Kim Kardashian before surgery

Date of Birth: October 21, 1980Occupation: actress, model

The actress, model and socialite Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian) is no stranger to TV cameras and meticulous journalists. Private life has long been a major source of income for a star – that is why the star always responds openly and extensively to all the “inconvenient” questions, including those related to plastic surgery.

But the fact that these answers are sincere and sometimes great doubts arise. Numerous rumors have attributed Kim Kardashian a variety of plastic surgery: from nose surgery to the installation of gluteal implants. She herself denies any interference in her appearance by the surgeons – although she does not argue that she will gladly turn to them in the future.

What plastic surgery did Kim Kardashian?

These statements can be safely left on the conscience of a star: since, as is known, it’s better to see once than to hear a hundred times, much more plausible conclusions can be drawn from photographs of Kim from different years.

Summarizing the views of reputable American surgeons, as well as journalists and ordinary fans of the star, you can make a list of plastic surgeries that Kim Kardashian conducted with some probability or other:

In addition, regular injections of Botox, plasma-lifting and contour plastics with the help of fillers, due to which not a single wrinkle can be found on Kim’s face, are not in doubt.

Photo of Kim Kardashian before and after plastic surgery

“In general, I am not against plastics, but I have never done anything like this with myself. And all these rumors strain me a lot. When I turn to a plastic surgeon, I myself will be the first to talk about this, as well as everything else that I do, ”Kim swore in an interview. Unfortunately, to take these words on faith is very difficult, because the photo of the star “before and after” sometimes says the opposite.

Kardashian in 2006 and 2011

Before and after nose surgery.

In the photos of 2009-2011, Kim Kardashian’s nose looks a bit shorter, has a clearer outline and a more pronounced tip than, for example, in 2006. Very similar to the result of the so-called conservative rhinoplasty, in which minor defects are eliminated, but the individuality and naturalness of the forms are preserved.

Plastic surgeon Jeffrey Ronsley believes that Kim’s nose changes have made her facial features close to perfect, forming a single, regular shape of the nose and eyebrows.

J. Ronsley marked the key changes in the shape of the nose Kim Kardashian after the operation: the blue indicates the symmetrical line of the nose and eyebrows, green – changes in the size of the tip of the nose, red – the changed orientation of the tip

Kardashian herself mentioned more than once that she was not very happy with her nose, thought about plastic surgery, and even went to consult a surgeon about this. “But when I saw the result simulated on a computer, I immediately became reluctant to operate. It was no longer my nose and not my face, but for me it is extremely important to preserve the individuality, ”she said. Well, apparently, in the end, Kim and her surgeon still managed to find a mutually acceptable solution.

Breast and buttocks plastics Kim Kardashian

No less controversy arises about the socialite breast. Known American plastic surgeon, a specialist in star plastics Anthony Yun claims that her correct shape and large size relative to the physique of Kardashian unequivocally indicate the implants installed.

Breast Kim Kardashian after the alleged plastic

Kim, in her turn, dug out and posted one of her old photos in her blog – on it, the 14-year-old future star poses in a bathing suit, showing a well-formed bust of the third size. “Already at the age of 11, I went with the size“ C ”, and if I unbutton the bra now, you will surely say that a breast lift would not hurt me. And I will really do it, but only after the birth of children, ”she said.

That same photo

In the comments, reasonable requests immediately appeared to show a similar photo of the “sirloin” part of the star – it’s no secret that outstanding buttocks are not only the main Kim Kardashian brand, but also the subject of numerous gossip about the installed implants and silicone injections.

Kim Kardashian before surgery

Kim Kardashian’s buttocks have always been her calling card.

However, in this question the same Anthony Yun expressed the opposite opinion. “Despite the fact that Kardashian’s buttocks look completely unnatural, their size may in fact be due to heredity. I had several patients with a similar type of figure and none of them increased their buttocks, ”he explained.

In the appendage to this argument, Kim provided an X-ray image, which, as planned, should show that there are no foreign bodies in her pelvis. It is rather difficult to assess how much this corresponds to reality because of the low quality of the photo, but logic dictates that if Kim Kardashian decided on plastic surgery, she would not distort the proportions of the buttocks and try to give them a more naturalistic look.

Kardashian, cellulite and liposuction

In one of the episodes of the reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, Kim and her sister Chloe had an anti-cellulite session on the VelaShape machine, which is based on the combined effect of radio frequency energy, infrared heating and vacuum massage. In fact, we are talking about the commercial for the device itself, generously paid for by the American Laser Center beauty salon.

The advertisement was not very successful, since there were no significant changes with the Kardashian figure after the session (in fairness it should be noted that she did not have pronounced cellulite). But fans have noticed that, despite the impressive size of the buttocks, excess fat on the adjacent parts of the body – hips, back and abdomen – Kim is not observed.

This caused a wave of talk about another plastic surgery, Kim Kardashian, this time – liposuction. In addition, the star herself said that her ex-husband, Damon Thomas, insisted on conducting liposuction back in 2004. It is difficult to say for sure, but there is definitely some not quite natural imbalance between the type of the figure and the amount of fat deposits.

Liposuction can also explain such outstanding dimensions of Kardashian’s buttocks: the star visually emphasized them, removing some fat from the lower back and thighs. By the way, absolutely the same operation was done by another famous owner of a giant priests – Nicole Coco Austin, with whom Kim has long-standing friendly relations.

Buttocks of Kim Kardashian and Nicole Coco Austin

Kim Kardashian before surgery

Kim Kardashian and Botox

Botox injections were the only procedure, which Kim Kardashian never denied – and even made them “to the public” in the framework of a reality show, describing in detail all of her feelings.

And in 2011, hyaluronic acid fillers appeared to be added to Botox. Combining these drugs is an excellent anti-wrinkle remedy, but a kind of side effect can be a change in shape and overall facial expression.

Kim tries to grimace, but her muscles do not obey

This effect can be seen on Kim’s pre-New Year photos – her face looks like a frozen mask and very much resembles her own wax copy of a star, represented in the famous Madame Tussauds.

Kim Kardashian is real (left) and wax: find 10 differences

Kim Kardashian diagnosed with psoriasis

In July 2011, Kim admitted to live on her show that a dermatologist diagnosed her with psoriasis – an extremely unpleasant and difficult to treat disease, leaving characteristic plaques on the skin. Presumably, the star inherited it from her mother, Chris. Upset celebrity asked not to discuss her problem, but could not resist in order to demonstrate severe symptoms.

Red plaques on the legs of Kim Kardashian

Before and after using the spray

At the same time, Kardashian does not intend to devote the necessary time to treatment and for the sake of it abandon his telecarya. It is absolutely impossible!, She said in response to the reasonable suggestion of Dr. Harold Lancer to lead a more relaxed, measured life in order to get rid of the tension provoking the development of the disease. Instead, Kim took the opportunity to make some extra money by advertising the spray, which helps to hide the outward manifestations of psoriasis.

Blood ties

Experimenting with botulinum toxin, the star drew attention to another popular anti-aging technique – plasma lifting (rejuvenation by injection of the plasma of its own blood). Of course, Kim would not be herself if she turned to an ordinary specialist from Beverly Hills: instead, Dr. Allen Rezai, a British plastic surgeon currently practicing in the UAE, became her chosen one.

Kim Kardashian before surgery

And the procedure itself became a full-fledged show, with the help of which Kradashian and Rezai tried to demonstrate to the conservative Arab women the effectiveness and safety of this relatively new injection technique. And, of course, the star photos of the process were immediately published on Instagram.

Pregnant lips

In May 2013, being in the seventh month of pregnancy, Kim complained to readers of her twitter on very swollen lips – and, of course, supplied the lamentations with a corresponding photo. The reaction was ambiguous: not all believed that the matter was in the “interesting” position of the star.

California plastic surgeon John Di Saia is confident that Kardashian still used the help of one of his colleagues: “During pregnancy, a woman gains weight and her lips can also increase slightly – but not to that extent. I think Kim helped them a little, he is sure. “In general, if we are talking about hyaluronic acid based fillers, then it may be quite safe for her child, but no authoritative research has been done on this topic yet.”

2014: recovery after the first birth

After the birth of her daughter in June 2013, Kim had been hiding from prying eyes all summer and was actively putting the figure in order. But in October, at the time of publication, the star showed its still seductive forms, covered with a frank white outfit:

Kardashian explained the quick return to the “pregenerate” parameters by intensive work in the gymnasium and a special diet, and she denied the slightest intervention of plastic surgeons or cosmetologists.

At the beginning of 2014, in one of the episodes of his show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, Kim visited a plastic surgeon Dr. Simon Ourian and complained about his wrinkled hands. But, having learned about the possibilities of the clinic and the availability of laser procedures, the sultry brunette decided to work with another problem – stretch marks on her chest. Surrounded by cameras, she had a laser polishing of the décolleté area, and also removed an old scar on her leg.

In the same period, many noted that Kim’s buttocks became even more lush and round than they were before pregnancy. It is possible that in addition to regular sports activities, the star held their lift to give her main exhibit the desired shape:

2015: Was there another rhinoplasty?

During the year, Kim’s experiments with the appearance were more cosmetic. For example, she changed her hair color and became a platinum blonde:

Also, there were rumors that the star again decided to “straighten” its nose. Many have noticed that the shape of its tip has changed somewhat, it can be seen if you compare the photos of 2013 and 2015:

However, the assumptions about the new rhinoplasty, most likely, are no more than conjectures: a slight difference in the appearance of Kim’s nose is more likely caused by makeup and lighting in the photo, rather than by the work of a plastic surgeon. Moreover, this year the brightest representative of the Kardashian family became pregnant again, which could well have an impact on the features of her face (not to mention doing any aesthetic operations, being “in position”, is directly contraindicated).

2016: second child and new appearance

In December 2015, Kim gave birth to a son and called him Saint. During this pregnancy, the star gained considerable weight and stated that right after the birth, she was going to get back into shape with the help of liposuction and a tummy tuck. According to the insider from the teledivans environment:

  • “It’s no secret that her body is a real source of income. This means that Kim does not plan to lose him with the birth of her second child. ”

Shortly after giving birth, Kardashian began to appear in public in tight-fitting coveralls, resembling compression garments, which are worn after liposuction to create uniform pressure and reduce swelling. And she diligently hid the outlines of the figure under voluminous coats and jackets:

Diet, enhanced training and the help of surgeons and cosmetologists allowed Kim to regain its former form rather quickly. In May, at the awards ceremony of the Webby Awards in New York, she was already showing off the built figure in a tight black dress. And soon appeared in Cannes in an even more revealing dress:

And if Kardashian mentioned several times about liposuction and abdominoplasty, then she did not say a word about breast plastics. Although a natural breast of this size is inevitably subject to ptosis at a fairly early age, the 35-year-old celebrity, besides – the mother of two children, must have encountered this problem. Nevertheless, her bust looks as voluminous and maintains a perfectly smooth, rounded shape, as in her youth.

It is possible that there was not without the help of a plastic surgeon who made the lift. Or, Kim simply returned to the good old way of a “magic” patch:

Also, over the past three years, the face of stellar beauty has kept its smoothness and clear lines, for which, of course, you should thank Botox and contour plastics (they do not often talk about these procedures in the American show business world, but not because they try to hide them, but because they have already become an absolute “must have” for a long time and it’s impossible to surprise someone or attract attention with such a “revelation”):

Kim has excellent natural data, but what we see now is the hard work of talented plastic surgeons and cosmetologists, which continues from year to year. What will Kardashian’s next step be on the path to outward perfection? We will find out soon!

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