Is it possible to cure scoliosis

Spinal curvature is scientifically called scoliosis and usually occurs in childhood or adolescence. First, the parents of the child, and then himself, are wondering if scoliosis can be cured. This disease, although extremely widespread and not dangerous for work and human activity, can significantly impair the quality of life in adulthood, and in a more elderly one can lead to complications.

Can scoliosis be cured at home?

Hypodynamia – the scourge of modern society. And if for the older generation the lack of movement is fraught with cardiovascular diseases and problems with the joints – arthrosis and arthritis, then the child who is forced in one posture is in danger of getting a curvature of the spine. Is it possible to correct scoliosis in a child? Yes, if you start the treatment in time and do not allow pathology to transform the structure of the spine, and in time to start correcting the situation.

If a person is interested in whether it is possible to cure scoliosis of the first degree, then he needs to resort to the following measures:

  • muscle strengthening – helps to keep the skeleton in the correct position;
  • the implementation of the complex therapeutic exercises;
  • massage – without it, the answer to the question whether it is possible to completely correct scoliosis, negative;
  • swimming – beneficial effect on posture and on the natural muscular corset;
  • sleep on a hard bed helps to cure scoliosis of 1 degree.

Is it possible to cure scoliosis

For all these activities, it is not necessary to go to the hospital and absolutely no need to take any medications. Spinal curvature is not treated with medication and with the help of any radical interventions. The problem gradually arises and should be corrected as carefully.

The easiest way to correct posture is that of younger schoolchildren, because they still continue to grow and form a skeleton, the bones are flexible and can be easily straightened. Curing scoliosis at 16 is not difficult at all, but the older a person becomes, the less mobile the spine becomes. The defect is fixed and it becomes harder to eliminate.

Is it possible to cure scoliosis

Can scoliosis be cured in 20 years? Still yes, although you will have to make more effort than if the parents watched the posture of the person while he worked on the lessons in the first grade.

Is it possible to cure scoliosis 2 degrees?

The first degree of ailment is characterized by the angle of curvature, not exceeding ten percent. As a rule, it does not give any unpleasant symptoms, in addition to cosmetic. Sometimes, discomfort is added when the body is in a long position in one position. Children with diseases repeat “do not hunch” and “keep your posture” – useful advice, but difficult to implement without adequate muscle support.

But if the first stage almost does not manifest itself and is easily corrected with the help of exercises, correct posture during exercises and sleeping on a hard bed, then the second degree of the disease can no longer be ignored. It causes serious discomfort – pain in the back and chest, sometimes difficulty breathing.

The asymmetry of the pelvic region and shoulders becomes visible to the naked eye. The figure is spoiled due to improper muscle formation, the so-called cushion. This is not just a “bad posture”, but rather a serious disease. But if you are in doubt whether it is possible to correct scoliosis of 2 degrees, the answer is yes, it just takes more effort.

Since the second stage of the disease is characterized by systemic changes in the body, exercises alone are indispensable. The patient is recommended to undergo exercise therapy and special physiotherapy complexes, to do massage.

Can massage cure scoliosis? Unfortunately, with a more advanced disease, this is already difficult. Massage becomes one of the components of therapy, but does not replace it completely.

Patients are advised to wear a special fixed corset. Loads are strictly metered, it is forbidden to lift weights and work for a long time at a desk or computer.

Respiratory gymnastics in the second stage of the disease has proven its effectiveness. These exercises do not require effort, just take a comfortable posture – always with your back straight as close as possible, close your eyes and try to imagine your spine, breathing deeply and trying to mentally return the wrong vertebrae and other skeletal fragments into place. It is important that inhalation and exhalation are made by the nose.

Is it possible to cure scoliosis

Scoliosis is not always paid attention. But a disease of grade 2 is a sufficient reason to take action and prevent a transition to the next stage.

Scoliosis of the third degree is quite rare, but severe and leads to partial disability of the patient, ailment. It does not occur on the same day or in a year, it is usually diagnosed in almost adults who did not undergo postural correction in childhood. The answer to the question whether it is possible to correct scoliosis of grade 3 is not as straightforward as with the first two stages. Independently cope with the disease does not work, it will be necessary to certainly consult a doctor.

The rule of any disease: the earlier treatment is started, the more effective it is.

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