Itchy groin in women treated

Itching sensation in the groin is a rather unpleasant and delicate phenomenon. Most women are afraid or shy to go to the doctor with similar sensations, preferring to endure or engage in treatment at their discretion. This approach is fundamentally wrong, since itching in the groin can be a precursor to serious diseases.

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Symptoms of itching in the groin area

Setting the causes of itching in the groin of women, the symptoms, the treatment of which is permissible only if a correct diagnosis is made, and determining the causes of the occurrence is the main task and a certain guarantee that this problem will not be repeated in the future.

Among the main signs of an itch in the groin It is possible to identify such as unpleasant sensations (when moving and in a calm state), discomfort when the body is in contact with clothes, a burning sensation. If these symptoms are also accompanied by various discharge – this is the reason for compulsory treatment to the doctor.

Itching in the groin of women occurs, as a rule, upon contact with clothing, causing a burning sensation and discomfort

Causes of itchy groin in women

The causes of itching in the groin are many. The most common are:

  • external factors (cramped, rubbing, irritation);
  • internal causes (related to diseases of internal organs, genetics, caustic urine and

What do the listed causes of itching mean?

External factors (improper underwear, irritation from the fabric) are due to the fact that often women are not able to choose the right underwear. They prefer fashionable, beautiful, forgetting that underwear should be comfortable, fit, not constrain movements, not cause discomfort.

[box type = note]Important to remember! As for the underwear, you need to choose models from natural materials, with a minimal amount of synthetic fibers. [/ Box]

Such underwear perfectly passes the air, “does not soar”, allowing the skin to “breathe”. In addition, it does not cause allergic reactions. Constant contact of the body with synthetic tissues is undesirable, as it often causes irritation (itching, redness).

There are also a number of causes that cause itchy groin in women associated with various diseases of the internal organs. The most common discomfort in the groin is one of the symptoms of hepatitis, diabetes, kidney disease, intestines, thyroid, organs of the genitourinary system.

In such cases need to see a doctor to determine the exact diagnosis and further treatment.

Intimate hygiene is crucial for every woman.

Hygiene for women plays a huge role. First of all, it is about intimate hygiene. Non-compliance with the rules of intimate hygiene leads to irritation of the skin in the groin, an itching sensation, the skin begins to itch, which can even lead to painful sensations.

When hygiene genitals need to consider several points:

– You can not use a lot (constantly) means for this type of hygiene (this can cause dryness, burning sensation, because the skin in the groin is very delicate and sensitive);

– Sometimes an improperly selected soap can provoke an allergic reaction (colored or with different impurities, it is better to choose neutral white);

– toilet paper or napkins should be soft.

Sexually transmitted diseases (sexually transmitted diseases) are also a factor causing itchy groin in women. Symptoms (their treatment without classification is not possible) are the primary task for determining the correct diagnosis. The diseases of this group include: trichomoniasis, candidiasis, gonorrhea, syphilis, and others.

In addition to itching, there are some other characteristic signs: redness of the genital organs, burning sensation, discharge with an unpleasant odor and color, pain when urinating.

In addition to itching in the genital area, a woman may also have pain when urinating, there are unpleasant-looking discharge / smell, and other symptoms.

Infectious diseases and fungus (for example, herpes, thrush, vaginosis) are often the cause of unpleasant sensations in the groin area. Most of these diseases are associated with inappropriate and sexual hygiene, uncomfortable, from synthetic tissues, underwear, improper lifestyle (smoking, alcohol, limited diet), weakened immunity, taking certain drugs, sometimes with diseases of other organs (intestines) .

Sometimes the cause of an itch in the groin of women is such an unpleasant phenomenon as lice (pubic lice) or helminths. It is quite difficult to notice him.

To determine whether there is such a disease, you need to consult a doctor, he, after analyzing the symptoms and diagnosing lice, will prescribe the correct treatment. The downside is that the disease is transmitted to the partner during an intimate relationship.

The presence of worms also causes an itchy sensation in the groin area. In this case, be sure to take medications prescribed by the doctor, adhere to the rules of hygiene (wash hands), do not use unwashed vegetables and fruits, poorly cooked or stale meat (fish), to minimize the risk of re-infection with helminths.

The cause of itchy groin women may be allergic to hygiene products such as pads or tampons.

Manifestations of an allergic reaction of the body to various stimuli are associated with improperly chosen sanitary pads (“irritant” in this case is the top layer of the pad), non-hygroscopic underwear.

It is important to know! One of the factors of irritation is the constant daily use of pads (this is undesirable because the skin must breathe).

When self-treatment is allowed

If there are unpleasant painful sensations, it is advisable to consult a doctor, because it is impossible to ignore the itchy groin in women. The symptoms of treatment are removed quickly, if the latter is selected correctly.

Refusal of harmful food is a pledge not only to the health of the female body as a whole, but also to the female genitourinary system

When there is no opportunity to immediately seek treatment, but it is necessary to reduce itching, you can use such methods:

  • wash (it is better to use not a soap, but a light chamomile decoction or furatsilina solution);
  • reduce physical exertion;
  • eliminate spicy, very fatty foods from the diet;
  • to refuse from bad habits.

[box type = warning]Caution! Use the above methods is permissible if itching in the groin appeared due to poorly chosen underwear, intimate hygiene products, as a result of mechanical irritation (scratches), sometimes even as a result of stress (emotional distress). [/ Box]

Principles of treatment

Before you start treating the symptoms of itching in the groin of women, be sure to find out the cause of this unpleasant phenomenon.

Itchy groin in women treated

As already mentioned, the factors of the appearance of itching a lot. Some can be eliminated on their own, and in other cases they cannot do without the help of a doctor.

Conditionally there are two options for the treatment of itching: folk and drugs.

Folk methods

Traditional methods involve the use of various decoctions and herbal tinctures to eliminate unpleasant symptoms.

Itchy groin in women treated

Important to remember! Folk remedies are most often used if itching in the groin area is caused by allergic reactions to something (pads, underwear, cloth) or additionally (as an element of complex treatment together with medicines).

Chamomile decoction has a bactericidal and sedative effect.

Good help decoctions of herbs such as: chamomile, sage, oregano, string, nettle, mint, burdock, calendula, lemon balm. They have a calming, bactericidal effect on irritated groin skin. It is useful to make baths on the basis of the listed herbs (for 15-20 minutes).

Tea helps well (for example, from lemon balm or mint).


There are different ways of treating itch in the groin of women, depending on the symptoms and the reasons for its occurrence.

[box type = info]Before taking any medications, you need to consult a doctor, pass the necessary tests., to choose the most optimal course of treatment. [/ box]

Popular with the occurrence of itching candles, sprays, antiseptic solutions, antihistamines (their main action is anti-allergic) and various ointments (have anti-inflammatory effect). Some types of ointments only relieve the symptoms of itching (boromentol, nezulin, fenistil), others – act on the cause of the occurrence (Gistan).

Cream Gistan affects the cause of itching

Hormonal and antimicrobial ointments are also isolated (prescribed only by a doctor).

Antihistamine medicines include Loratadine and Tavegil.

For diseases of internal organs, anti-itch drugs are used in conjunction with the main treatment.

When you need the help of a doctor

When an itch in the groin of a woman occurs, it is advisable to consult a doctor (to rule out the serious causes of this phenomenon). First of all – to the gynecologist or urologist. After the patient has performed the necessary tests, the doctor will be able to assess the state of health, the severity of the symptoms and, depending on this, prescribe treatment.

If we are talking about sexually transmitted and infectious diseases, it is obligatory to consult a venereologist if the itch is caused by an allergic reaction to the irritant — an allergist or therapist.

When an itch in the groin appears, it is imperative to consult a doctor to rule out possible diseases.

When itching sensations are associated with diseases of other internal organs (diabetes, hepatitis, etc.), you should consult a doctor of the appropriate profile.

Prevention of itching in the groin area

To avoid discomfort in the groin area, You need to follow a few simple rules:

  • Proper intimate hygiene (use products that do not dry out the delicate skin of the groin).
  • Suitable underwear (from natural fabrics, the right size, not constraining movements).

Use contraceptives to avoid sexually transmitted infections.

  • Contraception (to avoid sexually transmitted, infectious diseases).
  • Healthy lifestyle (balanced diet, exclusion of smoking and alcohol).

Itch in the groin in women and its symptoms – a phenomenon quite common. It can be caused by many reasons – from the most innocent (allergic reaction to tissue, uncomfortable underwear) to severe and serious diseases of organs and body systems that require immediate treatment.

In any case, for proper diagnosis and elimination, it is advisable to contact an experienced doctor.

Be healthy!

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