Intestinal obstruction

A lot of people know how to kill the grass, as an annoying weed, gardeners and gardeners constantly destroy it. It turns out that the grass is endowed with very useful properties. There is an assumption that the name comes from the Russian word snack, which means food.

In fact, the herb used in food, adding to salads, soups, as a side dish and tea leaves. Sneath is an extraordinary, beneficial plant that saves you from many diseases.

Botanical description of the plant

  • Drear ordinary;
  • Latin name: Aegopódium podagrária;
  • Family: Umbrella (Apiaceae);
  • Other names: snitka, snayd, snyd, marsh kupir, daglitsa, yaglichka, yaglitsa.

Drear ordinary (Aegopodium podagraria L.) is a perennial herbaceous umbrella plant belonging to the umbrella family. It is equipped with an extended stretching rhizome and a tubular stem of a meter height. The plant has ovate leaves with jagged edges. Closer to the root, they are triply tripled, rising to the top, the leaves shrink and become simpler to one triad. Small white flowers are in the form of multipath umbrellas growing at the ends of the shoots.

Grass can be seen growing in moist forests, parks and near houses. In gardens and wastelands, they form whole thickets. The plant is able to multiply quickly, it is difficult to eradicate it, these qualities have led to the fact that it is mistaken for a harmful weed, despite the useful qualities.

Use of sleep

Young leaves, shoots and scapes are good for eating. The leaves of the plant should be young, shiny and unopened, have a light green color. They are crispy and do not have the specific flavor of adult plants. Of these, you can cook soup, borscht, soups, cook okroshka, side dishes and seasoning for meat and fish dishes, all kinds of salads. Leaves, like cabbage, kvass, petioles are marinated. Herbs also shift vegetables, giving them, thus, a special flavor.

This herb is usually used with different snacks, first and second courses. Its addition will give dishes a piquancy of taste, dishes will be enriched with vitamins, minerals and many other valuable substances. The leaves of this plant can be salted, mashed and mashed for several months in a cool place. The holy righteous Seraphim of Sarov respectfully considered sleeping “grass”.

Chemical composition of grass

For a long time, the common weed was considered a garden weed. The first official information about the medicinal properties of perennial herbs appeared in the middle of the last century. Scientific studies have shown that snyt belongs to useful plants. It contains:

  • vitamin C, which increases the body’s resistance;
  • flavonoids with diuretic properties;
  • regenerating saturated fatty acids;
  • iron, copper and manganese, fighting anemia;
  • essential oils that strengthen the immune system.

As a vitamin supplement sryt ordinary use in salads, first and second courses.

Use in traditional medicine

Many centuries ago, the plant escaped from scurvy and beriberi, leavened and harvested it for future use. In folk medicine, used juice, leaves and perennial root. Slyti-based preparations have a choleretic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. The active ingredients of the herb fight against fungal skin diseases. The Latin name for slyti Aegopodium podagraria indicates that the herb helps to cope with rheumatic diseases.

Medical applications

At the end of the 19th century, official medicine called perennial an effective remedy for gout. With the development of pharmacology, drugs have emerged that relieve pain faster and more reliably. At the moment, the development of tablets based on dry extracts is being developed, the effect of which will be stronger compared to infusions and decoctions. Dry grass can be bought in fitoaptekah.

Dosage Forms

All is used for therapeutic purposes. above ground part and the roots. Juice They treat the shortage of minerals and vitamins, as well as iron deficiency anemia. For cooking, it is necessary to skip washed greens through the meat grinder, and then filter the resulting gruel through cheesecloth.

Intestinal obstruction

For diarrhea, constipation, inflammation of the joints and problems with urination, you need to drink the infusion from the back.

Recipe tinctures from Slyti

To make it you need to take:

  • 3 tbsp. spoons of finely chopped greens;
  • 2 cups boiling water.

Green mass is poured with water and allowed to infuse for several hours. The patient needs to drink half a glass, 4 times a day, before meals.

During exacerbation of rheumatism and gout, compresses based on fresh greens are applied to sore spots. People with diseases of the stomach, liver and kidneys are recommended to prepare an alcohol tincture. One part of the roots is poured with three parts of alcohol and allowed to infuse for two weeks. Before meals, drink 25 drops, three times a day.

Useful properties

In addition to cooking, snyt massively used in traditional medicine. In ancient times, the grass perfectly treated gout and rheumatism. For this purpose, picked leaves were taken, crushed them, applied to the sore spot, which helped to remove inflammatory processes. The Latin name of the grass once again testifies to this. Later it was possible to reveal other properties that help in the treatment of diseases of the kidneys, the digestive system. The plant is used for problems with the respiratory system, the treatment of erysipelas, diathesis and fungal diseases.

The main positive side of this herb is the absence of harmful and side effects. The healing properties of the plant are truly multifaceted and extensive, they can heal wounds, relieve inflammation and pain. Snyt can enhance the function of the liver, allowing you to remove from it various poisons. With the help of a plant there is an opportunity to improve the work of the stomach and intestines, normalize salt metabolism.

In addition to healing wounds, slyt helps to maintain immunity, helps in the treatment of anemia, beriberi, kidney and liver diseases. The rhizomes of plants have antifungal properties, they can be used as compresses for muscle inflammation (myositis). Juice from the young foliage can purify the blood during the spring cleansing of the body.

Intestinal obstruction

Sleep – as a remedy for cancer diseases

Scientists in the UK during experiments with rats found that falkarinol reduces the risk of a malignant tumor by a third. Scientists have expressed the opinion that further study of falkarinol and falkariniol can contribute to the creation of a new generation of drugs against cancer. It is these natural pesticides that are sufficiently saturated to sleep.

Stimulation of the nervous system

Coumarins, biologically active substances, have antispasmodic effects, also strengthen the capillaries. Coumarins stimulate the functions of the central nervous system, lower blood cholesterol levels, prevent the occurrence of blood clots in blood vessels and favor their dissolution.

Kidney and Bladder

The herb helps to improve the work of the intestines and stomach, eliminates the lethargy of peristalsis and old constipation. Slyt is a diuretic, a supplier of vitamin C, restores the impaired microflora of the digestive system. The most useful herb in the treatment of diseases of the kidneys and bladder. You can not be afraid to take a dream in any quantity. The only condition: you need to use it only fresh, when drying the grass loses most of the positive qualities.

Intestinal obstruction

Miraculous herb is a good sedative. Taking a bath from the decoction of the roots of sleep makes it possible to do away with insomnia and ensure a restful sleep.


Are there any contraindications for the body when using Smyti? To date, no adverse effect, except for individual intolerance, has been found. This is quite an important argument in favor of the healing properties of the plant. The only known harmful quality of sleep is the clogging of personal plots, gardens and vegetable gardens.

Collection, storage, storage

The leaves and stems stiti ordinary harvested before flowering. To collect choose the morning of a clear day, when the dew is already dry. The roots are dug up in early spring or late autumn. It is forbidden to tear slyt near highways, railroad tracks, industrial enterprises.

Greens are dried in a dark, but ventilated room. She is spread out in a thin layer on the floor. The roots are strung on a string and hung. At hit of sunshine the plant will lose a part of useful properties. After drying, it is necessary to remove the damaged parts of the plant.

Harvested leaves and stems shift in glass jars and tightly closed with a lid. They are suitable for the manufacture of drugs throughout the year, until the next season will not grow young slyt. For storage of roots use wooden packaging.

Where to buy, how to choose

Dry grass can be bought in fitoaptekah, before buying, you need to know the weight of grass in the package. Offers abundant online shopping sites. It is important to know the reputation of the company in order not to become a victim of fraudsters.

Doctors do not recommend the plant as a medicine, which is understandable. This herb can be considered as food, which cleanses and restores the body. The effect of the herb is made clear after long-term use, in contrast to drugs that have a rapid effect. You will definitely feel the curative and beneficial effect of sleepiness.

When exterminating a weary bothered on his plot, people should ponder over whether it is necessary to fight this healing herb.

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