It hurts under the left shoulder blade.

The pain under the shoulder blades is often not a sign of some particular disease of the shoulder blades.

As a rule, such a symptom indicates the development of various pathologies in the body.

Timely diagnosis of pain under the shoulder blades will help the doctor to choose the most appropriate treatment.

Sore back under the shoulder blade of the left: symptoms and diagnosis

The pains under the left shoulder blade are characterized by the following symptoms:

1. The aching (squeezing) pains that become stronger when walking.

2. Cutting pain, seizures of which can appear even in the supine position.

3. Attacks of acute tingling pain, which become more pronounced when running and frequent deep breathing (usually manifested in athletes during training).

4. Squeezing pain, increasing with raising hands up.

For the diagnosis of diseases associated with pain under the left shoulder blade, such examinations are appointed:

• abdominal ultrasound;

• blood test for sugar level;

• general urine analysis.

The most common cause of pain under the scapula (left) are such diseases:

one. Development of gastric ulcers. In chronic ulcer pain under the scapula in humans can develop gradually and have a periodic nature. With an exacerbation of the ulcer, on the contrary, the pain will be shooting and stabbing. Also, in this state, a person may have frequent nausea and vomiting.

2. Often psychological problems, especially vegetative dystonia, cause pain under the shoulder blades. Also, a person may feel a lack of air, heat in the chest, heaviness in the whole body and pain in the heart. Sometimes attacks are accompanied by trembling and pain in the neck, which gives to the area of ​​the shoulder blades.

3 Heart attack and other serious heart diseases may cause acute pain. In this condition, the patient needs urgent hospitalization.

four. Osteochondrosis, usually characterized by dull pain in the lower part of the neck.

five. Pinch nerves can cause a person not only pain under the left shoulder blade, but also pain when walking, coughing and lifting weights.

It is important to know that in addition to the above mentioned diseases, the following can provoke pain under the scapula on the left side:

one. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system:

• injury or severe bruise of the scapula;

• fracture of a rib or several ribs;

• sprained neck;

2 Diseases of the respiratory system:

3. Heart diseases:

Sore back under the shoulder blade right: diagnosis

The pains under the right shoulder blade indicate the possible development of serious diseases.

To determine the cause of unpleasant sensations under the right shoulder blade, you need to come such diagnostic procedures:

• abdominal ultrasound;

• general blood analysis;

• general urine analysis.

The pain under the right shoulder blade is most often caused by such diseases:

1. Osteochondrosis can cause pain in the shoulders and head. Often, osteochondrosis is manifested in the form of dull pain, localized in the area of ​​the shoulder blades.

It hurts under the left shoulder blade.

2. Miocephalic syndrome. It is one of the varieties of chronic muscle pain. These sensations are associated with hypersensitive points that are located on the muscles. When pressed, a person feels deep muscle pain and stiffness in the shoulder joint. In addition, miocephalic pain can spread anywhere (anywhere on the body).

3. Diaphragmatic abscess (characterized by a very sharp and cutting pain under the right scapula during inhalation).

4. Right-sided pneumonia, which was not cured in time, can give complications in the form of pain under the scapula. It can also cause additional symptoms in the form of cough and fever.

5. Gallstone disease is characterized by a very acute pain syndrome, which extends to the shoulder area and right scapula. Also, sometimes it can negatively affect the work of the heart, causing acute angina attacks in a person.

6. Shingles can cause long-term pain that is localized under the right shoulder blade. This disease manifests itself as a skin rash. It is caused by the varicella zoster virus. Despite the fact that herpes zoster is not a threat to human life, it can provoke the occurrence of severe pain in the muscles, including under the right shoulder blade.

7. Kidney disease (nephritis). Recognize these diseases can be by painful urination, and indicators of urinalysis.

It hurts under the left shoulder blade.

8. Oncological diseases are the most dangerous diagnoses, the success of treatment of which largely depends on timely diagnosis. As a rule, the development of tumors is accompanied by weakness, fever and severe pain.

There are a lot of diseases that can provoke pain under the right scapula. As a result, the attending physician must collect the entire history of the disease before starting treatment.

First of all, the patient is checked for oncological pathologies. If the problem lies elsewhere, then doctors continue to diagnose until the root cause of the pain under the scapula is detected.

It hurts from the back under the scapula: how it is treated

Treatment of pain under the shoulder blades depends on the specific disease of the person.

General medical treatment involves the appointment of such drugs:

1. Analgesics for pain reduction.

2. Anti-inflammatory drugs.

3. Antipyretic drugs (at high temperature in a patient).

If a patient has been diagnosed with stomach problems (aggravation of an ulcer) or pancreas, then anti-ulcer drugs are prescribed for him, as well as drugs that will contribute to better digestion.

In addition, the patient must follow a strict diet in order not to worsen his condition even more. To do this, he should refuse to receive such products:

• fatty and fried foods;

• cakes, sweets and other pastries;

Vegetable garnishes, cereals, decoctions of dried fruits and soups should form the basis of the diet for diseases of the stomach and digestive tract. Meat can be consumed chicken, beef and rabbit. From fish – only its low-fat varieties.

When diagnosing diseases of the respiratory system (bronchitis, pneumonia and

If osteochondrosis became the cause of pain under the shoulder blades, then the patient is prescribed physiotherapy in the form of magnetic therapy, massage and treatment with healing waters. In addition, with this diagnosis, it is recommended to regularly do therapeutic exercises and take calcium.

When psychological problems (VSD, neurosis, depression), which provoke pain under the shoulder blades, the patient is prescribed sedatives and antidepressants. Also, the patient is recommended to undergo hypnotherapy sessions and consult a psychotherapist.

If the pain under the scapula was caused by the development of a tumor, then the patient should be urgently hospitalized and a biopsy should be taken. Based on its results, the patient will be given radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

In case of kidney diseases, diuretics and anti-inflammatory drugs are used.

The duration of treatment for pain under the scapula depends on the severity of the disease and the general condition of the patient.

Sore back under the shoulder blade – how to prevent complications

In order not to cause complications with painful sensations under the shoulder blades, you should follow these tips:

• do not postpone the visit to the doctor for a long time, even if the pain under the shoulder blades is periodic, but not very acute (over time, even mild pain can turn into unbearable);

• time to treat diseases, complications from which can cause pain under the scapula (especially for diseases of the respiratory system);

• lead an active lifestyle (moderate load on the body several times reduces the risk of developing osteochondrosis and arthritis).

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