Kidney stones folk remedies

A common cause of urolithiasis is a metabolic disorder. First, the formation of a small size, up to 3mm, they are called sand. If you do not take measures for the timely diagnosis and prevention of kidney stones, after some time they require treatment with folk remedies or traditional medicine. When they are formed in the organs of the urogenital system, the disease is called urolithiasis. If directly in the kidneys, they talk about kidney disease – nephrolithiasis.

Often, foreign inclusions occur on the right side, this is due to the anatomical features of the body. Frequent cases of appearance from both sides. About 3% of the working-age population is found in the education, and newborns and the elderly suffer from them.

Causes of renal crystals

Salts in a healthy body should be completely excreted in the urine. If one or another failure occurs – for example, associated with metabolic disorders – its crystals stick together, take on a bizarre shape and size. Large are from 5mm and more.

As a rule, the existing disease, its causes and the need for treatment are not thought of as long as the crystal is stationary. His movement causes acute pain.

The most likely causes of renal lesions are:

  • violations of vitamin balance, lack of ultraviolet radiation, unhealthy diet.
  • abnormalities in the work of the parasitic glands that cause the disturbance of calcium metabolism;
  • geographical factor – hot climate, insufficient water consumption or too hard water;
  • pathologies of the genitourinary system (congenital anomalies) – the cause of the narrowing of the urinary tract and the difficulty of urine outflow;
  • diseases – pyelonephritis, hydronephrosis, kidney prolapse, inflammation of the bladder, prostate adenoma, prostatitis;
  • sedentary work.

Kidney stones folk remedies

The study confirms that prolonged intake of vitamin D can cause the formation of stones.

Kidney stones have a different nature, in half of the cases the composition of stones is mixed. They often end up in the bladder or ureter. Affects the nature of food, age.

The study confirms that kidney stones are more common in men.

Types of kidney crystals

The most common are the most durable stones – calcium, they are oxalate and phosphate.

Calcium oxalic stones

black or dark gray, when moving cause severe pain due to sharp spikes on the surface, they damage the mucous membrane, blood appears in the urine. As a rule, they are removed as a result of the operation. Other treatments help in the case of oxalic sand.

A common cause of their formation is excessive oxalic acid intake. Regular use of large quantities of juices, carrots, beets, vitamin C – the cause of their appearance and growth.

The study confirms that this type of calculus is the most common.

Phosphate Calcium Stones

gray, they are softer than oxalates. The surface is smooth or slightly rough. The reason of occurrence is the shift of metabolic processes to the alkaline side. As a rule, loose flakes appear in the urine.

When treating kidney stones with folk remedies, they drink acidic juices – cranberry or lingonberry. Such stones are crushed in a medical facility.

Uratny stones

does not detect x-rays, they are determined by urine analysis. They consist of uric acid, the surface is smooth. A common cause of their occurrence is gout, regular dehydration. To treat kidney stones folk remedies in this case is not required. It is enough to drink more water, sit on a diet to alkalize the composition of urine.

Struvite stones

the result is the activity of bacteria that recycle urea. In the urine contains crystals of a characteristic shape, which resembles the lid of the coffin, in their composition magnesium. More often they are detected in women. It is ineffective to treat such stones with folk remedies or drugs, they are crushed by ultrasound or an operation is performed if the formation is sufficiently large.

Cystine (protein) stones

detected in the case of hereditary anomalies of metabolic processes, in the urine is constantly a high level of cystine. The surface is smooth, the formations are flat and soft, rarely found. After determining the cause of the sand – hexagonal crystals – the doctor prescribes medication or surgery.

Studies confirm the high success of lithotripsy in the case of kidney stones and in the ureter, recovery occurs in 1-2 days.

Prevention of urolithiasis and kidney stones

Proper nutrition and drinking is necessary:

  • drink enough pure water. Not juice, tea, compote, soda, but clean water, especially in the summer heat;
  • eliminate salt from the diet;
  • limit the consumption of spicy, acidic and fatty foods;
  • do not eat dry;
  • eat often, but in smaller portions;
  • increase motor activity.

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Symptoms of urolithase and nephrolitase

Symptoms may not be detected until the crystals move. The cusps irritate the mucous membrane and cause inflammation. Often, pathology is detected during a routine medical examination with an ultrasound scan, in case of an attack of urolithiasis.

The attack is preceded by discomfort in the lower back, back pain, pain in the legs, can cause short lameness. There is a feeling of heaviness – it seems that you constantly have to carry something with you.

Painful symptoms increase physical activity, rapid change in body position. To fall asleep, you have to tighten your legs to the stomach – straightening the legs causes pain.

Symptom of kidney disease – frequent visits to the toilet. Emptying the bladder is painful, it is accompanied by a feeling that something is left. When traumatizing mucous in the urine blood appears.

Symptom of urolithiasis – urine becomes cloudy, changes color due to changes in chemical composition.

Diagnosis of urolithiasis and nephrolithase

Before treatment, the doctor performs a diagnosis of kidney disease. Laboratory tests of blood and urine are carried out – a general analysis of urine is obligatory, it is he who identifies specific types of salts, which helps to diagnose the type of crystal.

Another popular diagnostic tool is renal ultrasound. The method does not require special preparation of the patient, allows you to determine the place of education.

If an ultrasound scan in the kidney does not reveal calculi, but the suspicions remain, perform a radiography survey. The method requires the preparation of the intestine – removal of toxins, the introduction of cleansing enemas. This diagnostic method detects calcium stones, but they are difficult to detect if they are from cystine.

Excretory urography is used – a compound is injected into the blood, which penetrates the kidneys and manifests their structure. The composition is completely excreted from the body. During the survey, the size and shape of the formations are clearly visible.

Power Rules

The nutritional system for kidney disease is determined by the chemical composition of sand or stones. To avoid increasing the signs of the disease, it is necessary to help the body, use products that promote healing. The diet should contribute to the gradual dissolution and removal of stones from the body.

To reduce the risk of kidney stones, a special diet has been recommended.

The Institute of Dietetics provides nutritional guidelines for the prevention of stone formation.

Oxalate Diet

Abandon foods with a high content of oxalic acid. If kidney treatment is not required, but the products make up a significant part of the diet, it is worth limiting their use. Oxalic acid contains parsley, celery, spinach, strawberries, chocolate, wheat bran, nuts, beets, tea.

To reduce dehydration, limit coffee intake.

Include in the diet some foods rich in calcium – they bind oxalates. Reduce salt intake, because it contains sodium. Limit protein intake (meat, eggs, offal).

Diet and Phosphate Stones

It is necessary to acidify the urine. Cranberry or lingonberry juice is shown. The treatment of formations in the kidneys of this species contributes to the meat diet, limiting the intake of animal protein, to replace it with vegetable. Useful foods with calcium. Less salt (sodium).

The study confirms the contradictory conclusions regarding the role of protein in the formation of kidney stones.

Food with urate stones

Limit consumption of meat and offal: liver, kidney, brain, tongue and

Fresh fruits and vegetables are useful: watermelons, melons, turnips, black currants, grape juice, strawberries, strawberries, rosehips, lemon.

Folk treatment of kidney stones

Since it is possible to remove stones from the kidneys, having accurately determined their chemical composition and location, it is not necessary to engage in self-treatment without consulting a specialist. A popular remedy, chosen from general considerations, can hurt and cause an exacerbation of urolithiasis. Also, improper treatment may result in emergency surgery.

Oxalate stones treatment

A watermelon diet helps – for a week or two there are watermelons and some black bread. The best sand comes out in the evening from 17 to 21 hours, at the peak of the daily activity of the urinary system. To facilitate the exit of sand take a warm bath. Water relieves muscle spasm, expands the urinary tract, as a result, the procedure is much easier.

Since it is possible to get rid of small oskalatnyh stones with intensive work of the kidneys, to drink as much fluid as possible during the day. Grapes, young branches and plant whiskers help to remove formations:

  • chop

Take a quarter cup four times a day.

Folk treatment of phosphate kidney stones

Infusions from the roots of plants that grow on stony soils – rosehip, grape, knotweed, barberry, and stonecutter bedrock help.

Treating kidney stones a mixture of herbs:

  1. Mix the corn stigmas (2 parts), birch leaves (2 parts), juniper berries (1 part), snake mountaineer root (1 part), burdock root (1 part), stalnik root (1 part).
  2. Brew a glass of boiling water

Take one glass three times a day.

From phosphate stones helps recipe:

  1. Stir violet tricolor, St. John’s wort, larkspur, Kornioduvchik in equal proportions.
  2. Brew a liter of boiling water

Take three times a day for a glass.

How to treat urate stones with oats and herbs

Daily take folk remedy:

  1. Grain in the husk, rinse, put in a thermos, boil with boiling water.
  2. After 10-12 hours, wipe the oats through a fine sieve.

There is a gruel for breakfast without adding salt and sugar.

Excess uric acid treats folk remedy:

  • Mix the grass of the highlander (1 part), currant leaves (2 parts), strawberry leaves (2 parts), brew a glass of boiling water

Take 2

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