Itchy legs at night

There is a good sign that itching of the palms promises material gain. But, not always itching to get money. Medical factors may be the cause of the hands chesing, which is aggravated at night. And more simply disease. Only a doctor can determine the pathology after a detailed examination of the patient.

Itchy legs at night

About the main reasons

Do not wait until itching on the hands will lead to wounds and cracking of the skin. To achieve the best results of treatment is possible only with early diagnosis and the beginning of therapy.

Itchy legs at night

What reasons lead to the fact that itchy hands at night?

  • Food allergies, new clothes, chemicals.
  • Infection of fungal diseases.
  • Inflammatory processes of the skin.
  • Concomitant symptoms in diabetes.
  • Allergic dermatitis.

It is impossible to identify the exact cause on your own, without undergoing a survey and testing. Therefore, it is not necessary to engage in self-treatment, selecting the means that aggravate the condition.

Allergic reaction

Perhaps this is the most common reason why hands itch at night. A person, due to his professional or household activities, often contacts with chemicals. Detergents used at home are strong allergens. Therefore, even the usual washing up, can lead to the occurrence of the hand chesus, which is accompanied by reddening, peeling of the skin.

Itchy legs at night

Another factor that causes itching of the palms and fingers is the cold winter wind. If your hands are unprotected with special creams or gloves, during the winter period your skin may react to the cold in a peculiar way. The skin, due to the effects of frost, cracks and itches. In this case, the use of protective creams based on fat will help. Oily cosmetics are specifically designed to protect hands and face from the harmful effects of cold air.

Fungal and infectious diseases

Exposure to pathogenic bacteria causes hands and feet to itch at night. At rest, a person is more sensitive to infections and fungi that affect the body. At night, itching is felt more acutely than during the day. In order not to start this condition, at the first appearance of symptoms, you should contact your dermatologist. If a fungal disease is diagnosed, therapy should begin as soon as possible. The progression of fungal infection leads to a significant deterioration of the general condition.

Among skin infectious diseases, doctors often diagnose eczema.

At first, the disease manifests itself in the form of:

If, at the first stage, treatment is not started, itching, blisters and puffiness will be constant companions of life. The danger lies in the fact that in the combed wounds can get an infection, which will lead to suppuration and soreness of the skin.

Dry skin

If a person does not suffer from any dermatological ailments, why are fingers scratching at night? The answer to this question is the violation of the protective properties of the skin. If daily and frequent use of soap and antiseptics for cleansing hands, palms and fingers will itch from drying out skin. Due to the influence of chemical components on the skin, the natural balance of water is disturbed, the skin dries out and begins to itch.

To avoid this, it is recommended to use moisturizers regularly, with protective properties. A good moisturizing effect gives the use of oily cosmetics. In addition to moisturizing, these products nourish the skin with beneficial components and vitamins. Cosmetologists advise to moisturize the skin of the hands, not only the palms, but also the wrists, including the elbows.

In this way

Redness of hands due to fungus

Remember that itching of the palms and fingers can be a sign of illness. Fungal, infectious and inflammatory processes often lead to drying of the skin, redness and itching. To start a timely treatment, it is important to consult a dermatologist and undergo the necessary examinations. If your hands itch at night due to drying of the skin, it is necessary to moisturize it with creams and other cosmetics every evening.

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