but for some reason no one was treated with drugs “arthrit” (do not confuse with an arthritis-asset), this drug contains most of glucosamine and chondroitin, 5 mg each – this is natural extracts of shark cartilage, so necessary for the restoration of cartilage in all joints, from the lack of which the knee, hip, shoulder, vertebral and other joints hurt – take according to the instructions. Courses 2 times a year, in spring and autumn. To all those who suffer, I wish recovery.

Traditional methods are good, of course, but it is better to be treated normally, arthrosis is not a joke, if you start, you can bring it to the operation. I was prescribed Don injections, it really helped me, after the course I began to feel much better, the pain in my joints passed, my mobility was restored. Now I continue to use for prevention, I feel good.

Knee Pain Relief

Treated arthrosis at the doctor. Diprospan was injected into the knee. Pricked painkillers injections movalis 5 days. At night, I made compresses with Dimexide, diluted with boiled water in a ratio of 1: 3, the contents of 1 ampoule of lidocaine and 1 ampoule of dexamethasone for 10 days. In the morning wash your knees with water and rub gel. I also had chondrogard injections every other day, first 4 injections of 1 ml each, then 20 injections of 2 ml each. I still rubbed menovazin (he anesthetizes). I can not do physical procedures because I have a nodular goiter. The right knee was treated well, and the left knee was temporarily (baker’s cyst under the knee). When inflammation of the knees put ice – swelling decreased. I continue to do compresses with dimexide, lidocaine and dexamethasone. I also do exercises on Nishi from Maya Gogulan, I found in youtube. They helped me with back problems.

I’ve read, tell you how I am saved from arthrosis. Already for 17 years, the knees have fallen ill, the doctor has pricked injections in the knee, and everything would be fine if after a while the pain was not constant. And I was told that I was in vain doing injections, some capsules remain from them, and they will always hurt. It was necessary to treat with other methods, well, here is a cabbage with honey tied every night. And summer will come – burdock, but the weight must be lost. Slowly, it is necessary to do exercises with weights during arthrosis through lying pain, it helps just super, but it is difficult to hang on. Lie to yourself, and constantly, resting, make a bicycle. That’s when you go on small heels, then you realize how great it is. And, of course, it is necessary to follow, only sick, at once, to do gymnastics!

Knee Pain Relief

If hard and hurts. And everyone’s knee hurts, only the stage is different. And they hurt differently. What cabbage? What burdock? Maybe a little inflammation and relieve, but the disease folk remedies will not cure. Go to the doctor to the orthopedic traumatologist or to the rheumatologist. When running cases need to prick the joint. If not too late. And to someone, and this will not help.

I want to warn those who are going to walk on their knees. If the cartilage is broken in the knee, direct road to disability! Try to change food, more vegetables, less salt, and of course gymnastics with care! Good luck.

Doctors do not treat arthrosis, they just relieve pain and inflammation with the help of hormonal drugs for a while. Burdock and cabbage do the same. After 10 nights with a honey-burdock compress, my joint pain goes by 1-2 years.

Several times quickly the stairs came across several floors – my knee became sick, especially in the evening before going to bed … It was better in the morning … Did anyone have it?

Two months, as I fell, after that I took a picture, they said – the initial stage of osteoarthritis of the knee joint, I go to physiotherapy for a month and a half, but the pain in my knees is still small. Tell me, please, what to do, how to cure.

I recently read the recipe, tried it today, while it’s too early to talk about the results, but the woman who printed the recipe wrote that she was completely cured. In general, in equal proportions take medical bile, ammonia, iodine, glycerin and honey. Make a compress for the night. And so on until recovery. A woman wrote that 2 months did in a day. Try it, can someone help!

Hello, my knees hurt, already as 7 months went, I tried almost all the ointments, a little easier, but as I run, towards evening I started to hurt terribly again, even to touch it hurts. Tell me what to use, as soon as I can do sports.

Thanks for the advice. We will treat arthrosis. And then for the third month I’m limping into your ranks, artillery tanks!

My advice to everyone, start with a specialist appointment. I was treated so do not understand what and reached osteoarthritis. Brrr, how unpleasant it all is. Now the doctor has already picked up the treatment, you need to pierce the don. This is a chondroprotector. The main advantage is that not only helps with pain to cope, but also helps in the restoration of bone tissue. In general, for people with similar problems to me, this is the salvation of the present. Only I advise everyone, well, enough already folk medicine to get involved, just make it worse.

Treatment of osteoarthritis with folk remedies is possible only at the onset of the disease, as soon as you feel pain in your knee, or rather, of course, immediately contact your doctor, otherwise the time will come and you will be taken to the surgeon’s table, which is what happened to me when nothing else helps . Of course, it is a pity that in our time, by and large, we are not needed by anyone, now everyone loves encouraging a large amount. Now more and more people are recalling our Soviet-era medicine.

The knee hurts for 5 years, it was treated 2 times a year, but alas – arthrosis of the 3rd degree. And artificial joints in our country are set in such a way that they make people with disabilities at all. And hope abroad, who needs us there? But is there any way out? Is there really nothing to treat arthrosis? The pain is terrible.

4 four months took teraflex arthra (stimulator of cartilage regeneration), it became even worse than it was. I ride on the stationary bike – it became better. After burdock – also easier. I applied honey with cabbage leaves – it helped.

It helps with diseases of the joints infused with alcohol alcohol.

All this did not once. Inflammation was removed in a paid clinic by the system: baralgin + magnesium + dexamethasol, 3 days. Then the injection of diprospan into the joint. They removed the hellish pains, cut off the knee with ozone. Now leeches went into action. At the end of the joint

For 15 years, my knee hurts. Much was done, and injections, and physiotherapy, and Artra for half a year, she agreed to everything, if only the pain would pass, and she would go to the doctors, but she didn’t feel any special interest on the part of the medical workers, but she wanted help. One doctor said bluntly: “Have you ever seen a flower that has withered suddenly come to life. With the joint too. ” Then I thought and added that if there is a lot of money, take Don, read the Internet, many different offers and it seems like you want money, but to do something to treat arthrosis, read reviews and the desire to trust someone is lost, it may be even worse .

Tightened with treatment, eventually had to go to the doctor, because nothing else helped from what was advised in pharmacies and on the Internet, although I spent a lot of money on these experiments. The doctor prescribed a lot of things, but I was best helped by physiotherapy. As a result, in order not to run all the time in the clinic, he took for himself such Almag01, as in a physiotherapist, and was cured at home.

It is necessary to drive salt from the joints with bay leaf. Shark fin hood is an expensive thing, salmon ridges are sold in fish stores – they are not expensive, you can boil it and drink it. In Ayurveda, I recommend posture a head on my knees and maha-mudra – you need to do it every day – then I walk easily.

All this is entertaining. But the truth is, what is all the same to cure osteoarthritis of the knee joint.

In the journal TREAT WITH US Toloka for February 2010, a note by S. Parfenova about a meeting with the DMN professor and a reputable herbal remedy was printed

Kolola Alflutop, drank more than one course Dona. I drink Arthru every six months, nothing helps, I made Gilart-Forte shots to my knee joints, there was no more relief for a month. I will try folk remedies for arthrosis. Health to all who share tips.

Let me share with you the experience. I myself had a trauma of a meniscus a long time ago, but not a complete break. She lay in the hospital, because the knee was leaving strongly to the side. It seems corrected. She went out and immediately stumbled on the stairs, and again everything was new. Then cured, sorry, rubbing urine. Within a month everything went.

With age, that injury made itself felt more and more. But I was treated with fresh birch leaves. They covered the whole joint with them, and more leaves. She wrapped her leg with cotton cloth, and then wrapped it warm with something. Just one procedure is enough, and you will feel how pain and stiffness moves away from such a birch steam room. Do well-being, as long as necessary. Though all summer. But birch one and do not rip tighter. Have pity))

And now the most terrible and most effective recipe. Tadam! A woman advised his grandmother when she had both knees so sick that she could not walk. So here. Take a mushroom. Slice them and stuff them into a bottle of dark glass. Close and put in a dark, cool place, it seems, for two weeks. There you will see. They will turn into a dark liquid. Here it is necessary to rub it into the sore knees.

Grandma did it only once. But I remembered this stench for life. She rubbed for the night, and I slept with her in one room))) In short, it was 60 years old, and she left at 83 and did not disturb her knees anymore!

but I would not dare to rub my hands. Gloves would put on, but my grandmother rubbed her hands)) do not get sick!

I am 22, but I have been suffering from arthrosis for 5 years. He brought himself to the 2 degree, now the month left the knee hurts constantly (very painful, I can not think about anything except the pain). I went to the doctor, he says it’s from a sedentary lifestyle (the knee suglob doesn’t feed properly with liquid), you will do gymnastics, every hour from morning to evening you can fully bend and bend your knees at least 5 times (while sitting or lying) soon you forget about arthrosis, and not to forget to move, but not to overwork. And then, he said, if you do not work on yourself, soon there will be an operation and disability waiting for you. The doctor was old and it is clear that he was very experienced and intelligent. I will follow his advice. PEOPLE MOVE DONT REPEAT MY ERRORS ASK YOU

I suffer from arthrosis of both knee joints, I started with a trip to a rheumatologist who appointed a dog handler to the joint, 3 injections in a week, and no more treatment, but … 12 years went, danced and everything was great. And now the left joint also got sick, and the pain returned to the right joint, the doctors said that only the operation, but not in my case, I have a thrombosis of the superficial femoral vein. They say: better plaster and bed than granite and fencing. Here on this black humor, I came from a doctor. Burdock was treated. I subscribe journal ЖОЗ, everything that I will read, I do everything. Every six months, I pierce a fermatron into both joints, and one ampoule costs 5,000, 10 injections and 50,000. Hands already fall, all imaginable and inconceivable recipes tried, and all to no purpose. Yes, about walking in wheelchairs. Read Bubnovsky, he categorically against walking with arthritis, with arthritis, please, but not arthrosis.

To help relieve inflammation of the joint, lotions with an old Kombucha help me (20-30 minutes) —I’m doing it in the evening at the TV – then a 15-minute massage — stroking; There were already shots and pills – arthrosis is probably incurable. So say the experts. But moderate gymnastics, burdocks, etc., alleviate our suffering.

There is tea on the basis of sabelnik, called arthrava. What can you say about him?

It is necessary to rub knees and joints with propolis ointment.

I am 67 years old. Problems with the left knee – pain in the knee joint and flexion difficulties arose long ago with

The best cure for osteoarthritis is a sabelnik tincture, just take your preparation, inside the table. spoon three times a day, diluted with water. Do not wait for quick results, somewhere in three weeks or four will be improvements, take breaks and drink all your life, checked, the pain will pass.

propolis, mummy – I sincerely believe in all of this, I remember my father regularly used these remedies, and up to 90 years he had no problems with his joints, surprisingly. from pain or exacerbations of arthrosis, the cream of domestic production helps well, the institute of pharmaceutical reagents Refarm makes, and is called cream Xsikrem sa control with bisphosphonates. effective means – I have to break my joints, I smear with cream and everything passes.

Rescues compresses from demiksid and novocaine with alcohol. And periodic courses elbony, every six months I order it and pierce it. Plus wear clamps. That’s how I live with my arthrosis.

I am 63 years old. Arthrosis is 3 years old. The doctor said that his knees would still hurt, sometimes there would be an improvement, and at times … More often

camphor alcohol 1 bottle, alcohol 1, and iodine 1. Compresses for the night.


People. Tie a kneecap and sew it from the inside to your pants. From now on, your every step becomes a massage movement. Read the arthritic sites. Almost everywhere it is said that it is necessary to improve blood circulation. I immediately felt better. I have been going this way for two months already, I still use Balsam Dikul-Forte in the evenings. I’m going to take a picture only in February (we have such a queue for free ones). In the direction of the style written – gonarthrosis 2 tbsp.

I would advise from the chondroprotectors, to choose those that are on glucosamine, so Don or elbon to choose who is more suitable, I am treated with an elbonum. It is cheaper out.

a year ago there was a crunch in the knee and a burning pain on the inside of the knee, doctors said arthrosis 2 tbsp, prescribed bicillin-3, and licomycin, dimexide in the ratio of 1: 2, warming up the ointment; the result was punctured zero, allergy started from Dimexidum – the entire knee was peeling off, I spent a lot of money on all sorts of ointments – relief did not come. I found a recipe in the internet to drink gelatin. One hundred spoons without top is filled with 100 grams of cold water in the evening, add one hundred grams of water, milk or yogurt to the gelatinous mass in the morning and drink 35 – 40 minutes before breakfast, drink 20 breaks for 20 days; I didn’t wait for a miracle, but after the second course I felt better, I can sleep for a few hours lying down, before that I was asleep sitting. Of course, each person’s individuality and diseases have a different origin, so look for your own option, I hope that my experience will help someone.

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