Joint treatment with burdock

When the joints are constantly sore, any means are used to get rid of this ailment. A good means of dealing with arthritis and arthritis is the treatment of joints with burdock – thus the weed that grows in our summer cottages, along the roads, in landfills. Spreading, dark green leaves of this plant is not difficult to notice. But the healing properties of burdock for the joints are not known to many. We’ll tell you how to use the roots, stems, seeds and leaves of burdock from pain in the joints.

Healing properties of burdock

There are two types of therapeutic burdock – large (burdock) and cobwebby. These plants have different leaves, pubescence, basket size, but for medicinal purposes you can use parts of one and another type of this weed.

Burdock in its composition contains a huge amount of nutrients. So, the roots of this plant are rich:

  • inulin up to 45%;
  • essential oils;
  • proteins 12%;
  • tannic, fat-like substances, bitterness;
  • stearic, palmitic and other organic acids;
  • hormonal, minerals, vitamins;
  • alkaloids with antitumor activity and so on.

In addition, before the flowering of the plant, the roots can be eaten raw, baked, boiled, dried or fried. If burdock roots are dried and ground, they can be used as a coffee drink, like chicory.

The leaves of this weed also contain quite a few elements with useful properties:

  • mucus, tannins;
  • vitamin C;
  • hyperoside, carotene (about 18 mg), rutin;
  • essential oils.

Therefore, for the treatment of joints burdock is not used by chance. Its composition rich in unique substances has a healing effect on the body, possessing a variety of therapeutic properties:

  • diuretic and diaphoretic;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antibacterial;
  • wound healing;
  • immunostimulating property.

In Tibetan and traditional medicine, all parts of burdock are used, but scientific medicine uses only the roots of this plant, and only the first and second cycle of growth.

Benefits of using burdock to treat joints

Burdock for various joint pains is used for several reasons:

  • a wide variety of recipes – there are many tinctures, compresses, ointments. Use of burdock oil, and also fresh leaves is possible;
  • availability – in raw form, this weed grows in most regions, in a dry form or in the form of burdock extract, it can be inexpensively purchased at a pharmacy;
  • burdock roots and leaves, many cure inflammatory processes in the joints and spinal column;
  • removes toxic substances from the body;
  • weak parts of this weed can treat weak cartilage, relieve muscle tension, speed up metabolism, reduce pain;
  • active in salt deposits;
  • It is a hypoallergenic tool with a minimum list of contraindications. So, it is not recommended to ingest recipes with burdock for lactating and pregnant women.

Various burdock recipes are used for the following joint diseases:

Means with burdock can significantly reduce the swelling of the tissues that surround the joint, faster dissolve hematomas and bruises. With the regular use of burdock recipes increases immunity.

Recipes with burdock for joint pain

Burdock for the treatment of joints is used due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. However, with burdock therapy, you need patience. Burdock does not have an instant effect like a tablet. The healing effect is felt, some time after the end of at least one course of treatment.

In order to quickly achieve the desired effect, means with burdock must be combined with a complex of other therapeutic measures – charging, taking medication, physiotherapy, etc. In addition, before beginning burdock therapy, you need to consult your doctor.

We present 9 simple but effective recipes with burdock for the treatment of joints:

Joint treatment with burdock

  1. Ambulance. It is worth paying attention to which side to apply the leaves to the sore joints. When the knee joint is bruised during the warm season, it is necessary to tear off the burdock leaf, apply the back to the knee, wrap it with a cloth and leave the bandage for the night. If there are abrasions, the sheet should be slightly bruised, and then applied to the scratch, so that the abrasion heals faster.
  2. Quick compress. Burdock leaves should be thoroughly rinsed, finely chopped and tightly packed in a glass jar, placing the vessel in a sunny place. In the sun, the plant will sharpen and turn into a bad-smelling gruel. After the appearance of mold, burdock can be applied to the joints in the form of a compress.
  3. From arthritis and rheumatism. Apply smoothly washed burdock leaves to the sore joints at night with the smooth side. For greater efficiency, the leaves should be pre-folded before the appearance of the juice, moisten with cologne. Top sheet should cover with cling film and secure with a warm scarf or scarf. With the indicated ailments, the lotions from the steamed burdock root are also effective (it can be poured with boiling water for a few minutes or sent to a microwave).
  4. Tincture from arthrosis. To cure this joint disease, you need to wash, dry and peel the roots of the plant from the upper skin, then rub them on a fine grater. Glass of boiling water need to fill 2

Treatment of the joints with a burdock according to the proposed recipes is not the only panacea for joint pain; as part of complex therapy, burdock remedies are more effective.

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