It hurts the right side and gives up

Discomfort and soreness in the right side is due to the fact that negative pathological processes obviously occur in the organs that are located in this segment. Such phenomena may be completely different in their manifestations, namely, aching, cutting, stabbing and of a different nature. In addition, they suggest completely different duration and intensity.

And so, if you divide the body, or rather the abdominal cavity into two areas – right and left, then, accordingly, you can determine that in each of them are very important organs. In the right side, in particular, is the largest gland, participating in almost all metabolic processes – the liver. In the same place, on the right, the gall bladder is located.

Anatomically, it is in principle part of the liver itself. In the same part of the peritoneum, that is, on the right, there is the small intestine, more precisely, its part, namely, the ileum and another organ – the appendix. We must not forget about such an important excretory organ as the kidneys. They are located in the lumbar region. Right, respectively, on the back of the abdominal wall to the right of the so-called lumbar column. The female body is also supplemented with reproductive organs, in particular, the fallopian tube and ovary – the right.

Thus, pain symptoms in the right side, most likely, indicate the development of negative pathological processes in one of the organs located in this area. To establish their specific cause, one should not only visit the doctor, but also undergo an appropriate additional examination.

Nature of pain

An important factor for making the correct, appropriate to the disease, diagnosis, is the most accurate description of pain. By the nature of pain, duration, place of its localization, the doctor will be able to make a more correct conclusion, which will allow to determine further methods of examination and, accordingly, the appointment of adequate treatment. Before the visit to the doctor, it is advisable not to take any type of anesthetic medication. Anesthesia may distort the picture and lead to incorrect diagnosis, which is fraught with aggravation of the disease.

And so, the pain can be a nagging character. Such pain, unfortunately, can be a signal of the development of many negative pathological processes, in particular appendicitis (initial stage), hepatitis, or even worse, cirrhosis of the liver. Intestinal diseases, such as diverticulosis, as well as the most serious oncological diseases located in this part of the body, are not excluded.

Accompanying symptoms for aching, dull pain, as a rule, are nausea, general weakness, and malaise. The skin may take on an icteric appearance.

Another unpleasant symptom is the pain of a pulling character. The sensation reminds, as if pulling up to the abdominal wall, located in this segment, internal organs. Usually the symptom increases with increasing physical exertion. Drawing pains may indicate adhesions, hepatitis, appendicitis. Such a plan of pain can also signal dangerous inflammatory processes occurring in the right kidney, as well as the adrenal gland.

The movement of stones in the ureter can also provoke such a pain plan. Diseases of the duodenum and exacerbation of osteochondrosis are not excluded. In women, pain in the lower abdomen on the right is also provoked by negative pathological changes in the ovary (right), in the uterus.

The painful symptom of the stabbing character can be compared with the sensation of piercing a sharp object from the inside of the abdomen. Such pains can provoke urolithiasis, inflammatory processes in the gall. The pricking pain causes an attack of appendicitis, and in the presence of a very minor pathological focus. During physical exertion, pain most often tends to increase. The same happens when you inhale or cough.

Accompanying symptoms in these pathological processes can be all kinds of dyspeptic disorders, in particular, nausea, vomiting, and others. Perhaps the occurrence of a feverish state, a burning sensation.

Sudden appearance can be characterized by a sharp pain. The cause may be gynecological problems in women, as well as pathology of the urinary system, intestines, appendicitis. It is impossible to exclude from this list the infringement of the nerve, in particular, in the lumbar region.

Throbbing pain may intensify, accompanied by further deterioration of well-being. There is a headache, the eyes darken, dizzy. The attack can end in a swoon. Most often, the situation is exacerbated by bending or turning the torso.

Urinary System Disorders

The pain on the right side of the abdomen may well provoke negative processes occurring in the kidneys, more precisely, in the right. All of them are quite dangerous and require medical assistance and adequate therapy. One of the diseases that cause aching, dull pain symptoms is urolithiasis. Concomitant signs appear the appearance in the urine of blood, frequent urination. The pain can give down the abdomen and in the lumbar region. Sharp unbearable pain occurs when the stone moves along the ureter.

It hurts the right side and gives up

Discomfort, pain in the abdomen, and, on both sides, is accompanied by pathological processes occurring in the glomeruli, that is, in the kidney glomeruli. In addition to pain with glomerulonephritis, blood pressure may rise, swelling may appear, and the temperature may rise. Urine becomes red.

Another serious kidney disease that causes pain symptoms is pyelonephritis. The aching, quite intense pain in the lower abdominal cavity, arising precisely on the right, is due to inflammation of the right kidney. The pain, most often, gives more and lower back. Concomitant signs of pyelonephritis are thirst, swelling, fever, fever. Urination becomes frequent and painful, the color of urine, while changing.

The pathological process, when urine is thrown back into the kidney from the ureter due to underdevelopment or the complete absence of the necessary valve, when urinating, is also accompanied by painful symptoms, just to the right in the lower abdomen. Pathology is classified as vesicoureteral reflux. Additional symptoms – turbid, excessively foamy urine, increased blood pressure, edema, other signs.

Urethritis is a dangerous inflammatory nature of the urethra, characterized by painful symptoms on the right in the groin area. In addition, with this inflammation, urination also becomes painful, discharge from the urethra appears, and a urethral stricture occurs.

Bowel disease

The cause of unpleasant pain symptoms that occur in the right side of the lower abdomen are very often different planes of the disease and pathological processes occurring in the intestine.

It is believed that most often the painful symptoms in the right lower abdomen still provoke pathological processes associated with appendicitis. Dull and nagging pains at the initial stage become sharp and permanent with time. With the further development of the process, the painful sensations become simply unbearable. The general condition worsens, the temperature rises, nausea, vomiting appears. The pain gives to the rectum, leg, groin. At the same time, the abdominal muscles become quite tense. The problem is solved, as a rule, only with the help of surgery.

As a rule, during the operation to remove the appendix, a “revision” of the intestine is carried out. This is due to another pathological process – diverticulosis. Under certain conditions, the intestinal wall can bulge and create a kind of pockets. There is gradually going to the contents of the intestine. Against this background, an inflammatory process occurs, which provokes painful symptoms. In addition to pain, diverticulosis may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. Intoxication of the whole organism occurs, the temperature rises.

Another medical condition needs urgent medical aid – bowel obstruction. Pain symptoms that extend into the groin and are a consequence of a violation of the innervation of the intestinal walls when it is blocked, when the peristalsis is disturbed, have a sufficiently strong intensity. At the same time there is abdominal distention, plentiful, indomitable vomiting, and constipation. Symptoms are aggravated by a fall in blood pressure, a violation of the heartbeat.

Only surgery requires another disease – a hernia. Especially dangerous is a hernia strangulated. This seemingly innocuous bulging in the groin provokes inflammation and swelling not only of the intestinal loops, but also of the nerve fibers, as well as the omentum. Severe pain appearing in the right side, give in the groin and leg. They tend to increase with physical exertion, even insignificant.

Painful sensations occurring in the lower abdomen and extending to the right side are characterized by inflammatory, and quite dangerous processes taking place in the intestine, in this case, the small and duodenal intestine. Duodenitis, the so-called pathology, is also accompanied by digestive disorders.

Right below the abdominal cavity is located, in addition to other organs, the ileum. Inflammatory processes in it are also accompanied by painful symptoms. They may have the nature of attacks or bother constantly. Additional symptoms of enteritis, as the disease is called, are digestive upset, diarrhea, increased gas formation, rumbling in the abdomen.

Pain sensations may well provoke adhesive processes that develop in the membranes (serous) of internal organs. Their cause is usually postoperative complications.

Gynecological diseases

Very often, pain in the right side of the abdomen in women is a signal that pathological processes occur in the reproductive organs.

There are quite a few pathologies of this order. But the most common, perhaps, is considered a disorder associated with the menstrual cycle. The thing is that a significant blood flow is carried out to the organs located in the small pelvis during the period of menstrual bleeding. It (this blood) can accumulate in the uterus and form a stagnation. With dysmenorrhea or algomenorrhea, the whining character of pain appears, just in the lower abdomen.

Painful feelings suggest a cramping character. Pain, sometimes, gives in the groin, leg, sore and aching lower back. Against this background, there is a violation and deterioration of the condition of the woman as a whole, and specifically, headaches, nausea, weakness appear.

It hurts the right side and gives up

Another gynecological disease, accompanied by intense bleeding during menstruation and pain in the right abdomen below, is endometriosis. Pathology is inherent growth of the mucous membrane of the uterus. Hormonal disorders occur. The disease is not inflammatory.

Pathology or disease, accompanied by the intensive development of inflammation, when it is affected by pathogenic microorganisms, in particular, viruses, fungi or bacteria, the mucous uterine inner layer also provokes painful sensations. They, as a rule, arise on the right side of the abdomen and also in its lower part. Have a nagging or pulling character.

Endometritis, as this disease is called, is also characterized by sharp pains, which can become more intense with palpation. The exhausting, pulling, constant painful sensations characterize the chronic course of the disease. Concomitant symptoms of endometritis are discharge with a characteristic unpleasant odor, painful urination with a burning sensation. Frequent signs are increased heart rate, the appearance of chills.

The acute form of endometritis has more serious symptoms, in particular, general malaise, fever, purulent discharge. The pains become more intense, giving way to the sacrum. Endometritis requires timely and adequate therapy. Otherwise, the pathology threatens the hardest consequences, one of them – the complete removal of the uterus.

Another gynecological (uterine) disease, which manifests itself through pain, just on the right side of the lower abdomen, is uterine fibroids. Pain is usually aching in nature. Pathologies are characterized by other symptoms, in particular, a violation of the regularity of the stool, that is, constipation and, conversely, frequent urination.

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