It hurts the lower abdomen and often go for a little

My stomach hurts and I often go to the toilet in a small way. Hearing such complaints of patients, doctors, first of all, assume cystitis.

It hurts the lower abdomen and often go for a little

Cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder that occurs in both sexes. The nature of the disease is predominantly bacterial. More often women suffer from cystitis. Their urethra is wider, shorter than the male. This structure facilitates the penetration of infection, the development of inflammation.

Forms and features of the manifestation of cystitis

Given the causes of inflammation, especially the flow, distinguish such forms:

  1. Infectious. The culprit of the problem, in most cases, is E. coli. It violates the microflora of the bladder, which is normally sterile, provokes the development of inflammation.
  2. Non-infectious. Sometimes the disease occurs for other reasons and is explained by injuries, allergies, adverse chemical, thermal, radiation effects.
  3. Acute. In this form, the symptoms manifest themselves most clearly: the patient experiences the excruciating cutting pain of the lower abdomen when trying to go small, urinating is difficult, sometimes urine is excreted with blood.
  4. Chronic. Cystitis, which is not treated or not cured until the end, can become chronic. Periodically, the pain of the lower abdomen, the inability to go to the toilet in a small way, will be agonizing throughout life.

Symptoms of cystitis:

  1. lower abdominal pain;
  2. frequent, urgent urging to the toilet;
  3. cutting pain when trying to walk small;
  4. inability to completely empty the bladder;
  5. sometimes blood in urine.

It hurts the lower abdomen and often go for a little

Predisposing factors:

  1. bladder injury;
  2. reduced immunity;
  3. hypothermia;
  4. hormonal disorders;
  5. age-related changes (climax).

As a result of such conditions, the body weakens, loses its ability to resist infection.

Therefore, the likelihood of developing cystitis increases.

Sometimes the pain of the lower abdomen, difficulties in trying to go to the toilet in a small way are manifested as a result of already existing diseases: urolithiasis or oncological formations. In this case, cystitis is considered secondary and first requires treatment of the underlying disease.

Cystitis treatment

  1. Bed rest Obligatory in the acute course of the disease, severe pain.
  2. Antibacterial drugs. Assigned individually after mandatory tests, identification of the pathogen, the choice of antibiotic. As a rule, competent treatment gives a quick effect: the pain decreases, it becomes easier to go to the toilet.
  3. Diuretic means. Patients are advised to go to the toilet as little as possible as often as possible. To this end, it is necessary to take medicinal and herbal preparations that promote the excretion of urine.
  4. Warm baths. Hot water bottles and herbs with decoction of herbs reduce pain, facilitate urination.
  5. Diet. It implies the exclusion of spicy, salty, fried foods, drinking mode.

Timely prescribed treatment will help to cope with cystitis, forget about the pain and live a full life.

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