Iron burn

Careless handling of household appliances often causes thermal injuries of varying severity. When an iron burns, what to do and how to give first aid, and what should be the course of subsequent therapy – sometimes this is vital knowledge. After all, you can get burned quite strongly, sometimes damage of III degree is formed. In this case, it is necessary to determine how to smear the burn from the iron at home, to prevent infection and speedy healing. All therapeutic measures must be agreed with the doctor, timely action will avoid serious complications.

Determine the degree of burn

The reasons for such an injury on the skin can be not only the “sole” of a household appliance, but also hot steam. Such thermal damage has the following classification:

  • Grade I is accompanied by slight redness at the site of injury, burning and flaking of the injured area.
  • Grade II is characterized by blistering on the burned area, which is filled with a yellowish liquid. If you get such injuries, your skin turns red, and inflammation appears.
  • A third degree burn from an iron is a serious injury with the death of burned tissue, the formation of scabs, the victim experiences severe pain.
  • IV degree injuries are the most serious, it is almost impossible to get burned with an iron at home. If, however, this happened, you can not self-medicate, you must call an ambulance.

Iron burn

In addition to diagnosing the degree, it is important to determine the area of ​​the lesions. It is quite possible to do it yourself, measuring the area of ​​injury to the palm. Household burns from the iron does not affect more than 1-2% of the skin, it is believed that the palm of the person is 1% of all skin.

Iron burn, what to do? Emergency events

Timely help, correct actions in case of thermal injuries avoids complications.

So, than to treat a burn on the skin from the iron in the first minutes after injury:

  1. Free the injured place from excess clothing, remove jewelry. If the fabric is stuck in no way unstick – carefully cut around the injury.
  2. First aid at home is to cool the place of the burn with an iron to reduce the formation of edema, relieve pain. This can be done with running cool water, a cold compress, or ice cubes wrapped in a clean, soft cloth.
  1. Treat the wound with Chlorhexidine or any other antiseptic (Furacilin, hydrogen peroxide). If a person is burned and there is no pharmacy antiseptic on hand, you can wash the burned area with soapy water.
  2. Then lubricate the damage with anti-burn agents, for example, “Panthenol”, “Levomecol ointment”.
  3. If blisters have formed or the integrity of the skin is broken, a bandage can be applied, for this purpose a cloth, sterile bandage, gauze. Such a solution will help protect the wound from infection.
  4. After providing primary care, it is allowed to take a painkiller, for example, Ibuprofen, Paracetamol, Panadol, in order to eliminate pain.

How to treat a burn from the iron, further therapy

If burned with an iron, what to do best to find out from your doctor. He will assess the extent of the damage and prescribe the necessary treatment. Thermal injuries use popular medicines that provide tissue regeneration, speedy healing, with antiseptic properties.

An I-II degree iron burn will help cure such drugs:

  • Methyluracil ointment;
  • Bepanten;
  • Olasol Spray;
  • Levomekol is an effective ointment for burns with iron.

In case of injury II-III degree should follow the following recommendations:

  • Daily it is necessary to treat the wound surface with antiseptics: furatsilinom, a weak aqueous solution of potassium permanganate or boric acid. Rinse need 2 times a day, then wait until the injury dries, apply a bandage.

It is necessary to smear the burn with the antibiotic Levomitsetinovaya ointment, Tetracycline, Levosil, Sintomitsin, Levomekol.

Important! Sterile dressing and antibacterial agents for iron burns are necessary only in case of blistering or deep extensive damage, to prevent infection of open wounds. When there is no burns from iron I of degree and skin pathology, such preparations are not required.

Iron burn

Many experts advise to use ointment dressings for strong wounds. To do this, blot a sterile bandage into the medication, the dressing is applied 1-3 times a day.

For those who burn their hands with an iron, pharmacies offer special anti-burn patches, the most popular of which is Branolind. They promote healing, prevent the spread of infection, stimulate cell regeneration.

Important! How to treat burns from the iron is better to learn from your doctor, but with minor injuries home therapy is allowed. But if the condition worsens, symptoms worsen or signs of wound infection appear, immediately contact a specialist.

If you burn your arm with an iron, what is forbidden? In no case can not use butter, vegetable oil, fat creams, any oil base adversely affects the healing process and worsens the condition of the victim!

What to do with iron burns at home, alternative medicine recipes

The following remedies are considered effective in the treatment of I degree burns; more severe injuries cannot be treated with such methods:

  • Aloe peeled into a mush is a good result, anoint with a natural preparation 3 times a day.
  • Folk remedy for iron burn – tomato paste. It will help relieve pain, swelling and redness. Apply after quality first aid.
  • A popular remedy that is used when iron is thermally injured is a raw chicken egg to eliminate painful symptoms. For minor injuries, it is recommended to use whipped protein and spread the mixture on the damaged area. Leave on the skin until it dries out and does not peel off by itself. For greater effectiveness, apply 3-5 times a day.
  • First aid at home from a burn with an iron – raw potatoes. Tubers help to effectively eliminate the symptoms. On a fine grater to get a slurry of potatoes, add 1/2 tsp. honey, you can impose a sterile dressing for 2 hours. Repeat the procedure 2 times a day.
  • The oil-based extract of black cumin will help in the treatment, prevent the formation of scar tissue, relieves the symptoms of pain. It is necessary to smear the wound with oil 4-5 times a day, but only after complete cooling of the burned tissue. It can be used in pure form or effectively combined with St. John’s wort oil.
  • Anoint burn from the iron at home can also be toothpaste. It effectively eliminates the symptoms of thermal damage, should be applied in a thin layer. With household burns well, if one of the components will be mint, propolis.
  • With complex injuries with blistering, chamomile decoction is effective. Rinse the damaged area 3 times a day, it has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic properties.
  • When an iron burns at home, it is recommended to make a compress from the cabbage leaves, this will help eliminate redness and swelling.
  • Oak bark decoction has healing and antibacterial properties. Pour 1

Avoid questionable heat injury treatment recipes, such as the use of kerosene, gasoline, and vinegar. This can aggravate the situation, leading to serious complications.

After the first aid in case of burns with an iron will be provided, it is necessary to consult a doctor for the purpose of effective therapy, accurate diagnosis of the extent and area of ​​damage. Only a good specialist knows best how to treat burns from an iron at home.

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