Is it possible to practice in the hall during menstruation

Many girls have a question, is it possible to do exercises during menstruation. This may seem the last thing you want in such a stressful period.

However, modern medicine claims that a certain amount of exercise will help alleviate or even relieve the unpleasant symptoms that you experience.

Cardio training

Find out whether you can do cardio during menstruation. When you sweat, the water leaves the body, which relieves muscle cramps in the abdomen.

Active loading also contributes to the release of endorphins, which improve mood and distract the brain from experiencing discomfort or pain.

A recent scientific study shows a correlation between a high level of physical fitness and fewer PMS symptoms.

Walking, jogging, elliptical trainer will help raise the level of endorphins and your mood. Endorphins also reduce cramps and headaches. Cardio exercises are good for improving blood flow throughout the body.

  • Keep in mind that at this point you should not start a new program. If you already have a training session, there is no reason to change it.
  • If you experience muscle spasms or back pain, choose exercises with a low level of activity.

A good cardiac load during this period will be dancing or zumba class. They will raise your spirits and help burn calories.

High intensity interval training

The period of menstruation in girls is considered as the best time to perform interval training with high intensity.

This is due to the fact that at the beginning of the period the level of estrogen and progesterone is reduced. Because of this, the woman’s body easily gets access to stored carbohydrates – glycogen, compared to the period of high estrogen, when more should be relied on the slow breakdown of fat.

In other words, this hormonal shift makes fat more readily available for burning in your body. This allows you to get more effect from short but intense workouts than on other days of the month.

Stretching exercises

Stretching relaxes muscles well and reduces cramps. Some exercises for 20–30 seconds can ease back pain that occurs during menstruation.

Deep breathing during meditation or in combination with Pilates and yoga relaxes the body and relieves pain in the abdominal muscles. Since their reduction is also associated with painful cramps, deep breathing helps to ease them.

Many yoga poses stretch the lower back and muscles around the pelvis. Studies claim that regular daily practice of yoga for 35–40 minutes per day noticeably reduces anxiety, anger, and depression, and increases the general well-being of women during their periods.

Is it possible to practice in the hall during menstruation

Is it possible to make the bar during menstruation? Experts recognize that there are several specific exercises that are recommended to be avoided during this period. Inverted poses from yoga fall into this category. The main focus is on avoiding postures or a posture where any discomfort occurs.

Strength exercises

Strength training increases muscle strength and increases metabolic rate, which will help you avoid weight gain during this period.

Is it possible to rock a press during menstruation? Exercises aimed at strengthening the lower back and abdominal muscles, improve support and reduce the pain associated with menstruation.

Estrogen levels during menstruation are minimal. This can make you feel stronger when you are lifting.

However, if we are talking about squatting with a barbell, we should not lift too much weight, because it puts pressure on the muscles of the body, which can worsen muscle spasms. If you experience fatigue, reduce working weight slightly to avoid injury and focus on the exercise.

Precautionary measures

In fact, very few exercises that should be avoided during menstruation.

Physical activity is recommended to alleviate the symptoms associated with menstruation, including cramps, lower back pain, water retention, irritability, and other discomfort.

Regular practice of yoga, cardio and strength training will help improve your well-being and shorten the duration of unpleasant symptoms.

  • Nevertheless, studies show that in the period of menstruation, increased fragility of the knee ligaments may be observed. As a rule, exercises associated with jumping or a quick turn of the body can lead to rupture of the ligaments, therefore, such actions should be temporarily refrained.
  • If you are unsure of your abilities, try performing exercises with a low level of intensity and switch to more active work when you feel normal. Even a simple walk is considered an exercise, and this will help you improve your well-being.

If you feel really unwell or feel severe discomfort and cramps, do not force yourself to train. Sometimes the body asks for rest and recovery.

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