Is it possible with monthly to church

– It is necessary to wash the dead only in the daytime. Then you need to dig a hole where people do not walk, and pour water there after washing.- Wheat from the glass, which stood near the coffin, is buried.- If they take out the coffin, and near the door someone ties up knots on rags, it is damage.- Ties with the hands and feet of the deceased are placed in a coffin with the dead.- From the window of the funeral does not look – it’s a serious illness.- If relatives are severely killed for the deceased, you need to take the headgear of the deceased (scarf or hat), light it in front of the front door and go around all the rooms, reading “Our Father”. The remains of the headgear to burn on the street and bury.- If you crossed the road in front of the deceased, and you had a “grave bone” tumor, you need to take the right hand of the deceased, drive all the fingers over the tumor and read “Our Father” three times. After each otchitki spit three times over the left shoulder. Or take the rope that bound the hands of the deceased and tie it to the tumor. Wear 7-8 days.- The chips after the coffin cannot be burned, they are usually buried.- The bed, on which the man died, needs to be put in the hen house for three nights, so that her rooster can sing it three times.- On the towel near the coffin can not attack.- If you are afraid of a dead man, then hold his legs.- Silver items are removed from the deceased.- Returning from the funeral, you must shake off your shoes, wash your hands and hold over a burning church candle.- When you see a funeral on the street and a dead man in a coffin, do not mechanically touch the face or body with your hands.- When making a coffin, relatives should not participate in the manufacturing process.- If the dead man in the house, then greet bow.- When the coffin is lowered into the grave, the towels on which it was lowered are buried in it.- If there is no cross on the deceased, then you need to put on, and fold your hands like this: left below, right above. They put an icon in the left hand (for the male Savior, for the female for the Mother of God) or the cross.- The coffin is placed in the middle of the room head to the icons. A candle near the coffin is burning to indicate that the deceased has passed into the region of light, the best afterlife.- When the coffin is carried out, the face of the deceased should be directed towards the exit.- In the grave, the deceased lies facing east in anticipation of the second coming of Christ, and as a sign that it is coming from the end of life to the rising of eternity.- Washing the deceased can not be pregnant and women with menstruation. Try not to spill water in your house – relatives will be very sick.- If the dead in the house, you can not wash.- Man died, do not allow someone to be on his bed.- Do not put fresh flowers in a coffin.- If a blush burns on the dead man’s face, it means that it was a sorcerer.- When the dead person is taken out of the house, the lid cannot be clogged, maybe the dead person is still dead.- The shroud needs to be sewn on a live thread and a needle from itself.- During the funeral, you can not husk the seeds or something to eat, otherwise your teeth and stomach will ache.- From the funeral can not take anything, and even more to steal.- When money is put in a coffin or in a grave, this can be followed by monetary setbacks, all sorts of material disasters.- The deceased should not be left with rings, bracelets, chains and other solid rounded ornaments. It happens that the ring can not be removed, then it is cut. All this is done, of course, not from mercantile motives. The greatest danger is still uncut ropes, which may cause another loss in the family of relatives of the deceased during the year. It is necessary to correct the error as quickly as possible: at any funeral, scissors with a whisper are put in the coffin: “Untie (such and such)”.- Buttons forgotten in the deceased, buttoned up, knots may cause inconvenience to the soul of the deceased for some time, and then she can disturb her relatives in one way or another: from heavy dreams to active poltergeist: noises of unknown origin in the house, sensation of extraneous presence, clatter of dishes at night and so on. At least, if something happens, it happens within the first year from the moment of death.

Is it possible with monthly to church

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Is it possible with monthly to church

Tell me please, tomorrow is my grandmother’s funeral, and my dad asked me when I would take the flowers to his father and uncle at the cemetery. Is it possible to do so.

Tell me please, tomorrow is my grandmother’s funeral, and my father asked me when I went to the cemetery to put flowers to his father and uncle. Is it possible to do this?

nick | February 28, 2012 at 6:46 pm

During the funeral you can not visit the graves of relatives and friends who are in the same cemetery.

The ritual must be completed to the end for one person.

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Is it possible with monthly to church

Jeanne | May 20, 2012 at 11:10

my dear, of course, much of what is written here and the fact that for centuries has been passed from word of mouth to truth. For example, a thawed dead man is bad. When my brother died (15 years old, accidentally shot himself from an improvised shotgun), the grandmother who came from the village came to my house, immediately began to try it out, says GOOD SHUT, THANK GOD. about the ropes from the hands and feet of the deceased — what needs to be left in the coffin (I know many people take and then sew in her pants to her husband so that he would be quiet and compliant as a dead man), you can’t look at someone’s funeral from the window, just take your eyes and read the prayer . I am only 25 years old and of course I am still young, I don’t know much, but some of them will accept complete nonsense. Do not be afraid of the eyes of the dead person, our body consists of muscles, and muscles tend to contract. This is how the girl said, from heat to cold, and her eyes open a little (this is just like air about two hours after death comes out of her lungs, it turns out very creepy) just put the copper nickels on your eyes.close the mirror, and watch TV, otherwise you can go crazy. Just avoid the music program, grief though.holy witch, let me disagree with you, even though you are an expert on such issues (I smile) (it’s best to go to church and ask the father about all the nuances. We are Orthodox people and we should bury in our traditions, but nobody knows the church minister better Doctors, sorry.). How less contact with the body if, for example, no one goes to help atone for the deceased-they are afraid (sometimes it happens), relatives wash (my mother-in-law’s grandmother bathed, broke it later, yes, it was bad), but if it happened like my brother and I -the parents of his coffin and lifted, and stroked his head and kissed. Almost on their knees did not swing, people have grief. Of course, you need to shake the dead man, but this is purely so that it does not spoil for himself. And the relatives of whom the deceased had not seen for a long time, cannot be invited, what a nonsense. All life in Orthodoxy, with respect to the dead, stop to hold if at a meeting of the funeral, remove the graves of others, get together all the relatives. cremation for nothing! again, not by our faith. Man lies in the ground and awaits the judgment of God!Well, in general, everywhere in different ways, each region has its own rules. The day before yesterday, my grandmother-mom’s friend was buried, a friend threw coins into the grave and read a prayer, saying that she would buy a good place for herself there and money from us would be made after her, also not right. Is it possible to come to God with money.

add)the icon that is taken from the coffin of the deceased and remains in the house has a special power to help. towels on which the deceased is descended from the age of ages were given to porters, people! why bury them. wash the dead man in the daytime, sorry, here it is necessary to us as well. It used to be buried before on the third day, but now it is no longer there (I like Muslims wrapped up like candy and running to the cemetery, but we hold, look, grieve, for three days if summer goes bad plus.)most importantly, remember that we all depart to the Lord sooner or later. Try to sin less so that you suffer less. Do not mourn for the dead much (I understand that it is impossible to control yourself and understand that there is eternal life), with this we only torture the soul of the deceased.go to church, have a confessor then life will be more meaningful, correct, easy and joyful. All good.

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